Magento 2 extensions roadmap

As Magento 2 is evolving, more and more of you switch to the new platform these days. To help you smoothly go from M1 to M2, we’ve created a roadmap of the future Magento 2 extensions from Amasty.

With the help of this timeline, you’ll see which M2 extensions are planned to be released in the nearest future.
If you have questions or suggestions on the matter of Magento 2 extensions, we can’t wait to see them at!

Blog Pro
  • An ultimate blog solution for your Magento store
Last week of August
Special Occasion Coupons
  • Build strong relationships with customers - motivate them with birthday, subscription coupons and other deals.
Middle of September
Delivery Date
  • Enable users to select days and time of delivery
Last week of September
Promo Banners
  • Activate impulse purchases at your store
  • Display banners on cart, category and product pages
  • Show deals relevant to the products, which people view
In development
Middle of October
Advanced Reports
  • Use various report types to collect and process important sales information.
In development
End of October
AJAX Scroll
  • The client is able to see more goods in less time without the need of searching for the 'next page' link and looking around the page.
In development
Beginning of November
More Magento 2 extensions to come
  • Custom Forms
  • Get a Quote
  • Gift Card
  • One Step Checkout
  • Amd more M2 tools!
In development
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