What online sales channels can increase my revenue?

During the season of holiday sales, 80% of online stores observe increased demand for their products. On average, sales grow from 20% to 50% during the months even if the demand for their goods doesn’t depend on seasonal nature. After that, a “dead season” comes. What e-commerce sales channels to use to increase Magento revenue not only for the 2-3 months a year?

Digital marketing offers a huge number of articles on the best sales channels, we’ll focus on 4 of them.

Sell on Comparison Shopping Engines

The main benefit of advertising your products on comparison shopping engines is that it doesn’t matter what size your business is. In this article, you’ll find 10 best CSEs. And with the help of this module, you’ll create a Magento product feed for any sales channel. 

Automate email dispatch

In 5 cases out of 6, email marketing gives more revenue than blogging on the same topic. Surely, it largely depends on the product specifics, however, you shouldn’t neglect the value of the lost profit. To reduce expenses on the task, automate the dispatch of the triggered emails.

Create emails based on users' activity and motivate them to (repeat) purchases. The module goes with ready-made templates which you can customize any way you want.

Thank customers for purchasing at yours

Both the customers who come for refunds and those who remain satisfied with the purchases require your further work with them to build brand loyalty. To make this, we use Store Credit & Refund.

This extension allows refunding purchases with in-store credits, which means you won’t lose the customers, as they’ll spend the points at your store. Also, you can charge Y credit points for each X spent and any of your admin users can charge X story points as a thank-you gift to any customer. Customers receive notifications about changes in their store credit score and see the current amount in the Customer Account. 

Spread word of your products through affiliates 

Digital marketing increases sales using numerous channels simultaneously for one activity. Affiliates are one of the ways you can advertise your products. To make the process maximally simple for your affiliates, send them ready-made promo materials and manage affiliate accounts and their transactions in one place - Magento admin panel.

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