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Improved Navigation v3.6.2

Layered Navigation Pro

Additional advanced features to make your site navigation remarkable.

  1. ‘Featured’ blocks for attributes
  2. Display of configurable product images based on selections
  3. Attribute tooltips
  4. Dependent attributes
  5. Layered Navigation with images
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"Improved Navigation: Layered Navigation Pro" is part of our Improved Layered Navigation extension that combines functionality of 7 modules!

Product Description:

Layered Navigation Pro

Still not sure whether to apply Magento advanced layered navigation at your store or not? Check out additional features, which make navigation even better. Get enhanced looks and greatly improved usability.

Display images of configurable products based on the customer selections

E.g. if a customer selects red color in the 'color' filter, red images (if available), will be displayed for configurable products on category pages. This feature can be utilized for all attributes, which are used for creation of configurable products. This helps to hold customer attention and to avoid misunderstandings.

magento layered navigation pro

Full-featured attribute tool tips

magento improved navigation

To help customers with the Magento layered navigation you can add a tool tip for each filter. Let's say you sell cameras and have 'Megapixel' filter. Some customers might be not aware of what it means. You can add a short explanation like 'the higher the megapixel number - the better the quality of shots'. The tips are displayed only when customers hover mouse over the tool tip icon. You can use text, HTML or even images for tool tips to make them attractive and integrated with your store.

Create "featured" blocks (featured brands, featured collections, etc)

With our layered navigation pro extension you can create a "featured" block for any filterable attribute (e.g. brands, models, etc) and place it at any CMS page (several “featured” blocks can be used simultaneously). By clicking on a brand your visitors will see brand description with logo and the list of all the brand products. This feature is widely adopted by many e-commerce solutions. It is possible to limit the number of featured options (brands, models, etc) and show them in random order.

magento advanced layered navigation

Dependent Attributes

Have a lot of values in the left navigation, such as long models or sizes list? Due to Magento Layered Navigation pro you can easily hide them until a customer selects some values in the parent attribute. For example, you can choose 'Shoe size' filter to be displayed only when 'Versace' or 'Gucci' is selected in the 'Brands' filter.

layered navigation pro magento
magento layered navigation extension

Create vivid and attractive layered navigation with images in Magento

magento layered navigation multi select

Magento layered navigation pro module enables you to display images instead or together with attribute values. It’s a de-facto standard to show colored icons or brand logos in the navigation. You can also show glasses shape, wine type, textures and much more.

Layered navigation cache


Layered navigation takes the biggest part of store loading time. To reduce response time for cached pages use Full Page Cache Amasty extension as it allows to cache product view pages, categories, various dynamic blocks on your website as well as AJAX requests. Moreover, with Full Page Cache module you can manage store cache in accordance with your needs enabling or disabling caching for certain pages.

new! Separate cache for attributes


Now you can manage the module cache in accordance with your needs: enable, disable or refresh it.

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