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Fast Product Relator for Magento 1


Assign related, upsell and cross-sell products in your Magento store on the count of three. Benefit from two- and multi-way linking algorithms and save time on products binding.

  1. Use cross-sells, upsells and related items to boost sales
  2. Add backward and crosslinks to interrelated products
  3. Motivate customers to buy more by emphasizing the products of interest
  4. Manage cross promotions to receive larger orders
  5. Speed up the product linking process
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Create related products, Magento upsell or cross-sell blocks very fast

If you want your marketing message to be understood, there is no better recipe than to personalize selling offers based on customer behavior. That sounds nice, but what if you need to do it within a short time frame?

This Magento upsell extension creates backward and cross-links between products while they are being assigned as related, upsell or cross-sell ones.

Easy way to assign Magento upsells, cross-sells and related products

Don’t skip using Magento upsells, cross-sells and related products

Maintaining of upsell, cross-sell and related product blocks in good order is crucially important for business. These product and cart pages blocks incentivize your customers to add more products to cart and thus place bigger orders. By offering related, cross-sell and upsell products you’ll encourage your customers to spend more money. This, of course, means much more profit for your store.

Use the multi-way products relating algorithm

This algorithm will create cross-links between products. Say, you have products A, B, C, and D and want all these products to be cross-sell for each other. For this, you activate multi-way relating algorithm, then go to edit product A (or any other), assign B, C, and D as Magento cross-sells for this product and save it. After that, all these products will become cross-sells for each other (e.g. C will have A, B, and D as cross-sells). This method works for upsells and related products in Magento by analogy.

Apply the two-way products relating algorithm

This algorithm will create only backward links. For example, you have a lighter, wood and cigarettes. If you indicate wood and cigarettes as upsells for lighter, the lighter would become an upsell product for both wood and cigarettes, but wood and cigarettes would not become upsells for each other. The feature works the same way for cross-sells and related products.

Choose the needed algorithm and configure it in the process

With this Magento cross-sell and upsell extension you can decide which algorithm to use individually for each block type. For example, '2 Way' for related products, 'Multi Way' for cross-sells and 'Default' for upsells. In this, if you change the algorithm, previously interrelated products will not be affected.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Solid Extension to get up and Running
We loaded 20,0000 skus into our library and this made everything a lot easier.
Guys, Amasty rocks!
I have 40 000 products in my store. When I bought Amasty "timesavers" (fast product relator, mass product actions, extended product grid with editor) I was able to reduce staff 50%!!!!!! These modules are not only TIMEsavers, but great MONEY SAVERS!!! ;)
Time saver!
When you have a large store with many items, operations to relate products turn into a hell.
This module is a great timesaver
Will buy again
Very great extension i recommend, i bought many extensions from amasty company, easy installation and fast response and experienced fix if there is Conflict with your website, many thanks!

Magento connect

Great extension
This product is amazing!!!.. With my store having 3000 products, this extension helps save me so much time!!. My favorite feature is the multi-way selection. Thanks again!

Magento Connect

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Version 1.0.1 - November 14, 2011
– Ability to choose individual linking algorithm for each block type.
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