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HTML5 Flipping Book for Magento 1


Present products in a new way by adding flipping magazine-like galleries. Add images, text, sounds, videos and attach PDFs to create rich-content books.

  1. Display a book as a thumbnail or link
  2. Create your own page style
  3. Built in WYSIWYG editor
  4. Video and PDF support
  5. Multiload feature
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Why flipping books are useful?

HTML5 Flipping Book was developed to make product presentation more engaging and nice looking. Add text, images, sounds, videos or links to your product and Flash Flipping Book will create a magazine-like dynamic gallery using latest HTML5 technologies.

Show users different types of appealing content to supply them with catchy and unusual form of product information delivery. Provide customers with realistic book flipping performance – they will be able to flip electronic pages with a cursor just like real ones.

How books can be used?

  • Product catalogs;
  • Portfolios;
  • Various colors, shapes or models of a product;
  • Different product layout options.
  • User manuals or instructions;
  • Related or complementary products;
  • Sound commercials or spoken instructions;
  • ...and more.

How does the extension work?

Easily create a magazine by choosing a template, adding pages and selecting a category for it. Multiload feature and highly customizable book settings will help to quickly create visually attractive books fast, which will satisfy any taste. After creating a book its thumbnail will be displayed among product images. The magazine pops up or opens on a separate page, where you can flip over the pages, download attached PDF files, listen to sounds and watch videos.

Highly customizable book settings

Simple book navigation

Every book has: clear navigation, table of contents and thumbnails so customers could easily and quickly look through the content.

Flexible settings

Specify book title and category to easily find it among other magazines. Choose template and resolution for convenient browsing. Add thumbnail and book position to make the book noticeable.

Use default templates or create your own

You can create any template you want using our 4 layout options: 1 column, 2 columns with left bar, 2 columns with right bar and 3 columns. We also provide you with predefined templates.

Handy book management

Understandable grid of books, where you can enable / disable the books in bulk and sort them by category, template or resolution.

Display a book as a thumbnail or link

There are 3 book display options – as a thumbnail among product images, as a direct link to a separate page with a book on it and as a pop up window. You can test all the options to find out which one gets your store more conversions.

Create your own page style

Choose font family and size, paragraph and line spacing, text, template and page background colors. These options allow creating a unique style for books, they will be greatly compatible with your theme and help you spread brand awareness.

Attracting template elements

Decide whether to display such elements as slider, pagebox, title, top icons and prev & next buttons in the templates. Adjust templates to particular book particular qualities, e.g. sliders are great for displaying magazines, which consist of images only.

Simple book creation

Create book pages just like that

You can create pages with images or text. Specify page position and title to put pages in order. Enable or disable a page, choose a book to which it belongs – all settings are very clear and intuitive.

Video support

Video can also be added to a page but only by itself, without any images or text. It’s up to you to decide whether to iInclude video files or YouTube / Vimeo links.

Multiload feature

Upload images in bulk for fast book creation. There are 2 options: you can upload a file directly or you can use a directory for this purpose. If you choose the second option you’ll be able to delete the source file from a directory after upload. After uploading a file, choose general title for the pages and the book is created.

Modify text with a built in WYSIWYG editort

Highlight key points using WYSIWYG editor. Make texts another tool to draw customers’ attention to important thoughts and convince them to place an order.

Organize book categories

Feel free to define main topics of your books and create categories accordingly. This way you’ll be able to sort books and quickly find them on the grid. You can also add a brief description to each category.

Making Flash Flipping Book from PDF

Attach PDFs which will be available for download from the book itself. The extension doesn't convert PDF files to .jpg or other graphical formats. So you need to make images from PDF and then use them to create a book. Also it is not possible to insert a PDF as one of book pages.

Choose the magazine parameters

Correct content display is a mandatory point in product presentation. This is why we added resolution details feature. You can create any book resolution you want, so it will give you a chance to create highly customizable book appearance.

HTML5 Flipping books advantages:

  • All web browsers support;
  • Works on mobile devices operated on iOS and Android;
  • No platform limitations;
  • No extra plugins required;
  • No updates required;
  • Consumes minimum traffic;
  • Fast page load.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
Fancy catalog
This extension is a real catch for our apparel store as we add new collections every month and let customers see them like in a magazine online as well as download them. It took much time to create the first book and configure the settings but now when I know all the aspects, I create the books quickly. Thanks!
good but takes time to set everything up
the extension works good as soon as you dig into the settings. I needed support assistance to set everything up and also we had a compatibility issue with our theme but again I wrote to the support and everything was fixed

so it takes time and also you should prepare all the images and stuff, but eventually the flipping book looks very good and loads fast. we use this module to showcase the new arrivals with a photoshoot. we tested the pages and the ones with the flipping book had a slightly better conversion than those with just uploaded pics.

I suggest making better user guides so we could read it and set the extension up without support assistance

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Version 0.1.2 - August 08, 2016
– Fix possible conflicts with jQuery
Version 0.1.1 - February 24, 2016
– Better compatibility with latest versions of Magento Enterprise
Version 0.1.0 - December 01, 2014
– Tested with the latest Magento CE release
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