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  1. Automatic Related Products M2

    Magento 2 Related Products extension is the tool to dynamically showcase related items on the website to help customers easily find what they want and complete the order. Boost store revenue by setting up smart recommendations and increase the average order value by displaying relevant bundles.

  2. Custom Form M2

    Use Magento 2 Form Builder to create web questionnaires of various types and effectively collect customer info. Enjoy a handy constructor to generate multiple questionnaires in no time and customize each to meet your needs. Extend functionality of your store with form validation feature.

  3. Full Page Cache Warmer M2

    Ensure fast web-site browsing experience with Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer. Provide users a flawless store performance to top search rankings and attract more visitors.


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  1. Out of Stock Notification M2

    Timely inform customers and guest visitors about product stock status and price changes with Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification. Better understand your customers preferences: quickly identify which products are highly demanded and timely refill them in your store!

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    • Enable stock and price subscriptions
    • Check users behaviour with Analytics dashboard
    • Send out of stock notifications to Magento admins, customers and guest visitors
    • Automatically notify admin about low stock, out of stock and new subscriptions
    • Users can easily manage subscriptions in their account
    • Compatible with the Jet Theme by Amasty
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Magento 2 product page is the most important page for your customers. This is where visitors make their purchase decisions. Customers check all the info they can find on the page, reviews, tables, attachments. They compare your product with competitors' alternatives, decide how many items they need, and other specifications like size, color, and supplements. They make 2 steps of the buying process on the page: alternative evaluation and purchase decision.

Promoting products in SERPs, you also need to think over the SEO part.

See more: Learn about main customer purchasing decisions from our free e-book.

In this category, we have gathered all the Magento 2 extensions that help to improve category lising and product listing page. We can split them into 3 big groups based on their main purpose:

  1. Plugins that help you provide customers with full info about products. Color Swatches Pro allows you to show the available color options, with FAQ and Product Questions, you can reduce the number of repeated questions and display the answers right on the product page, add necessary documentation with Product Attachments, create unlimited product tabs to provide users with any additional info. Also, it’s important to add product reviews to your page as almost 77% of customers read them before making a purchase.
  2. Modules that help you to set up promotions, special offers, and increase the average cheque. For example, our bestsellers, and other promo plugins.
  3. Speed optimization extensions. The sinergetic work of Google Page Speed Optimizer and Full Page Cache Warmer will help you increase the score in Google PageSpeed Insights, and as a result, reach top positions in SERP.

See also our blog posts about Magento 2 speed optimization:

  1. use the 4 JavaScript optimization techniques
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  4. how our optimizer addresses Google warnings
  5. how lazy load images work
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