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Price Slider & Filters for Magento 2

Increase your store conversion rate by improving the users’ filtering experience and thus speeding up the shopping process with Magento 2 Price Slider & Filters.

  1. Lite version of Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation
  2. Fast shopping process with AJAX navigation and filtering
  3. Show only relevant products with the multiselect option
  4. Offer highly targeted product list with the price slider
  5. Boost mobile sales with responsive navigation and filtering
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Make your store run at peak performance by improving navigation:
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According to a Baymard Institute study, 84% of websites offer poor filtering and navigation experience. This leads to high website abandonment rates and low conversion rate alongside potential revenue losses.


Increase the number of conversions by providing an outstanding filtering and navigation experience. Let users instantly find exactly what they are looking for and guaranteed to get more sales with Magento 2 Price Range Slider.

What benefits do you get for your store

Increase sales through the effective use of product filtering options

Boost the number of completed orders by showing relevant products

Lower your site abandonment rate thanks to a quick AJAX filtering


Avoid store abandonment with a quick AJAX filtering

Statistics say that 40% of users leave a website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds. Make sure your filter results show up fast thanks to the AJAX filtering. By instantly showing product filter results without reloading the entire page, Magento 2 Multi Select Attribute values help you improve your site performance and avoid losing potential customers.

Grow the chance of buying with the multiselect option

Help users to narrow down their search quickly and get more likely to buy from your store. Let them apply several options of the same filter at once. For example, a customer can specify that he wants to see men's t-shirts of only 2 colors: grey and green, instead of scrolling hundreds of multicolored t-shirts that don't cater to his tastes.


Employ a smart filters design with vertical scrolling

Long lists of filtering options are always confusing and hard to operate. With Magento 2 Price Filter Slider, you can make them compact and handy by adding a vertical scrolling. Specify the maximal filter size you want to display without scrolling. When a filter is higher, the scrolling appears.

Go responsive with all modern devices

While mobile shopping is on the rise, don’t lose any sale by letting customers shop anywhere and anytime. The Price Slider & Filters for Magento 2 extension is fully responsive with all modern devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

Speed up shopping process with item count control

Let customers see the number of products found for each attribute they selected. This helps users to narrow or expand the product list to a maximally convenient size and save their time while exploring the relevant products.

price slider & filters for magento 2
price slider & filters for magento 2

Show only relevant items with Magento 2 Price Slider

Display only those products that customers can afford by letting them adjust the price range filter via a handy price slider. Navigate customers to the right products (middle-priced or prestige) and get income from each customer segment.

Navigate customers to the page top after filtering

Contribute to a seamless shopping experience by automatically navigating customers to the top of a product list after applying filters. This will have a positive effect as users won’t have to scroll to the top manually.

Ensure high usability with “Now Shopping By” section

When users apply filters and browse the product list, they expect to easily find and change the applied filters. Otherwise, the site creates a disconcerting experience. Give users a quick way to check currently applied filters and easily unselect certain filters at once in the “Now Shopping By” section.

More Options

  • The extension is compatible with Magento Commerce & Magento Open Source v2.2.x and v2.3.x versions;
  • The extension is compatible with Elasticsearch server v5.x, v6.x;

Choose your perfect
webstore navigation solution

The most suitable for your business needs

Lite For a webstore start $89
AJAX filtering
Attribute multiselect
Scroll to top after filtering
Price slider
Filters with vertical scrolling
Now shopping by
Mobile interface
Pro Ultimate solution $349
AJAX filtering
Attribute multiselect
Filters category restrictions
Price slider & from-to widget
Advanced category tree
Dependent & custom filters
Horizontal navigation
SEO optimization
Shop by Brand Brand is everything $129
All brands listing page
Brands slider
Unique brand page content
Brands dropdown menu
Search box
Filter by the first character
Brand filter in the navigation
More from this brand
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
6 Reviews
Jul 09, 2019
Performing well
I just build a magento 2 store with this readymade layered navigation extension. All the features described here works out of the box. No issues with my custom theme.Thanks!
Jun 14, 2019
Good addon!
It does everything I needed. We use multiple filters on our website, all of them work super-quick and look so nice. Thanks for this module!
May 31, 2019
glitchy settings
Stevie Johns
All runs well, just setup was trouble. Needed support’s help.
May 02, 2019
Easy & Fast
Easy, Fast & Intuitive. Reasonable price, good features and best support team! Love working with Amasty team!
Apr 25, 2019
In my shop I had the same module from another vendor. It was lagging worst was that ajax didn’t always run well and shoppers could not select from products 2nd time. Here no such trouble.
Apr 06, 2019
Arjun Nair
Great extension, one of the best from them. I checked how long buyers now stay in shop searching before buy - for men it’s about 5 mins, for ladies maybe 8-10. It’s all that ajax filter. They see immediately best choice options and rush to buy. Tnx team.

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