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Amasty extensions
now available at
Zoey Marketplace

The team is happy to announce that Amasty extensions are now available for purchase at Zoey Marketplace.

Zoey, the first true Magento SaaS, was born July 2, 2014 and based on Magento CE 1.9.

The company focuses on providing merchants with an enterprise level e-commerce platform and seamless deployment instead of the more expensive and lengthy custom development process.

The idea of a more intuitive e-commerce platform, yet not as feature-restricted as many subscription solutions, came from the experience Zoey founder Uri Foox acquired while running Pixafy e-commerce agency. Zoey is inspired by real merchant use cases, which makes the platform a stable and affordable foundation for online shops all over the world.

Although Zoey was built upon Magento, it’s not Magento. Still, it works with many third-party extensions developed for Magento. We’re excited about the opportunity of offering Amasty extensions to Zoey users!

Reasons we’re offering
Amasty extensions via
Zoey Marketplace

Zoey Marketplace
We’re excited to offer Amasty extensions to Zoey users, so that they can benefit from the new features and opportunities right here, right now.
Zoey Marketplace
Zoey concept is filling an important niche in the e-commerce world. Supporting cheaper yet more fluent technical background for businesses is our shared goal.
Zoey Marketplace
Availability of our extensions via Zoey marketplace is close to Amasty plans on growing and positively influencing e-commerce as a heartbeat of the global economy.

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