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Cover basic online store functionality in one go!
  • Multiple navigation filters and SEO-friendly URLS
  • Customizable expanded product grid
  • Possibility to modify product data in bulk
  • 20+ additional discount rules for stunning promotions
CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x
What Essentials toolkit includes
We offer a pack of essential Magento extensions to help newly-built online stores get off a good start.
Improved Layered Navigation Streamlines store navigation and lets customers search by brands, categories, price ranges, and other product attributes. Enhances store SEO.
Extended Product Grid with Editor The tool lets you extend the grid with any product attributes and edit attribute values right on the grid with fast AJAX.
Mass Product Actions Modify product prices in bulk, quickly update product attributes, copy custom options and product images to make product data processing easy and fast.
Special Promotions Pro Equips your store with 22 additional discount actions and lets you create advanced promotions based on flexible conditions.

Optimize site navigation

Provide store visitors with ultimate shopping experience. Equip your site with a powerful user-friendly navigation system to let customers quickly filter products by any parameters they need.
  • Add vertical and horizontal navigation blocks
  • Filter products by attributes (price, color, size etc.)
  • Use price ranges and other numeric filters
  • Let customers shop by brands (with alphabetical brand blocks or with brand filters)
  • Update info without page reloads using quick AJAX filtering
  • Use different menu display modes
  • Create SEO-friendly short URLs
  • Manage meta tags and use advanced SEO settings

Extend your product grid

Customize your product grid to make data processing as comfortable as possible. Manage columns display and create templates tailored to specific needs of each admin user.
  • Add any attribute columns to the product grid
  • Edit product data right on the grid with AJAX
  • Filter products by necessary attributes
  • Create custom grid templates for different admin users
  • Display product thumbnails and product creation dates
  • Manage columns order with a drag-and-drop option
  • Edit products quantity right on the grid

Mass Product Actions

Save time on product data processing. Effectively modify product attributes in bulk. Assign or delete product thumbnails and set cross-sells/up-sells in seconds.
  • Edit product prices in bulk
  • Assign categories to multiple products in a couple of clicks
  • Delete products and product images in bulk
  • Easily set product relations (up-sells, cross-sells)
  • Copy product attributes, images and custom options to multiple products
  • ‘Replace text’ option for easy modification of any text attributes

Special Promotions Pro

Enrich native Magento functionality with new discount actions to generate tempting promotions. Use additional shopping cart price rules to attract customers with irresistible offer.
  • New rules for multiple promotions and hot deals
  • Rules based on customer attributes and order history
  • Possibility to display detailed discount breakdown to customers
  • Flexible rules based on order subselection
  • Promotions for Cheapest and Most expensive items
  • ‘Buy X, get Y for a fixed price, discount o for free’ rules
  • Run promos like ‘Get each 2-nd, 3-d' etc. with a discount of for free and many others
  • Special promotions for bundle and virtual products
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