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Improved Navigation v3.6.0

Price Sliders And Other Numeric Filters

Easy to use search by numeric attributes to improve site navigation usability.

  1. Compact attribute display
  2. Customizable range steps for filters
  3. Small-sized navigation block
  4. Several display modes
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"Improved Navigation: Price Sliders And Other Numeric Filters" is part of our Improved Layered Navigation extension that combines functionality of 7 modules!

Product Description:

Price sliders and other numeric filters

Numeric attributes such as price, weight, screen size, memory size, etc., are frequently the top options, by which customers filter products. Such options must be easy to understand and to search by. The extension will help to do exactly what is needed and even more to improve usability of your site navigation! Make your store memorable and different from competitors.

magento price slider

Attributes of type 'price' in layered navigation

magento price range slider

The extension enables you to use attributes of 'price' type in the layered navigation, e.g. special price or any other attributes of catalog input type 'price'. You can choose from several display modes for such attributes:

Use Magento Layered Navigation Price slider and other display options for numeric attributes like weight, memory size, megabyte, etc

It is very convenient to use slider display mode for price. You can give your customers the same usability with other numeric attributes like weight, memory size, screen size and so on. In addition to being more user-friendly, the sliders take a lot less space in the navigation block, so the navigation will be more compact. What's even better, your choice is not limited just to Magento price slider mode, you can use all display modes of 'price' attributes - slider, dropdown, from-to, default.

magento price slider extension

Define your own precise price ranges for better segmentation

magento layered navigation price range

Now you can set custom ranges for attribute ‘price’, e.g. 1-50, 51-200, 201-450, etc. See demo page.

Let customers filter products by their own price ranges with the help of 'From-To' widget

If a customer selects a predefined price range or specifies from-to conditions, the extension still shows the Magento price filter for customers to be able to quickly modify their choice. Also customers can specify top or bottom margin of the price range only. For example if a customer indicates only top price margin (e.g. 300), only products with price equal to or below 300 will be displayed. There's an option to hide price ranges and use only 'From-To' widget.

magento layered navigation price

new! Remove price filter section from specified categories of products


Price filter option is a nice feature of Magento, but it may not always be something you need for your e-commerce. Especially if most of your products have a similar price. Since now there is no need to make some dirty hack in Magento’s core, you can do it from the back-end!

new! Mobile devices friendly


Price slider is completely mobile-friendly in relation to all Magento themes. It perfectly fits to responsive templates and meets the requirements of touch-screen devices.

new! Define a step size for price sliders and other numeric attributes sliders


With the step feature for attribute sliders you can specify minimal step size available while customers scroll the slider to set the parameters they need.

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