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Improved Navigation v3.6.0

Advanced Categories Menu

Try an easy to navigate category tree - a new way to show categories and sub-categories in the menu.

  1. Advanced Categories display option
  2. Various display modes for ‘Categories’ attribute
  3. Hide or move Category filter
  4. Exclude particular categories from layered navigation
  5. Categories list display with thumbnails
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"Improved Navigation: Advanced Categories Menu" is part of our Improved Layered Navigation extension that combines functionality of 7 modules!

Product Description:

Advanced Categories Menu


Native Magento menu is characterized by rather limited functionality for display of categories in navigation, which is not enough. It's important to show Magento menu categories and sub-categories in an easy to navigate way, so visitors can quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Clearly displayed magento category trees are a sort of site map, so any visitor can understand such navigation structure. 

Advanced categories

This Magento custom menu extension allows you use various modes for category display according to your needs and goals. 'Default' mode works the same way as standard Magento categories filter, when only one category level at a time is displayed. When you use 'In dropdown' mode for categories display one category level is shown as in default mode. This is the most compact display mode. 'Together with sub-categories' mode shows currently selected category, its parent and subcategories. 'Static 2-level category tree with plus/minus controls' means that the category filter always shows the top 2 levels of categories. This Magento menu categories option works great for stores with simple 1-2 level category structure.

magento category layered navigation

Also you can use a very flexible option, which allows to display either the whole category list in Magento or any number of levels of category tree. You can easily configure:
- the number of category levels shown
- categories depth (maximum level of categories tree)
- from which level to show them (root category, same as current category, current category children)
- product quantity display

magento category layered navigation


new! Multiselect categories mode

Multi-select option for categories filtering

Multiselect option allows customers to select several categories together to get a precise list of products they are interested in. Note! In order to use Multiselect categories feature you need to choose 'Default' mode for displaying the categories.



Display subcategories with thumbnails

Magento custom menu extension

Create a new block, in which you can display the list of category subcategories together with thumbnails. This block both improves the category page look and makes the category structure easier to understand and browse.


Ability to hide or move category filter

It is possible to choose a different position for Magento menu categories filter in the layered navigation, for example show it under price filter or under all attribute filters. If you are really annoyed with the categories filter, you can remove it altogether :)


Ability to exclude categories from layered navigation

If you would like not to display some categories in the layered navigation - feel free to do so by indicating their ids in the configuration section.

magento advanced menu extension


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