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Improved Navigation v3.6.1

Layered Navigation Filters

Lead customers through your product list applying various attribute display modes.

  1. Attribute filters on any page
  2. Vertical and horizontal navigation blocks
  3. Comprehensive set of display modes for attributes
  4. Search by Product attributes
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"Improved Navigation: Layered Navigation Filters" is part of our Improved Layered Navigation extension that combines functionality of 7 modules!

Product Description:

Layered Navigation Filters

To get orders, you must help customers find the right products as fast as possible. Properly set and located Magento filter will quickly lead customers through endless product lists like an omniscient guide and support customers during the whole shopping process. Customers want to have an opportunity to filter products by their parameters, e.g. price, manufacturer or other attribute. Setup user-friendly attribute filters at your store, place easy-to-use Magento drop down menu - don't make customers rummage through long product lists. Let them easily find what they are looking for with the help of Magento filter by attribute feature.



Magento Vertical and horizontal navigation blocks

magento vertical navigation

In some stores there are very many attributes in the navigation and Magento vertical navigation block is very long. This is not user-friendly. With the module you can create Magento top navigation block by placing part of the filters at the top of the middle column. This way your site navigation will be a lot more compact and usable.

magento horizontal navigation

Advanced categories menu

Improved navigation helps enlarge basic limited Magento navigate functionality. For easy navigation you can display categories and sub-categories in a drop down menu for Magento. In that way customers can quickly find necessary products. Look thought full detailed description of the features list and screenshots of Advanced categories menu.

Magento categories menu

Choose display modes for attribute filters

You can choose from several attribute display modes (images only, labels and images, dropdowns, etc), this way you can set an appropriate look for each attribute. See http://improved-navigation.amasty.com/electronics.html. ‘Images Only’ mode works well for showing brand logos and colors, thelayered navigation dropdown mode is good for long options lists. For attributes of type 'price' you can choose slider, dropdown menu or from-to display mode. It is possible to specify custom range step for each 'price' attribute. For example, if you specify 50, the ranges will be 0-50, 51-100, 101-150, etc.

Magento attribute filter
Magento attribute filters
Magento attribute filter drop-down list

Get full control over the attributes filters

Magento filters features

- Specify positions, options sorting and folding.

- Sort attribute values by alphabet, position or products qty (for front end display)

- Provide customers with ability to fold and unfold attribute options. This feature is especially useful for websites with a lot of attributes and/or attributes with a lot of options.

- Exclude unnecessary attributes from category (product list) page navigation.

- Make any of the filters folded (collapsed) by default, if needed. This feature enables you to attract customers' attention to the most important attributes and at the same time doesn't limit their choice.

- Due to flexible Magento filter by attribute option you can set either multiple or single select for attribute filters.

For example they can search t-shirts by red and black color simultaneously instead of only red or only black – cool checkboxes make it easy to indicate choices. Single select might be appropriate for attributes like 'Brands', when customers often want to see products of only one brand at a time.

magento filters

new! Filter products by star ratings


With a new filter you'll enable customers to easily sort products by star ratings. Display star filter in the sidebar or on the top of the page ('above category filter position').

Filter products by star rating

Price Slider

Prices play important role in each shop. Many customers make choice buy products depending on their budget. Improved navigation offers useful feature such as price slider. Using price slider customers can find appropriate products in different price ranges. Look thought full detailed description of the features list and screenshots of Price Slider opportunities.

Magento price slider
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