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Upcoming Extensions

Optimization Service for Magento 2
Optimization Service M2
Place your website at the top of Google rating and drive more traffic to your store. Get remarkable store performance with the high-level Magento 2 code and images optimization by Amasty service. We provide:
  • Search engine rankings boost
  • Minimal page loading time
  • Flawless webstore performance
  • Page speed improvement
  • Reduced load on the server
  • Mobile view optimization
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Quick Order for Magento 2
Quick Order M2
Boost B2B sales and increase repeated purchases with Magento 2 Quick Order extension. Enable buyers to quickly order multiple products without visiting numerous web store pages.
  • Enable instant product search by SKU/Name
  • Allow mass adding products to the order list
  • Let customers place quick orders via CSV file
  • Enable buyers to choose custom product options
  • Create an unlimited number of quick order lists
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B2B Ecommerce Suite for Magento 2
B2B Ecommerce Suite M2
Bring your business to a new level by turning your webstore into a powerful B2B e-commerce solution for Magento 2. Cover all specific business needs with one B2B Suite.
  • Create a structured dealers base
  • Set precise access limitations
  • Provide flexible product options
  • Customize pricing policy
  • Reduce losses on returns
  • Grant unique store credits
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California Consumer Privacy Act for Magento 2
California Consumer Privacy Act M2
Make your store fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act. Enhance your store data security with Magento 2 CCPA extension. Ensure online privacy and strengthen customer trust.
  • Adjust privacy settings for California residents
  • Let buyers know what data is being collected
  • Let users reject the sale of their personal data
  • Provide buyers with the ability to download their data
  • Allow customers to delete or anonymize their info
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Product Option Templates for Magento 2
Product Option Templates M2
Attract more customers to your store by providing multiple product variations with Magento 2 Custom Options. Create an unlimited number of custom options templates, and promptly assign them to your products in bulk.
  • Easily create product options and merge them into templates
  • Quickly assign options templates to multiple products
  • Add free and paid accompanying items to products
  • Flexibly customize product options
  • Smoothly create options dependencies
  • Conveniently manage your templates on a grid
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Product Supplements & Surcharges for Magento 2
Product Supplements & Surcharges M2
Gain additional profit and increase average order value with Magento 2 Product Surcharges & Supplements extension. Save time by assigning surcharges to multiple products at once and reduce redundant expenses by adding, updating or removing precise extra charges.
  • Add an unlimited number of product surcharges
  • Create ready-made supplement templates
  • Track all the templates on a separate grid
  • Attach multiple charges to products via mass actions
  • Set flexible fee dependencies
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Multi Vendor Marketplace for Magento 2
Multi Vendor Marketplace M2
Convert your Magento store into a feature-rich e-commerce marketplace with Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace. Generate more revenue providing your store with a multi-supplier experience.
  • Easily add and manage multiple vendors
  • Provide each seller with an exclusive profile page
  • Let vendors manage products and orders themselves
  • Analyze sales data with informative dashboards
  • Flexibly manage commissions and withdrawals
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Instagram Feed for Magento 2
Instagram Feed M2

Attract target audience to your website and boost revenue with Magento 2 Instagram Feed extension. Integrate eye-catching Instagram pictures to effortlessly create a trendy look for a website.

  • Grow revenue by automatically adding high-demand content
  • Display Instagram widget at any page on your webstore
  • Easily sort pictures based on specific criteria
  • Select a flexible layout for Instagram image block
  • Show the number of likes and comments on each image
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Sphinx Search for Magento 2
Sphinx Search M2
Turn your potential sales into real ones with an extremely fast and reliable Magento 2 Sphinx Search solution. Provide highly flexible search results to increase your conversion rate and the number of orders.
  • Provide the most relevant query results
  • Boost your website search speed
  • Manage autocomplete product suggestions
  • Search by category names, custom options and related products
  • Use synonyms, stop words and hyphens/slashes
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The modern world changes so fast and there is no person who can follow all the technology news. This fact has a direct impact on your business and its success. We have a team of Product managers, who follow e-commerce trends and transform them into featured products for Magento. You'll find the modules in the Amasty dedicated Magento 2 Upcoming Extensions catalog. Scroll down!
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