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Improved Navigation v3.5.6

AJAX Layered Navigation

Apply AJAX Layered Navigation to make customer-store interaction as fast and easy as possible.

  1. Fast AJAX filtering
  2. AJAX-based navigation
  3. Better website interactivity
  4. Enhanced user experience
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"Improved Navigation: AJAX Layered Navigation" is part of our Improved Layered Navigation extension that combines functionality of 7 modules!

Product Description:

AJAX Layered Navigation

Make your store fast and handy using Magento AJAX search! In the age of modern technology it unacceptable to force the customer use old-fashioned navigation. To enhance customers' experience and become their favorite store, the interaction between user and the website must be easy and quick. Magento AJAX filter technology allows to bring these words to life.

Better website interactivity and customer experience


AJAX-based navigation

AJAX search tool allows easier and quicker interaction between users and the website. Customers will subconsciously like your store and will get back to it.

Category page content changes seamlessly without page reload, which is more visually pleasing.


Quick AJAX filtering

Apply rapid Magento AJAX product filter at your store and see selected products faster than in the standard Magento navigation.

magento ajax filter


Selected options stay saved


After ‘back’ button is clicked, all the previously selected filter options stay saved, as well as the products which matched those filter parameters.

Your site SEO will not be affected


This AJAX search Magento extension feeds SEO-friendly urls to web-spiders and bots even if you are using Magento AJAX mode, which is very important for search engine ratings.


The module allows to display attribute descriptions and images on the category page, which get updated in AJAX-mode as well


When a new attribute option is selected, you can display the attribute description and image at the top of the page (e.g. logo and description of a brand). Let’s say a customer goes to 'Adidas' page first and then decides to switch to 'Nike' – AJAX will load Nike description and Nike image at the top of the products list.

new! Cache AJAX requests


With the Full Page Cache extension you can dramatically improve the speed of the Improved Layered Navigation by caching its AJAX requests.

AJAX activation

Another extension, which will greatly improve your store usability, is Ajax Scroll. It makes possible auto loading of the next pages and up-scroll of previous ones. Also you can give links to any place of the page.

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