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  1. PWA for RMA (Add-On) (Pre-order) M2
    Provide your mobile shoppers with an outstanding post-sale experience. Offer a return management interface that works smoothly on any device.
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    • Let customers create and manage return requests using a mobile-ready functionality
    • Ensure a stable RMA performance on any device
    • Gain loyalty with the responsive self-support tool
    • Embed ready-to-use solution for PWA Studio storefront and Venia theme
    • Use only as an add-on for Magento 2 RMA extension and with PWA Theme installed
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The changing world entails new demands and needs. Our catalog already includes 250+ plugins, but to meet modern requirements and follow e-commerce trends, we constantly look for new ideas and create new solutions. On this page, you see the list of our upcoming and coming soon Magento 2 extensions that we plan to release soon. Some of them also available for pre-ordering:

  1. Pre-order extension. You can buy it with discount from 0% to 50% and get the installation pack right after the official release.
  2. Upcoming extension. You can leave your email, and we will notify you as soon as the module is released. 

To track the progress, you can check our product roadmap, where we make real-time updates of the development process. Also, if you want to influence our work and share your ideas about existing or upcoming modules, you can always leave the feature request. Stay tuned for not to miss our novelties!

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