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Extended Product Grid with Editor for Magento 2


Enrich standard product grid functionality with a bunch of new handy options. Add any specific column you need and easily modify product information right on the grid. Create grid templates with custom column sets to make product data processing as quick as possible.

  1. Expand your grid with additional product attributes
  2. Edit product data right on the grid with AJAX
  3. Create custom product grid templates
  4. Filter products by categories
  5. Automatically change product availability based on quantity
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Manage catalog easily:
Extended Product Grid with Editor for Magento 2

Want to reduce time spent on product data processing and edit all necessary attributes right on the grid? Due to the Extended Product Grid with Editor, you'll be able to fine-tune grid display according to your needs. With Magento 2 grid filter option, you can filter products by category and create custom grid view templates to ensure prompt access to any product information you need. Expand the default Magento 2 product grid with additional attribute-based columns and easily modify them.

Customize product grid view

Extended product grid with editor for magento 2

Drag and sort columns any way you prefer

The extension offers an easily customizable grid. Drag-and-drop columns with cursor and sort them in the order which is the most suitable for you.

Configure separate grid view for each admin user

With the custom template option each store administrator can configure enhanced Magento 2 product grid according to his/her individual needs. It's possible to add any extra columns to the standard grid and save it as a separate template.

Display product attributes on the grid

Add any product attributes of the following types to the Magento 2 admin grid and display necessary data in additional columns.

Available attribute types:

  • 'Text';
  • 'Text area';
  • 'Dropdown';
  • 'Multiple select';
  • 'Yes/no';

Extended product grid with editor for magento 2

Filter by any parameters

Easily filter your grid data by any parameters you need. With the module you can customize filters block by adding and removing any columns or attributes.

Show related, cross-sell and up-sell products

Flexible extension settings allow you to add cross-sells, up-sells and related items to the product grid to keep all information about products at hand.

Display categories

With the advanced grid tool you can show product categories on the grid. Once you enable categories column, the corresponding Magento 2 admin grid custom filter is added to the default filter settings to let you sort products by category.

Hide default grid columns

You can easily disable any default product grid columns like 'Attribute Set', 'Status', 'Thumbnail' etc. and switch them on again at any time.

Display product modification date

Show columns with the date of product creation as well as the date of latest product modification to easily find out when each particular item was edited last time.

Quickly find products without categories

Due to the category display option you can also identify products which are not assigned to any category. This will help you to timely fix any category-related issues and keep all products in relevant categories.

Grid templates with custom column sets

The Magento 2 grid customization module enables you to create custom grid view templates with different column sets and switch from one template to another right on the grid. This handy option will help you accurately fine tune the grid view according to specific needs of each admin user.

Extended product grid with editor for magento 2

Edit product data right on the grid

Quickly configure product data

With the handy Magento 2 enhanced product grid tool you can configure the majority of product attributes right on the grid. It means there is no more need to open the corresponding product info page each time you need to make a small correction. Simply add all necessary columns and edit product data right from the grid. Easily configure product name, SKU, description, price, quantity and many other attributes.

Data validation based on attribute type

To help you avoid making mistakes while configuring product information we've developed a special validation feature. It works when you leave any cell empty or, for example, specify numbers instead of letters. The product grid Magento 2 module won't save wrong information and will highlight the field with inaccurate data.

Use 2 modes to save product information

The enhanced grid Magento 2 extension enables you to save edits either one by one or in bulk. Choose 'one by one' mode to save each correction right after it's been made. The 'bulk mode' enables you to make all corrections you need and save them all at once. This editing mode is useful when you need to edit large volumes of information, while 'single saving' is great for editing one or two grid cells.

Use quick frontend links

With the module admin users can add a column with frontend links to the grid to easily check out all changes they make. Now you don't have to manually open the corresponding frontend page each time you make a correction in the admin panel. Simply save the data and click on the direct link to view the changes on the frontend.

Keep track of product inventory

Increase or decrease items quantity

When you receive a new batch of products you can edit and calculate their quantity right on the grid. All you need to do is just to add the number of arrived items to the ones you have in stock. For instance, you've got 100 products A in stock and have received 250 more products, so enter 100+250 in the corresponding quantity field and the enhanced grid Magento 2 extension will automatically make necessary calculations. You can also deduct product quantity in the same way.

Extended product grid with editor for magento 2
Extended product grid with editor for magento 2

Automatic quantity based availability

Enable this option if you want the stock status to be changed automatically depending on product's quantity. The Magento 2 admin product grid will show 'in stock' status for products with positive quantity and 'out of stock' for items with zero or negative quantity.

Adjust the 'Qty Sold' column to your needs

With the new 'Qty Sold' column on the product grid you can see how many products were sold. On top of that, you can set conditions to display the sold quantity for the specific period and take a look at your business from a new angle.

magento 2 improved layered navigation extension

Greatly extend your front-end store navigation

As extended and flexible as your admin product grid is with the above-described extension, let your web store appear to your customers on the frontend with Magento 2 filter products by attribute.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
the best extension for advanced and fast editing
this is the best extension for advanced and fast editing of product
no matter how much product you have on your store

however this extension need a feature to became perfect
the ability to edit tier price fields
Good for stores with several admins
We created five custom grid templates – one for each store admin. Btw now the grid can also show tier prices. That's a nice feature for those who use a customer bonus system. I guess it’s not mentioned in the description.
Overall, the module does extend product management ootb. I customized the grid to simplify my admins work. Editing on-the-go saves lots of time while updating the catalog. We had some problems w/t search by category; yet amasty fixed the issue fast.
Admin essential
We had this extension on our previous M1 site and it was one of the must-haves when we upgraded to M2. This extension adds the critical "Categories" information to the catalog product grid and filters and also makes bulk editing products directly from the product grid possible. This saves us literally weeks of time in product creation and editing. Love the new product grid customization features in M2 version plus being able to save different grid layouts for quick access when needed.
Decent extension for reasonable price
The module is not bad, but I hope they'll make it more flexible in the nearest future. Anyway, this a high-quality tool that really helps manage items without opening new tabs for each item you edit. Everything works as described, besides the support answers very fast.

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Version 1.5.5 - November 22, 2018
– Improvement: now, the error message appears while trying to amend a configurable, bundle or grouped products quantity
– Fix: the issue with the 'Manage Stock Disabled' status for the 'Availability' column was resolved
Version 1.5.4 - October 29, 2018
– Fix: the possible issue on the checkout page was resolved
Version 1.5.3 - October 15, 2018
– Improvement: the "From-To" interval was added to the "Qty Sold" column filter
– Improvement: the "Qty Sold" cell will display "0" when no products are sold
Version 1.5.2 - October 03, 2018
– Fix: the issue with saving templates on the grid was resolved
– Fix: the issue with products availability editing from a product edit page was resolved
– Fix: the issue with text fields editing from the grid was resolved
– Fix: the issue with the "Update attributes" action after filtering by the availability of the products was resolved
Version 1.5.1 - July 06, 2018
– Fix: the indexation error when deleting a product was resolved
Version 1.5.0 - June 13, 2018
– New: the Qty Sold column was added to the grid
Version 1.4.1 - May 28, 2018
– Fix: the issue with the filter button on the grid was resolved
Version 1.4.0 - May 28, 2018
– New: the possibility to modify the 'Manage Stock' from the grid and a new filter availability were added to the grid
Version 1.3.0 - May 03, 2018
– New: the column for backorders settings was added to grid
Version 1.2.6 - April 11, 2018
– Minor code improvements: compatibility with 3rd party extensions was improved
Version 1.2.5 - March 02, 2018
– Compatibility with PHP 7.1 was improved
Version 1.2.4 - February 16, 2018
– Fixed an issue on the product grid when the tier price is set
Version 1.2.3 - October 17, 2017
– Magento 2.2 compatibility is tested and confirmed.
Version 1.2.2 - September 26, 2017
– Fixed searching by categories
Version 1.2.1 - September 20, 2017
– Fixed the issue with changing Custom Options
Version 1.2.0 - August 11, 2017
– Added in filter option to show all items without category.
– Added possibility to display Tier Price on grid.
– Added possibility to sort grid columns by update date and creation date.
Version 1.1.2 - April 20, 2017
– A number of general improvements
Version 1.1.1 - June 28, 2016
– Compatibility with Magento 2.1
Version 1.1.0 - April 28, 2016
– Possibility to add/remove specific columns (attributes) to/from filter
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