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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the deferred support start date work?

We’re now testing a new support model with a deferred start date for orders with free/paid installation included. In other words, buying an extension today but planning to install it later using our installation service, you can defer a support start date. Thus, you’ll keep your 3 months of free support safe.

How to use the deferred support start date?

Step 1. Add our installation service to the cart together with the extension/pack if the free installation wasn’t the part of the offer.

Step 2. After this, check your inbox for the email with a link to the created ticket.

Step 3. Open the ticket and leave a note for our support team that you want to install the extension later.

Step 4. When you are ready to have this extension installed, open the ticket once again and inform our team about your intent.

Step 5. Then our team installs the plugin.

Step 6. And the support period starts right after we complete the installation.

Note that in case you install the extension by yourself, the deferred support start date becomes unavailable. 

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