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Advanced Customer Segments for Magento 1


Segment your customers and guest visitors by various parameters. Export segmentation results for careful analysis and take advantage of targeted marketing campaigns.

  1. Easily segment registered customers
  2. Segment guest visitors by order and shopping cart data
  3. Create segmentation rules based on condition combinations
  4. Quickly export segmentation results
  5. Get segmentation lists updated by cron
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Easy customer segmentation

Indispensable marketing tool

No successful marketing campaign can be launched without thorough customer segmentation. It allows online merchants to learn more about their target audience and boost sales by providing different client groups with relevant offers.

Magento customer segments extension enables you to arrange registered customers and guest visitors in numerous groups according to various criteria like date of birth, gender, payment and shipping methods, total sales amount and many others. With this module you will accurately define your target audience and effectively aim your marketing efforts at particular segments.

Segmentation based on customer info

advanced customer segments magento extension
advanced customer segments magento extension


Create a number of rules for advanced Magento customer segmentation. You can easily filter registered customers by the following parameters:

  • The number of days from the last visit;
  • The number of days from the registration;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Customer group;
  • Store view where customer registered;
  • The number of days before birthday;
  • Date of birth;
  • Email;
  • Gender;
  • First/last/middle name;


Once the rule is applied you get the list of customers meeting your rule conditions. The list includes customers' names and email addresses that can be used for your Magento targeted email campaigns. It's also possible to view detailed customer information right from the segmentation results list.

Segmentation based on shopping cart data

advanced customer segments magento module
advanced customer segments magento module


Take advantage of quick Magento segmentation by shopping cart parameters. Create segmentation lists, based on:

  • The number of days passed from cart creation;
  • The number of days passed from last cart modification;
  • Cart grand total;
  • Products count (the number of products added to shopping cart);

Order segmentation

advanced customer segments magento module
advanced customer segments magento module


The module also allows segmentation by order parameters such as :

  • The number of days passed form first completed order;
  • The number of days passed form last completed order;
  • Payment method;
  • Shipping method;
  • The number of orders made by a customer plus additional product attributes;  
  • The total number of products ordered by a customer plus additional product attributes;
  • Total sales amount;
  • Average order value;


Flexible extension settings enable you to create a great number of rules based on order subselection. For example, you can segment customers who purchased products with specific attributes amounting to a particular sum (ordered products by condition).

Segmentation based on shipping and billing address

advanced customer segments magento module
advanced customer segments magento extension


Easily create segmentation lists based on customer shipping and billing addresses. Flexible settings enable you segment customers by :

  • Billing email, state, city, country and a zip code;
  • Shipping state, city, country, zip code;

Segmentation rules based on products

advanced customer segments magento module
advanced customer segments magento module


With the extension you can also filter registered customers by the number of viewed products as well as the number of products, added to wishlists. Moreover, for these rules you can specify additional product attributes to get customer database for highly targeted email campaigns.

Condition Combinations

advanced customer segments magento extension
advanced customer segments magento


To launch direct marketing campaigns use conditions combinations and create complex segmentation rules. The module offers a great variety of conditions based on order, cart and customer data that can be easily combined according to your needs. Therefore, you'll be able to carefully segment your audience by necessary parameters just in a few clicks.

Advanced options

Guest visitor segmentation

With the Magento customer segmentation extension you can segment not only authorized customers, but guest visitors as well. Use flexible module conditions based on cart and order data to properly target your marketing campaigns and turn potential clients into customers.

Export segmentation results

Easily export any segmentation list to CSV or XML files to carefully study the results and use them at any time you need.

Update segmentation lists by cron

Specify exact time for cron execution to get segmentation lists updated according to your specific needs.

Re-index option

Use re-indexaction to timely update segmets' data. By default re-indexation is run by cron once a day, but you can also re-index segmentation lists in bulk manually at any time.

Wide acceptance of customer segmentation

The diversity of products and customers require intensive use of segmentation for every successful marketing campaign. Therefore, Magento customer segment extension will become a great supplement to the following modules:

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How to set up follow-up emails in Magento using customer segments

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
thank you
thank you! I like it, and it does all i need. Price is some high so can you give a discount for next purchace?
Très bon
Je l'ai essayé cette extension pour le magasin en ligne de mon client qui a beaucoup de catégories. Il est un outil utile pour comprendre le comportement des clients aux produits et catégories. La plupart des autres outils donnent un aperçu seulement au niveau du magasin.
Have some tech issues
I’ve created a customer segment based on customer info. It founded something, but I’m sure that I have a lot more records of this kind in my store. Segmentation based on cart condition works perfectly though. I don’t understand what causes the error, so I committed a support ticket and developers are working on my problem now. Hope it all will be solved soon.
Valuable tool to make customer notifications more personal and your marketing activities more targeted
I think this extension is very useful for marketing purposes. It enables you to create various lists based on an endless number of different parameters. We combine this extension with Follow up email to get a killer-combo. Creating targeted mailing lists could not be easier.
If you are serious about your marketing strategy and encouraging customer loyalty, you definitely need this extension.
Be prepared that configuring the ext is not all that easy. It will take you some time to figure it all out. The result is certainly worth the effort.
5 stars!
This module just shines. We are truly satisfied with it. The flexibility of segmentation rules is impressive. I’m playing with module settings for about 2 days now, it’s not completely configured yet, but I already love this tool. The possibility to export segments with certain conditions is great. Perhaps we will be using exported files with other software.
Good extension but lacks some features
With this tool we can export necessary segments based on different rather flexible rules to use them for our marketing needs. We use it together with amasty follow up mod and haven’t had any grave issues so far.
But frankly speaking, we hoped to get more options for this price. I do recommend including analytics in the new mod versions. We do need to segment customers according to their source type and device type and I bet this functionality will be highly appreciated by the overwhelming majority of marketers as well.
Useful but hard to understand
At first I thought that this ext is really difficult to use, the interface seemed frustrating. I really needed to identify my customers and assign them to certain groups though. I’m planning to develop different marketing strategy for each group in the future. My need compelled me to spend the time and just deal with it. Now I admit that this tool is useful, but it would be a lot better if it was easier too.
Simply amazing!
Really powerful extension that brings your promotional scenarios to a new level. It allows almost every kind of segmentation that you can think of. The main feature that distinguishes this plugin from lots of similar ones is that guest visitors can also be segmented. It is really important ‘cause many people prefer to just come to the store and get what they want without creating a personal account.
Data mining can take hours of boring routine work, now it takes only a few clicks. I recommend it without any doubt.
Great marketing tool! Must know how to use it.
It's a great tool for marketing purpose, however one should know how to use it. The extension helped us to create a number of lists for e-mail marketing.

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Version 1.0.13
Last Update: Feb 25, 2019
  • the error while reindexing via command line was resolved
  • the possible issue with incorrect customer segmentation was resolved
  • the issue with the 'Order Placed' condition was resolved
  • the issue with reindexing after the extension installation was resolved
  • Removed unnecessary filter by order status
  • Dev option to re-index all segments. Not available with UI
  • Better compatibility with Magento 1.6.x and older
  • Stability fixes and improvements for product types, websiteID condition, other promo modules compatibility
  • Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
  • Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
  • Option to select several websites for one segment
  • Magento permissions compatibility fix
  • New option to segment customers based on quantity of purchased products
  • Integration with shopping cart price rules
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