Magento 2 system requirements

Having decided on switching your online store to the new version, you need to delve into Magento 2 minimum requirements.  

Magento 2 server requirements:

If you run Apache 1.3.x or 2.0.x versions, there is the first bit of bad news - you have to use Apache 2.2 and better.

If you ran Apache 2.2.x, it will match Magento 2.

Magento 2 MySQL requirements:

Aside from the version you use for M1, you’ll have to use MySQL 5.6.x and better.

Magento 2 PHP requirements:

You will have to run PHP 5.6.x/ 5.5.x and better.
PHP extensions: if you use PDO/MySQLSimpleXMLmcryptGD, curlSOAP, you can continue running them. However, hash, DOM, iconv are no longer helpful (for those who used to work with them in Magento 1). You can also take advantage of xslintlmhash and mbstring.  

Magento 2 supported browsers:

Apple Safari 5 and better is still usable, as well as Apple Safari MobileIE 9 and betterMozilla FirefoxChromeOpera. The rest are out of the sphere.

Magento 2 OSes:

Linux x86-64, CentOSUbuntuDebianmacOSWindows, etc.

Magento 2 memory requirements:

For the update of your Magento platform (including all the apps and extensions from the Marketplace) up to 2GB of RAM can be required.

Magento 2 SSL requirements:

TLS and SSL for HTTPS requirements. !self-signed SSLs are not supported.

Magento 2 mail server:

MTA (mail transfer agent) or SMTP server.

More solutions are recommended:

The latest version of composer should be applied. Php_xdebug 2.2.0 and better can be used for development reasons* and PHPUnit 4.1 and better is offered as a command-line tool.
*Access to the frontend or the Admin after installation can be affected by xdebug issue. 

 Magento 2.1.x system requirements

If you’ve made up your mind on switching to Magento 2.1.x from the 2.0.x version, there are some terms to be concerned too:

Compatible software for Magento 2.1.x: 

You’ll need to drop using PHP 5.5.x, but run PHP 7.0.4 and better versions.

Besides, it’s become compatible with MySQL 5.7.

So, if you want the migration process to the latest Magento version to go smoothly, all you need is to implement the comments.


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