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How to install Magento 2 Amasty extensions?

Each Amasty extension package is provided with the extension files, installation & setup guides, and a license agreement. Some extensions include import files examples as well.

There are 2 ways you can install our extensions. Let’s consider them both.

Warning: Before installing any 3rd-party extension on your Magento, make sure to back up the root folder of the Magento website and of the database.

Method 1. Via Composer (recommended)

You can freely install, update, and remove Magento 2 extensions using Composer.

Please click our complete user guide to learn how to install modules via Composer.

Method 2. Via file uploading

For the installation, please prepare Magento admin panel and SSH access details.

Follow the steps:

  • unpack the .zip file you’ve downloaded;
  • connect to the server where the website source folder is located with FTP/SFTP client (WinSCP, Filezilla, Cyberduck, etc);
  • go to upload > app and upload the files from the app folder to the root app folder of your Magento website using ‘Merge’ upload mode. This way, your FTP/SFTP client will only add new files;
  • connect to your Magento directory with SSH;
  • run the next commands:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade - to install the extension;
php bin/magento setup:di:compile - to compile the code;
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy - to deploy static view files.

If you use the default or developer mode, you can skip the last 2 commands. 

That’s it!

Still have doubts? Let us install your modules, 10K+ successful installations, 1 service for the whole order. If you need to set up Amatsy’s extensions after or together with the installation, hire our experts.

Looking to install Magento 1 extensions? Click the link.

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