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Magento Optimization Service

Fast and stable customer shopping experience is the key to increasing the sales funnel conversion. Low site speed gets users irritated and leads to high cart abandonment rates. Magento Optimization Service is performance tuning of the front- and backend of your website. It’s designed to help you boost Magento speed and improve not only UX, but also ranking in SERP.

Magento server optimization is a tricky process that requires special knowledge. We have in-house specialists ready to get the work done.

We will do our utmost to make sure all functions that were available on your site before the optimization are still accessible.

Why hire us to optimize your Magento?

  • • 11+ years of experience in Magento development
  • • free consultation before project initiatio
  • • case-by-case approach to every client
  • • dedicated Project Manager
  • • helping you choose hosting provider, optimal server capacity, additional software
  • • 2-month guarantee and after-project help

Contact us to get all the info and place your order.

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