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Purchasing Questions
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Are Amasty extensions compatible with all themes and extensions by other vendors?
Amasty extensions work with all plugins we issued and with most 3rd-party plugins. If you come across a Magento 2 compatibility issue with any third-party module, we’ll definitely try to help you. If you face any technical issues, please create a ticket...
Will I get free support and updates?
Product updates for extensions purchased before Feb 1, 2022With the transition to product subscriptions, you will receive product updates for all extensions purchased before Feb 1, 2022 throughout the entire grace period — up to Aug 1, 2022. If you ...
Do you have the installation service?
Yes, you can use installation and configuration services that are available as the part of Pro and Premium add-ons for your product subscriptions.Please note that this installation service doesn’t include uninstallation. So, if you need to completely...
Can I request a free trial?
Amasty doesn’t provide any trials of Magento extensions. There's one exception: Amasty extensions are provided for testing or demo purposes to our official Platinum Partners as a part of the “access to Amasty extensions for testing purposes with Composer...
Can I test an Amasty extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?
Yes, you can install any Amasty extension on a test site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store.
How can I get a refund?
Amasty offers to its Customers a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee for the Software. In case the acquired extension didn’t meet your expectations, our support team is always ready to help you. Fees for support subscriptions and any services provided...
How can I receive a discount?
We are now working at a loyalty program for our customers that is supposed to bring even greater benefits in the long term. While it’s not out yet, you can look through these Special Offers. New discounts and specials are added every month. To stay ...
How to resolve conflicts between Amasty’s and 3rd-party extensions?
As Adobe Solution Partner, we guarantee that our products are developed based on the high standards of Adobe, and the workflow is fully in line with the Business Code of Conduct requirements. Unfortunately, sometimes the functionality of our extensions...
How to update a Magento 2 Amasty extension?
To update a Magento 2 extension by manual upload:1. log in to the customer account;2. navigate to the Products tab, scroll to the packages section, and click the Download link next to the extension that should be updated;3. Important: If some extension...
If I need additional features to be added to an Amasty extension, how can I ask for it?
To leave your feature request, log in to your customer account and open the Products tab. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and leave your feature request in the following form: As soon as you send your request, it is considered by our ...
Magento 2 Amasty extensions installation
Each Amasty extension package is provided with the extension files, installation & setup guides, and a license agreement. Some extensions include import files examples as well. So how to install our Magento extension? What is the plugin...
How can I prolong support?
If you have an active support service subscription, it grants you access to support services for all products purchased before Feb,1 as long as your subscription is active. Alternatively, support services are only available as the part of a product ...
Can I change the EE extension to CE for free?
Usually, no, you can’t exchange modules. Please, contact our support managers and they’ll consider your case individually. → Learn more about our special offers
How can I get a discount to re-purchase plugins?
Usually, we don’t provide any discounts. But you can contact us, and we’ll consider your case individually. → Learn more about our special offers
What is the license policy? On how many websites can I use Amasty extensions?
Our license allows you to use a single extension license agreement on one Magento installation.If you run several domains on the same instance of Magento, you can use one extension license. However, if you run each website on a new installation of Magento...
How can I change or add information to the invoice?
If you need additional data in your invoice for your bank, or if you found a mistake, please submit a ticket and our support team will help you out.
What should I do if the payment for an extension wasn’t accepted?
If the status of your Order is pending (not completed), please create a ticket as soon as possible. Our team will review it and inform you about all the further steps needed to resolve the situation.
I forgot to fill my VAT ID, and an additional tax was charged. How can I return it?
If you were charged an additional tax after the payment was processed, please create a ticket and tell us your VAT number. As soon as we receive it, we’ll start the refund process.
Is entering my VAT ID obligatory to pay for an extension?
No, entering your VAT ID is optional. But if needed, you can enter VAT ID in the customer account: Or on the 2-nd step of checkout: And if you are tax exempt, the tax will be removed automatically, and an appropriate payment method will be displayed...
How can I pay for Amasty extensions?
You can pay for our extensions in any convenient for you way as a full range of payment methods are supported. The most common means are credit card or PayPal. Security and fraud protection are guaranteed. If you need to pay for the order with a non...
How can I apply a coupon code to the order?
Please go to your shopping cart and scroll down. In the lower-left corner, you will find the Apply Coupon drop-down menu with a button:  Click on it, enter your code, and click Apply: Enter your coupon code and the discount will be calculated...
What should I do if I get an invalid VAT ID error?
If you get a message that your VAT ID is invalid, please double-check if you enter a correct value. When you are sure that everything is correct, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you with this issue.
I have the extension for M1 and want to upgrade it to M2. What should I do?
You should acquire the module for M2, as M2 modules have a completely different structure as compared with M1 extensions.So there is no way to transfer the module from M1 to M2. But you can check if the same module on M2 exists. Moreover, if you are...
How to completely uninstall the extension?
Quite a few users run into problems with deleting Magento extensions.  All you need is to follow the pain-free guide: Turn attention to installation method in use There are at least 4 main ways: Manually via archive file; Magento Connect Manager...
How to disable Amasty extension?
Disabling/enabling a module is a popular operation for Magento store owners. Below, we will show you how to disable an extension correctly.How to disable a module in Magento 1?Magento 1 disable module process consists of several steps. To disable any...
Can I get a refund on another card/PayPal account?
No, we cannot make a refund to another credit card or PayPal account. In this case, we can only offer you a refund with store credits for your future purchases.
How can I share or transfer the extension from one account to another one?
How sharing works? How transfer works?- Transfer during checkout- Transfer when order is complete Frequently, we get requests how to provide access to the extensions purchased from one account to another. It could be a relevant case for our partners...
Can I get an access to the source code of your extensions?
Yes, since the source code of Amasty extensions is open.
Can I install and update Amasty Extensions for Magento 1 via Composer?
No, you can install and update Amasty Extensions via Composer only for Magento 2. Note: See how to install Magento 2 extensions via Composer.
Do you provide Magento customization service?
Yes, we can customize your Magento store according to your needs. We perform a range of custom development services, including mobile development. We can not only adjust existing extensions but also create a completely new extension from scratch to ...
Common Business Questions
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Can I download an extension user guide in a PDF format?
Please select a user guide for the Magento extension you need from the list below. Click on the extension name to download the guide. For Magento 1 Automatic Related Products Blog Pro Full Page Cache Google Page Speed Optimizer One Step Checkout...
How to feature the products you need primarily?
There are lots of marketing techniques on how you can choose the best features and products. Different prioritization matrices and prioritization templates will help you to choose products and decide what features you need to highlight. To make the ...
How to make Magento search relevant?
Sometimes it happens that you get great traffic flow but low conversions. Around 37% of visitors will leave your site if your navigation system offers a poor user experience or if your Magento 2 search results are not relevant, and they can’t find what...
How to make my Magento 2 faster?
How to speed up Magento 2? To make Magento 2 work faster, you need to get rid of all the factors that can affect your website performance like redundant JS, CSS, HTML code, oversized images in the old formats, slow server, etc. After Google named speed...
How to monetize my checkout?
With cart abandonment rate ranging from about 70% for 3 years in a row, e-retailers wonder what to do to boost conversion rate and tackle the cart abandonment reasons. We offer some tips below that will help you monetize your checkout and make it more...
How to optimize my store administration?
It’s important to create an uninterrupted workflow in your Magento store to keep your customers satisfied. That means that all your products must be updated, orders processed and shipped, and all complaints should be answered timely. You can achieve...
How to raise my Magento position in Google?
What are the Magento SEO best practices?Magento SEO best practices are actions that can help your website get to the top of SERPs. To raise your website position in SERP, you need to optimize the Magento 2 for Google requirements. We have gathered SEO...
How to save on product shipping?
Too high shipping cost is one of the reasons why customers don’t complete their purchase. To increase customers’ trust level, you need to inform them about all your shipping opportunities and minimize the shipping fee. At the same time, the well-organized...
How to secure my Magento from fraudulence?
The security vulnerability of your Magento store data may result in financial loss and litigation. According to Kaspersky research, the average cost of one fraud case is more than $1 million. Small businesses lose around $120,000 per incident. So...
Key characteristics of a successful Shopify blog
B2C Content Marketing research shows that blogging about business activities increases user reach by 64%. Let's break down the basic aspects of running a Shopify blog.What are the pros of the Shopify blog?TrustBlogging is an indicator of expertise. ...
Most Asked Magento-Related Questions
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3 best Magento 2 Page Builders compatible with top e-commerce themes
Why use Magento Page Builder? Page Builder is designed to modify your pages by dragging and dropping "content types" controls. This tool allows you to create and modify pages. You can use Page Builder in two ways: use existing content types or create...
3 best payment gateways for Magento 2
There are many different payment options in Magento, including Stripe, PayPal, 2checkout, WorldPay, Google Checkout, and MasterCard/Visa direct payments. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, in addition, each charges a different commission...
5 best Magento 2 Marketplace multi-vendor extensions
Magento Marketplace Extensions are extensions for the Magento platform that allow merchants and vendors to use your website as their own e-store. These extensions transform your store into a complete Amazon-like marketplace. Let's take a look at the...
5 questions about omnichannel marketing in Magento 2
According to Omnisend’s research of 2 billion omnichannel campaigns, companies that use 3+ channels retain 90% more shoppers and have 250% more conversions. And customers who had omnichannel experience spent 13% more compared to those who experienced...
6 Magento 2 Product Types: Add & Change
A tech-savvy Magento 1 user knows the platform offers 6 magento product types. Magento developers have decided to leave the very types in the second version having supplied them with additional improvements. The process of a product type change has also...
A way to disable AJAX add to cart in Magento 2

Magento 2 AJAX add to cart helps the shopper to make purchases without page reloading after bringing the product to the cart. Read the full answer to enable or disable AJAX add to cart in Magento 2.

Adobe Magento Cloud: key questions answered
We’ve prepared the Adobe Magento Cloud overview in the form of Q&A. Do you have any doubts or questions about what is Adobe Magento? We hope to clear them. What is Adobe Commerce Cloud? It is the result of integration between Adobe Experience ...
BigCommerce vs Magento 2: what to choose for your online store
Say, you decided to launch an online store. E-commerce solutions offer multiple platforms for a website, and it’s hard to choose which one will suit better for your needs. In this article, we’ll compare Magento 2 and BigCommerce in the following...
Can Elasticsearch be disabled in Magento 2?
Elasticsearch is obligatory after Magento 2.4 release so it can't be disabled. But there are some ways how you can significantly improve its performance using our Elastic Search extension. It is optimized for all devices and will help you improve...
Create bundle product in Magento 1
Bunde product type is one of the options offered in the platform settings. Magento bundle product type allows for a pair or set of items to be sold together via an online store. The option is of prime concern for sales turnover and growth. Helpful...
Does Amasty Elastic Search support Magento 2.2?
Unfortunately, Amasty Elastic Search does not support Magento 2.2. Nevertheless, it is possible to customize the extension to make it compatible with the Magento 2.2.* To learn more, feel free to contact us here.
Does Magento 2 have a default URL to display all products?
Yes, Magento 2 have a default URL to display all products, and here is the step-by-step guide on how to configure it:Step 1. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration. Step 2. Open the Catalog settings and select the Catalog under it. Step...
Does Magento use Symfony?
What is Symfony? Symfony is a PHP framework and set of reusable PHP components used in Magento 2. It speeds up Magento 2 development process by evading repetitive coding tasks. YAML is a serialization standard introduced among Symfony components. This...
Does the SugarCRM Bridge works only in one way?

Currently, the Magento SugarCRM bridge extension enables only one way synchronization: from Magento to SugarCRM.

E-commerce tracking: How to launch A/B test in your Magento 2 store via Google Analytics?
A/B testing is one of the most valuable tools for e-commerce marketers that allows them to track what page option sells more. Magento 2 offers you the possibility to create tests with the help of Google Analytics. Let’s see how to run an experiment...
Examples of Magento Websites
When choosing an e-commerce platform for your business you might hear that Magento 2 is popular thanks to its flexible and customizable platform. This level of customization became possible because of the open-source code that attracts developers around...
Freelance Magento developer and custom development team. How to choose?
Magento is an open-source platform with unbounded scaling possibilities, and in the hands of a professional developer, it can meet all your business needs. Yet, how not to fail with the choice of a candidate, so that the project doesn't eat your tight...
Frequently asked questions about Magento 2 Database Schema
If you are a developer or an e-commerce store owner using Magento 2, understanding the intricacies of the Magento 2 database schema, also referred to as Magento DB schema, is vital. The Magento 2 database schema serves as the foundation of your website...
Get product image in Magento 2
How to get product image URL in Magento 2?By default, the properties of product images are stored in the view.xml configuration file. The properties are defined by the gallery widget options and can be also programmatically changed or modified in the...
How can I get order details in Magento 2?
Warning: code samples below are provided as examples only and require further customization according to your business needs. When you are trying to get Magento 2 order collection programmatically, you may meet advice to use an object manager. But actually...
How does Magento 2 actions logger work?
The Magento 2 actions log, including the Magento 2 audit log, records all changes made by the administrator of your store. This feature helps you keep track of all the changes made to your store.  Having full visibility of all actions performed in your...
How does Magento 2 data feed manager work?
Magento 2 product feed is a powerful tool that can help you improve revenue by synchronizing your Magento 2 store with all the other sales channels. Let’s see how it works. What is Magento 2 data feed manager? Magento 2 data feed manager is a...
How does the synchronization with SugarCRM occurs?

The module uses the flexible mapping system to connect multiple fields from Magento to SugarCRM and map any Magento and SugarCRM fields. Built-in PHP code processor lets you process eCommerce data and/or combine fields before inserting results into SugarCRM.

How much does Magento 2 cost?
Magento Open Source (former Magento Community) This edition is available for free, but it has limited functionality compared to Commerce edition. Moreover, it comes without additional technical support. However, it suits individual entrepreneurs, startups...
How to activate the Magento 2 Business Intelligence account?
Magento Business Intelligence service is a cloud-based platform where you can gather and analyze statistical data of your e-commerce business. You can connect Business Intelligence, not only to the Magento system but also to any third-party CRM database...
How to add a checkbox to checkout in Magento 2?
Why do you need to add a newsletter checkbox to checkout in Magento 2?Adding a newsletter checkbox to check out allows customers to sign up for your store's newsletter. The customer should decide to subscribe. So it's another opportunity for you to ...
How to add a CMS block to any Magento 2 page?
Magento 2 is known as a highly-customizable platform. And rich CMS blocks’ settings are direct evidence. Let’s see how to create a CMS block in Magento 2 without any programming skills. Step 1. Log in to the admin panel and navigate to Content > ...
How to add a column to an existing table in Magento 2?
The Magento 2.3 version release added the ability to add a new column to an existing table using the db_schema.xml file.  This process requires some work with code. Here is a step-by-step guide for adding a new column to an existing table...
How to add a comment field to Magento 2 checkout?
If you want to allow customers to leave notes to orders in text, then you can add a comment field to the Magento 2 checkout. Magento order comments can be added with the use of the Order Attributes extension. How to enable Magento 2 checkout comments...
How to add a custom attribute to the shipping address in Magento 2?

Magento 2 has no option to regenerate URL rewrites for products. This extension adds a CLI command to regenerate all product SEO URLs for your shop.

Most Asked Shopify-Related Questions
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How to add a password to your Shopify store?
1. Accessing your Shopify Admin. Shopify offers a built-in password protection feature that allows you to restrict access to your store. To enable this feature, log in to your Shopify admin dashboard and navigate to the "Online Store" section.2. Setting...
How to connect Shopify to eBay?
What is Shopify eBay integration?Shopify and eBay integration is the process of connecting your Shopify store with your eBay account to streamline operations and expand your sales channels. Linking Shopify to eBay offers several advantages, including...
How to connect Shopify to Instagram?
Shopify Instagram integration enables merchants to connect their Shopify store with their Instagram business profile, allowing them to tag products in Instagram posts and stories. Before setting up Shopify Instagram Integration, it's important to ensure...
How to contact Shopify customer support?
There are several ways to contact Shopify Customer Support. But first, you should visit the Shopify Help Center and log in to your store. Choose a topic related to your issue and explore the articles for solutions. If you don’t find information that...
How to find Shopify stores?
Google Search:Specific Search Queries: Use targeted search queries like “best Shopify sites,” “Shopify store examples,” or “top shopify store” to find curated lists and articles highlighting successful Shopify stores.Google Shopping: Search for products...
How to find what Shopify theme any store is using?
There are several ways to see what Shopify theme a website is using.1. By checking the page source.Open a Shopify store that you’re interested in using Chrome. Right-click anywhere on the page and select "View Page Source" or press Ctrl+U (Command+Shift...
How to import products from AliExpress to Shopify?
Steps to Import Products from AliExpress to Shopify1. Install App: Syncee is a Shopify app that simplifies the process of importing products from AliExpress. Install the Syncee app from the Shopify App Store and follow the prompts to integrate it with...
How to login to your Shopify Store?
1. Accessing the Login PageTo begin, open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Shopify login page. You can simply type "shopify login" into the search bar or directly enter the URL: Enter Your CredentialsOnce you've...
Amasty Product Subscriptions
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Most asked questions about product subscriptions
Will you launch an annual or monthly product subscription?On Feb 1, 2022 we launched annual subscriptions only, meaning that the billing period for the subscription will be 1 calendar year. Will the product subscription affect both CE and EE?Yes, the...
When does Amasty launch product subscriptions?
Starting February 1, 2022, we are launching product subscriptions. All products within new orders will become available by subscription only, replacing the old “one-time-payment” model. 
What does a product subscription include?
Our product subscription includes:lifetime access to the original code base; availability of all Magento versions and inter-product compatibilities; availability of all new features delivered within the product line; and full support coverage for the...
Can I cancel the subscription?
Yes, you can do so at any time. In this case, you keep access to the support service for the product and those updates until the original subscription end date.
Can I renew the subscription?
You can renew your subscription any time, of course. But it will require an additional renewal fee. The exact proportions will be introduced shortly across all our info channels.
Can I customize and continue using the product if my product subscription expires?
Yes, you can continue using and customizing the product. You will have access to the latest updates released while your subscription is active. After the cancellation, you can continue updating the product on your side, or you can renew your subscription...
Abandoned Cart Email
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Are there any ready-to-use email templates?

Yes, you will get a ready-to-use templates in the extension package. Additionally, you can create as many email template styles as you need. There are also advanced options that will make your emails even better: it’s possible to display variables like size, color, etc. as well as use format manager to display currency, dates, price and time.

Can further reminders be cancelled if a customer places an order after the first reminder?

Magento email notifications can be disabled automatically. For this, you need to set cancel conditions in the rule configuration. Go on reading to see the example.

Can I have different rules for reminders in different store views?

Yes, each rule can be applied to all or only some store views.

Can I send a coupon code in a reminder email?

Yes, you can create rules according to which coupons will be sent.

Can I track abandoned shopping carts in Magento using SugarCRM?

As every checkout step taken by user can be recorded in the SugarCRM opportunities/cases status, you can see at what stage the cart was left. This tool is available in the Bridge version 1.3 and higher.

Can I use Google Analytics utm tagging?

Yes, you can track the shopping cart abandonment statistics. With the use of Google Analytics, you can receive Magento abandoned cart report. To see the screenshot go on reading.

Does abandoned cart email contain pics of the items in the customer’s cart?

Yes, sure, product images will be automatically added to the email.

Does AJAX email capture work with One Step Checkout extensions?

Our Abandoned Cart Email module is compatible with the overwhelming majority of 3-d party extensions. But in case any issues occur - our support team will instantly help you to solve them.

The module is 100% compatible with our One Step Checkout extension.

Does this Abandoned Cart Email extension work with guest checkout?

Yes, Magento Abandoned Cart extension allows for sending guest emails to not registered visitors and visitors uncompleted a purchase.

How many abandoned carts are allowed per customer?

Only one abandoned cart at a time is supported. Read on to see all the details.

How many abandoned carts can be recovered by one user?

One customer can recover a limitless number of abandoned carts by default. Though, using the abandoned cart settings you can restrict the number. Read on to see the settings.

How to align images to the top in the table-mode?
To align pictures to the top in a table-mode some changes have been made in this file /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/amacart/table.phtml. Now it is possible to adjust height of the description block (line 33 height:60px was added). How to...
How to use debug mode in the extension?

Debug mode is a useful tool that allows you to check why emails are not being sent out. Please proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

What's required for the extension to work?

For correct work of the module you will need to set up a cron job. Read more about Magento Cron.

While sending reminders from the Test tab, I get all the emails at once and they don’t meet the conditions. What’s the problem?
There is no reason to worry as this is how test reminders work. No conditions are checked for them and all scheduled abandoned cart emails are sent at once.
Admin Actions Log
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Can I choose who will be able to view changes history?

Yes, with the use of the extension, you can choose who will be able to see changes history. While setting up admin actions log archive you may include there action history on all admins or just specified ones. To see the screenshot read on.

Does it log regular users or just admins?

This module logs only admins' actions. Magento admin user log ins and outs and all the modifications applied to your store are gathered and stored by the extension.

Does this Admin Actions Log show changes after importing products from a third-party CRM system?

If everything is imported correctly and Magento reflects those changes, then our module will also show them.

Does this module also log changes that admin users make to orders?

Yes, Magento logs who made change, the extension will track the sales orders changes performed by an admin user.

How to update the GeoIP database for Admin Actions Log?
When you install your Admin Log Extension, it has the latest GeoIP database out-of-box. But from time to time, you need to check if a more recent version of the database has appeared. If yes, update it manually to keep your Admin Panel secure. For this...
Advanced Permissions
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Can I give users an access to sales data for specific products/categories?

Yes, you can do that. Just choose what particular sales data you want to open for viewing (order, sales reports and/or sales section) in System > Permissions > Roles > Role Resources. Category and product access can be configured on the Advanced: Categories and Advanced: Products tabs respectively.

Can I let an admin user see only the orders created in a particular store view?

Yes, sure. Our Advanced Permissions extension is highly customizable so that you can control an access to any area of your Magento as well as the types of the actions that can be performed by each admin role. Read on to make all the settings correctly.

Can I receive information about the activities of the not logged in users?

The SugarCRM Bridge extension saves information about every item that is being added to a cart by any user and connects this information to the record in SugarCRM when the user registers or logs in. The bridge can also associate a shopping cart with a customer-linked account.

Can I set view only permissions for the product catalog?

Yes, you can enable the view only permission for your Magento admin at the 'Role Resources' tab. Continue reading to make it on the first try. 

Can the extension restrict users to manage the catalog by store view/website?

Yes, you can make user's access denied, as well as create users with advanced roles/permissions. Define website/store view a sub-admin will have access to at the 'Advanced Permissions: Scope' with the following guide.  

How can I let an admin manage only the products created by himself?

This is easily achievable with our extension. In System > Permissions > Roles > Advanced: Products you can either choose items from the grid or just set “Allow Access To” to “Own Created Products”.

This is really handy if you have, for example, multiple suppliers and want them to access only to those items which have been created by them.

Is it possible to restrict access to customer data?

Yes, you can restrict access to customer data making changes in the Role Resources section. Go on reading to see the instructions.

Is the number of admin users created with this module limited?

Our Advanced Permissions extension supports an unlimited number of admin users.

AJAX Shopping Cart
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Can I customize the AJAX cart window to match my theme?

Yes, you can run custom visual style settings to set the AJAX cart window in accordance with your Magento theme. Read on to see a screenshot.

Can I let clients adjust the quantity of a product in a pop-up window?

Yes, AJAX Shopping Cart allows for quantity update right in a pop-up window. For this, you need to set 'Allow to change product quantity in confirmation dialog' to yes in the AJAX cart general settings. Read on to see a screenshot.

Does this AJAX Shopping cart module work with up sell products?

Yes, you can display upsell products in an ajax window which shows up once an item is added to cart.

Does this module let customers add products to cart from category pages?

Yes, sure, Magento AJAX Cart allows you to add to cart from category page. Your clients will be able to add products and configure their settings right on a category page. This is done in a pop-up window to ensure seamless user experience.

Is there an option to continue shopping after adding an item to cart?

Yes, once a product is added to cart, a client can either go to the shopping cart or continue shopping. If they choose the latter option, they can stay on a product page or go to a category page. See the complete instruction to make all the settings correctly. 

Will this AJAX Shopping Cart work on mobile devices?

Yes, this shopping cart module is mobile-friendly, so it will work fine on smartphones and tablets.

Amasty Affiliate Program Q&A
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Can I be an Affiliate and a Partner at the same time?
An individual and/or organization may not be signed up to Affiliate and Partner programs at the same time.
Can I be excluded from the Affiliate Program?
In case we suspect you of improper use of Amasty Affiliate Program, we reserve the right to contact you for inquiries, prohibit you to use Amasty Reward Program and/or other benefits, or remove you from the Affiliate Program permanently.
Can I use the Affiliate Program to purchase extensions for my own business?
It is prohibited to use the Affiliate Program to purchase Amasty extensions for your own benefit, for or within your organization, or in other ways that are not inline with referral sales or traffic monetization.
Do, I as an Affiliate, have any restrictions in receiving additional discounts at ?
Amasty reserves the right to restrict the use of certain discount offers for Affiliates. If you’re unsure whether you are subject to any restrictions for specific site sales and discount programs, please contact us for more details.
How can I use Affiliate Program by Amasty?
Amasty Affiliate Program is designed for monetization of web traffic only. If you are interested in discounts for you or your business or would like to actively advise Amasty extensions to your clients, please contact our team to learn more...
What if I want to close my Affiliate account?
In case you wish to be removed from the Affiliate Program on your own request, or if you join Partner Program instead, please make sure to withdraw any pending commission available for payout in your account. In case you do not withdraw the commission...
What will happen to my commission if I get excluded from the Affiliate Program?
In case you are removed from the Affiliate Program due to suspicious, fraudulent or malicious activities, or due to continuous inactivity, your Affiliate account will be blocked, and your pending Affiliate commission will expire.
Will my Partner coupon apply if I use an Affiliate link to make the purchase?
In case a purchase is made with an Affiliate link, no Partner discount coupon may be applied to such purchase.
Amasty Partner Program Q&A
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Is my partner membership renewable?
Yes, when signing up, you receive access to Amasty Magento Partner Program for 12 calendar months. After the term is over, you need to renew your partnership access.
Is there a fee to become an Amasty Partner?
No, joining Amasty Partner Program does not require any set-up fees. Instead, it is revenue commitment based – a Partner makes a security deposit which they are free to spend at at their own will and pace.
What if I don't want to renew?
You are free to choose whether to participate in or to leave the Program at any time. We are always there for you, whether we are partners or not.
What if I have my own ideas of what this Partnership may look like?
Every idea is valuable to us! Just share your throughs and we’ll see how to make them a reality.
What if my clients prefer to purchase directly. Can I still join?
Of course! Regardless of whether you purchase the extensions for your clients, or they do it directly, we have great benefits in store for you and your clients!
Which benefits will I receive as Partner?
Depending on the Partnership level you choose, you will receive the following benefits: A Partner discount of 15% to 30%? A personal Account Manager and personal Support Manager High priority support (web ticketing system, email) Instant support...
Will my deposit expire after the 12 months’ term?
No, once the deposit is made, it will not expire. You can continue using it for as long as you wish.
Auto Add Promo Items
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An error ocurred with Sage Pay: 3021 : The Basket format is invalid
If you get this error in Auto Add Promo Items with Sage Pay: 3021:The Basket format is invalid, please open the SagePay module configuration and turn off sending the basket to them.
Can a customer pick the size or other attributes of a free product?

Yes, with the extension you can automatically add configurable products to cart as free gifts, your customers can select product attributes. Read on to see the example.

Can a rule be applied based on what other items are in the cart?

Yes, with the extension, you can create a limitless number of rules for a shopping cart. For such promos as 'Buy 2 shorts and 2 t-shirts, get slippers for free' there is a special action 'Autoadd promo items with products'. To see more follow the link below.

Can I add more than one free product?

Yes, in case you've set up a free gift for every $100 spent, a customer will get two free gifts automatically added to the cart or displayed in the pop-up when spending $200 or buying 2 items (for 'buy one product get another free') . Besides, you can make it by following the rule: 'get one X and one Y for each two A'. To see more details read on.

Can I give customers a few options of free products to choose from?

Yes, you can not only add free gift to cart, but provide as many options as you like. You can specify SKUs of the products that are provided as free gifts and point them out as promo items. Depending on the number of promo items you set, you need to specify the discount amount. To see the screenshots read on.

Can I include shipping cost to the free product?

Yes, you can allow or restrict free shipping for promo items. Free or paid shipping can be used applied to promo products, which is of a critical importance for heavy-weight or fragile products. To see the settings go on reading.

Can I limit the number of free items per order?

Yes, if you want to add one free gift to cart in one order, you should apply the maximum quantity discount to 1. To see the screenshot read on.

Can I limit the number of free items per several orders?

Yes, you can limit it making changes on the rule information tab. You should create a coupon and enter 1 in the 'user per customer' field. However, the rule will work with registered customers only and all the guest visitors will be able to get a present for each order. To see how to change it read on.

Can I use a rule “Get Free X when Y is spent”?

Yes, the extension offers 'free product with purchase for a total of X' or 'auto add promo items for every $x spent' action. You need to specify the number of free gifts and set up the 'Buy X'. You can also enable your customer to choose one out of several free gifts. To see how to make it go on reading.

How to use “Auto Add Promo Items for every $X spent” Action

With the action, you can add a free gift to a cart for a specific amount of money spent by a customer making all the additional settings like specifying the discount amount, etc. Go on reading to see a full answer.

How to use “Auto Add Promo Items for the Whole Cart” Action

With the action, you are able to give a free gift with each purchase. Besides, you can configure the number of promo items and specify a discount amount instead of giving the products for free. See a complete answer to learn all the options.

How to use “Auto Add Promo Items with Products” Action

The 'Auto Add Promo Items with Products' action can be used to add a free product a customer will get with a purchase. You can define the number of promo items provided for a discount step, indicate a maximum discount, other settings. Read on to see all the possibilities.

How to use “Auto Add the same product” Action

This is one of the 4 new actions added to your Magento with the module. You can offer the same product to your customers, as he/she's added to the cart at a lower price or for free. Read on to see more details.

Remove free items from shopping cart

Auto Add Promo Items extension allows to offer more than one free item for each rule. However, all applicable free items will be automatically removed from the cart if overall conditions do not apply anymore.

Customers are able to remove free items from the cart manually.

When I add to cart the product that triggers adding a free promotional product, the error occurs.
In case when you add to cart the product that  triggers adding a free promotional item, the following error occures:   SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails...
What should I do if the free gift is not added to cart automatically?

We brought up a few tips which might help you effortlessly handle the situations when a free gift is not added to cart automatically. Please click 'Read FULL answer' link below to learn more about it.

Automatic Related Products
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How do related rules work?

Our extension works with a smart algorithm according to views/sales history. 

Read the full answer to get a complete instruction.

Blog Pro
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Can I add a blog URL to my main top Magento navigation?

Yes, you can make a blog URL visible in the footer using a special option. Continue reading to see where to find it.

Can I add a snippet of latest blog post to the site pages?

Yes, the extension allows for adding a widget with latest blog posts to any page of a store. Read on to see the examples. 

Can I customize the layout of the blog?

Yes, with the use of the extension your blog inside Magento can be highly customized. This means you can choose one of the four layout types, as well as the number of listed posts on the homepage. Read on to see how to make all the settings.

Can I import blog posts from another blog?

Yes, it’s possible to import your previous blog posts if you used to have a blog on WordPress. Read on to see the settings.

Can I preview articles before posting them?

Yes, sure. Only this way you will be able to achieve the formatting you need.

Does this blog extension integrate Magento with another CMS like WordPress?

No, the extension doesn't offer Magento WordPress integration. However, you'll manage to add a blog within Magento, which eliminates any requrement for an additional website installation.

How do I add a link to my Blog to the Footer?

You can add a link to your blog to the footer using the 'Footer Menu Integration' setting. Read on to see how to make it.

How to hide the blog pages from search engine crawlers to avoid duplicate content issue?

Some of your posts may be included in multiple categories and have several tags. That's why different category and tag pages can posses the same content that search engines mark as duplicated. Hide these pages from indexation to avoid this problem.

Is it possible to have multiple authors on my Magento blog?

Yes, an author can be stated in post settings:

Magento Blog Pro by Amasty

Is the Blog Pro extension compatible with Amasty Google Invisible reCapcha?

Yes, there is compatibility between our Blog Pro and Google Invisible reCaptcha.

Follow the link below to see the settings.

Is this Blog Pro mobile-friendly?

Yes, our Blog Pro is absolutely mobile-friendly. The extension offers 4 layout types: desktop layouts for the main blog page and for a post page and the same ones for mobile devices.

What magento widgets can be added to my blog?

There is a number of useful widgets you can display on your blog for different reasons. Continue reading to see the full list.

Will blog posts URLs be added to my XML sitemap automatically?

Yes, as we don't create a separate blog sitemap, but add posts to the website sitemap.

Call For Price
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How can I change the color of 'call for price' button?

Read the full answer to see the settings.

Color Swatches Pro
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Can a particular option be preselected?

Yes, but Magento color swatch auto select works only if the preselected option has a single value. In other cases, you can use our Configurable Preselect extension.

Can all the attributes be visible on loading a page for the first time?

Yes, now you can make all the attributes visible on loading a page for the first time.

Can I create attributes different than color and use them in the same fashion?

Yes, with the extension you can create various attributes. Besides, you can assign images to all attributes, so your customers will be able to choose all the options of a configurable product on a category, product or search results pages. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

Can I use Color Swatches extension with custom options for product?

The Magento 2 Custom Options Swatches takes into account custom options’  when it calculates product's final price. Check the full answer to see the final price calculation model.

Can I use multiple images for one simple product added to the configurable one?

Yes, more than one image can be added for a single product in configurable swatches setup.

Can I use zoom and lightbox from my store theme?

Yes, the Magento Color Swatches extension with zoom and lightbox can be customized, so that you are able to use the features from your store theme. But you need to disable them in the module. Read on to see the settings.

Can the main image be changed when only one attribute out of two is clicked?

Yes, it is possible to change the main image only for one attribute, for example, for “color” but not for “size”.

Color swatches don't work on product page
There are several reasons why swatches are disabled in Color Swatches Pro extension. Let's consider them in details:   1. Conflict with other module. Solution: to check if there is a conflict, please open Troubleshooter. Troubleshooter is a ...
Does Color Swatch extension support multiple product attributes?

Sure. You can use as many attributes as you have in the configurable product.

Does Color Swatches Pro work for bundle products?

No, Color Swatches Pro extension supports only configurable products.

Does your extension support PNG images?

Yes, the module supports PNG images as well JPEGs.

How are out of stock products displayed?

Magento Color Swatch hides out of stock products. What's more, you can indicate what items of particular size or color are out of stock. Read on to see the screenshot.

How do I specify DOM selectors for Color Swatches Pro extension?
Color Swatches Pro extension employs AJAX functionality to update the information in the blocks of a product page without full page reload. It allows customers to receive the relevant information on a particular simple product on the fly. For a proper...
How to apply images from simple products as swatches for a configurable product in bulk?

With the extension, you can display any product attributes as swatches.

How to change configurable products images on mouse hover?
If you use Color Swatches Pro and want the images of configurable products to change on mouse hover, please complete a few simple steps:  1. Find the following file: \skin\frontend\base\default\js\amasty\amconf\configurableList.js   ...
I can’t upload the images
In case you can't upload images when using Color Swatches Pro extension, please, get acquainted with the following potential reasons:   1. There is no write permissions on the "media/amconf" folder. To fix the problem, please, open the ...
My site uses jQuery. Will there be any conflicts?

No, we have fixed all jQuery conflicts, so Color Swatches Pro will work on smoothly on your site.

Product image isn't changed
If you have such issue when running Color Swatches Pro extension, please, make sure if the simple product images are uploaded. Open Catalog/Manage Products/Associated Products and upload the required images as shown below:
The extension doesn't show swatches on category page
As far as you faced such problem while using Color Swatches Pro module, perhaps, there is no 'Add to Cart' button in your Magento theme. As a consequence, there are no swatches on category page.     To solve the problem, open Admin panel...
There is a fatal error while extension running
if you're running several extensions there may be a fatal error because of their conflict. Please, perform the next actions, which may help to you: Open app\code\local\Amasty\Conf\Model\Observer.php   and delete the following: if (!is_null...
Wrong product image is displayed in the shopping cart
If you want to display the image of a simple product added to the shopping cart, please check the following Magento settings: 1. System > Configuration > Checkout > Shopping Cart 2. Configurable Product Image > Product Thumbnail Itself...
Comparison Charts
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Top 5 free extensions for Magento 2 [Part 1]
Magento 2 is a free open-source platform, but it is often said to be expensive because 3rd-party themes and extensions with additional features can be pretty pricey. Today we’ll debunk this myth with 5 free modules you can use to extend your Magento...
Custom Order Number
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Can I add a suffix instead of a prefix?

Yes, sure. The number format of each document type is highly customizable. That will help you to adjust the numbers to your requirements.

Can I change numbers of already existing orders, invoices and shipments?

The extension settings are non-retroactive. This means that only newly created order will be affected by any customizations made with the Custom Order Number extension.

Can I customize order numbers on a store-view level?

Yes, of course. You can configure the settings for order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers per each store view.

Can I reset an order number counter on a regular basis?

Yes, Magento order number can be reset with our Custom Order Number extension. There are 3 time periods available: reset order numbers each day, month or year. Moreover, you can choose not to reset the counter at all. Go on reading to learn how to make it correctly. 

Can I set a random number increment?

Yes, with this Custom Order Number module you will be able to change order number increment so that your competitors won’t be able to detect sales made in your store.

Is it possible to make only the shipment number equal to the order number and leave invoice number unchanged?

Yes, such a setting is easily achievable due to flexible extension settings. Each option – Invoice number, Shipment, Credit memo numbers – can be set to either be the same as order number or different.

Is it possible to use consecutive order numbers for different stores/views?

Yes, you can setup the consecutive order numbers as well as a global prefix and increment across multiple stores. Read on to get a step-by-step instruction.

What happens with multiple invoices on one order?

 If you have multiple invoices per order, a duplicate separator will be used to differentiate the invoices, e.g. "10000000123-1", "10000000123-2", etc. This also applicable to other documents numbers.

What types of Magento order numbers are affected by this extension?

Only numbers seen by customers are changed. Internal Magento data is not affected. Also, the custom order numbers won't affect the efficient RMA request process organized with the Magento RMA extension.

Will I be able to continue an existing numbering system?

Yes, sure. You can just change invoice number format according to your business needs with the help of the following variables: {counter}, {store}, {yyyy}, {yy}, {m}, {mm}, {d}, {dd}, {rand}. You are free to use any combinations of these variables.

Custom Stock Status
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Can I have different stock status for the same SKU depending on a store or website?

Yes, you can set up different Magento product statuses for different stores/websites.

Can I import stock statuses for my products?

Yes, sure. A stock status is a product attribute, so you can import it if needed. You can create stock statuses coming from products quantity, delivery time, like a 'coming soon' product status, etc.

Can I send “back in stock” alerts to customer who have subscribed to out-of-stock products?

Yes, it’s possible with our Custom Stock Status extension. Mind that “Back in stock” alerts can be sent only for simple options of configurable items.

How to configure quantity rules for individual products (groups of products)?
Custom Stock Status extension provides functionality to configure individual quantity rules for various product groups. Please check the full answer to see how it is done.
How to Use "Rules for Quantity Range Status"
If you want to use this feature in Custom Stock Status, please follow these steps: 1. To activate the rule, please go to: System > Configuration > Custom Stock Status 2. On General tab find "Activate rules for Quantity Range Status" and switch...
I installed your Stock Status extension but I don’t see its options on the frontend. What’s wrong?
Our module substitutes a native Magento availability option. If you don't have a stock status in the website design, our module won't show up.
What product types are supported by this Custom Stock Status extension?

Our module supports all product types: simple, configurable, downloadable, bundle, virtual and grouped.

Customer Attributes
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Are customer attributes available using the Magento API?

Yes, attributes created using Customer Attributes extension are available via Magento API. These attributes work in the same way default do (like first name, birth date etc.). All actions that are possible with the default attributes, are also possible with the custom ones.

Can I add created customer attributes to order emails?

Yes, you can add the attributes to all customer related emails using special variables in the custom attributes configuration. Read on to get a step-by-step instruction.

Can I use created customer attributes on sales order grid?

Yes, you can add new Magento custom fields to the sales grid to sort and filter by them.

Can I use Customer Attributes only in one store in a multi-store configuration?

Each customer attribute created by our extension can be seen on one store view and hidden on another.

Can I use different customer attributes in my multiple store views?

Yes, it's possible to set different attributes per different store views. If you have a multi-language store, you can create the attributes in customer native language and remove/add fields to the registration form depending on the store view.

Can registration fields be changed depending on customers’ answers?

Yes, Magento registration fields can be changed, since the module has dependent attributes functionality. This means questions display specific questions depending on the answer to the main question.

Fields are not showing up on the registration page.
Please copy the extension template and layout files into the current theme folder that you're using.
How can new attributes be used with Magento API?

You can use new attributes with API having created two files and added them to different directories. Continue reading to see how to make correctly.

How to add new attributes inside a form?

Having decided to add new attributes inside a form, all you need is to insert a special code into the template. Go on reading to copy the code and make all the settings correctly.

How to get/output customer attribute value via PHP code?

With the usage of the module, you can output the value using a line of code. The patch and the settings are highlighted in a complete answer.

How to output the customer attribute value in the e-mail template?

For getting the variable in the email template you need to create a new template, get the customer attribute value to it through the code and assign the new template.

Is it possible to add or remove fields for the lists?

Yes, it's possible. Please contact us for custom development.

Is it possible to export/import created customer attributes?

Customer Attributes extension provides an option to export submitted values. However, there is no way to import this data.

Why are reviews and a form not displayed on the page?

Check the display settings, go through different variants. If the 'Custom Place' setting is selected, make sure you have made the necessary changes in the page's code. 
See whether reviews are displayed on the page having disabled our extension, maybe your theme doesn't support reviews.

Will new attributes be seen when creating a customer from backend?

Yes, all the new custom attribute fields for a customer will be automatically shown in the same order in your backend. You can add custom attributes to a customer profile and see the result immediately in the backend. Read on to see the screenshot.

Will this Customer Attributes extension work with one page checkouts?

Usually Amasty extensions have no conflicts with other 3-d party modules, but in case there will be any, just contact our support team.

The module is 100% compatible with our One Step Checkout plugin.

Customer Group Catalog
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Can a custom block be shown instead of the price?

Yes, you can create a Magento custom price block using default Magento functionality and put instead of the price.

Can a restricted product/category be accessed via a direct link?

The extension allows for hiding and showing product and category links. You can give direct product links while hiding products from category pages. See the screenshot to make all the settings correctly. 

Can I set up customer group restrictions by category, product and pricing?

Yes, you can set up customer group restrictions and create rules to restrict particular customer groups from seeing certain products, categories or prices/“Add to Cart” button.

Can this extension change the price depending on the customer group a user belongs to?

No, the module does not have such functionality. However, the extension allows for creating a customer group discount, a 'call for price' block instead of showing the price, as well as removing the 'Add to Cart' button. 

How to find missing product attributes when setting conditions?

Sometimes, when configuring product conditions you are unable to find certain product attributes. This guide will show you how to fix the issue and enable the existing yet missing attributes for selection in product conditions.

Is it possible to find restricted products via site search?

The extension helps you to hide products from search. Thus, restricted products are not shown in the search results.

What if a product belongs to two categories and one of them is restricted?

In such a scenario a product won’t be visible in both categories even if one of them is not restricted.

Will the restrict category be hidden on the navigation menu/category filter?

Yes, sure. The extension allows you to hide a category. You can also hide all empty categories. The link to the restricted category will be shown neither on the navigation menu not on category filter.

Customers Also Viewed
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Can I disable display of out-of-stock products in cross-sells, up-sells and related items blocks?

Yes, sure. Each block configuration has an option “Show in Stock Products only”. You need to set it to “Yes”, and out-of-stock items will be excluded.

Can I show items with this extension in an upsell block only if up-sells haven’t been specified manually?

Yes, it’s possible since with the module you can choose whether to replace manually specified products with the items customers also viewed or not. Go on reading to see 3 available modes.

Can I show related products from certain categories only?

Yes, of course, our Customers Also Viewed module will let you exclude products from any categories. Read on to see how to make it.

Can this extension be used on a cart page?

Yes, you can mass assign also viewed products that will be shown on the cart page. However, if you want to show specific offers (product list + banners), you can also try Promo Banners module.

Delivery Date
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Can a customer be not able to select previous time?

Yes, sure. That’s how our Delivery Date extension works: no previous delivery intervals allowed.

Can I assign this shipping date module to a shipping method?

Yes, you can assign this delivery date feature to any shipping method, thus you can allow customers to choose delivery date and time if they select only particular shipping method/methods. Read on to see how to make the configurations.

Can I change delivery date info in Magento admin panel?

Yes, if needed, you can change a delivery date and/or time via the Magento admin panel. To see how to make it correctly, read the full answer. 

Can I change the date format?

Yes, there are three main date formats configuration you can choose from. Follow a complete answer to learn the settings.

Can I create different time slots for different days?

This requires customization. Address our support team for assistance.

Can I exclude certain days from the delivery calendar?

Yes, sure. For example, you may want to exclude some holidays. Navigate to Sales > Exceptions: Dates and Holidays. Here you will be able to add a date which will be removed from the calendar only once or on a yearly/monthly basis. The same can be done for date intervals.

Can I let customers select only delivery date and not time?

Yes, this can be set in System > Configuration > Delivery Time > Enable Delivery Time. This setting is available on a store view level, so you are free to control which delivery date/time options should be available on different store views.

Can I limit delivery time for same day orders?

Yes, it's possible. In case you wan to limit delivery time for same day orders, you need to enable the 'Disable Same Day Delivery After' option and set a time period you need. 

Can I make Delivery Date available only to certain customer groups?

Yes, it’s possible. Please go to System > Configuration > Delivery Date > Delivery Date/Delivery Time/Comments Field > Show For Selected Customer Groups Only > “Yes” and then choose the groups you want to apply the changes to.

Can I see delivery date and time info on Magento order grid?

Yes, this data can be added to the grid. You can also sort orders by delivery date or time. Read on to see the settings.

Does this Delivery date work with One Step Checkouts?

This module is fully compatible with our One Step Checkout. Moreover, we are happy to confirm that our Delivery date is also compatible with other known One Page Checkouts.

In case of any issue, we will be happy to fix it for you. 

How can I get delivery data by API?

Use one of the examples described in a complete answer to get such shipment info as a delivery data by API.

How to show Delivery Date in pdf invoice?

A Delivery Date can be shown in pdf invoice via settings made in the 'Include Into' section. Go on reading to learn how to make it correctly.

Detect Missing Pages
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The duplicated category does not appear on the product edit page
If you duplicated category and it does not appear on the product edit page, you should reindex all indices. To do that go to: System > Index Managemet
The extension works but does not handle 404 error
If Detect Missing Pages extension works but does not handle 404 error for some store, check if your store 404 page has unique URL key. Then resave configuration and clear the cache. If everything set up correct, the extension will handle 404 errors ...
Duplicate Categories
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Are new products created while duplicating a category?

No, duplicate products are not created. This means that a copy of the original category will have already existing products assigned to it.

Can I change the name and description of the duplicated category only?

Yes, of course, you can change any settings of the category you’ve copied. Moreover, you can use a “Find and Replace” option on the “Duplicate Category” page. With this functionality, you can automatically modify category name, description, etc. Follow the link to see the settings. 

Can I copy all product relations while duplicating a category?

Yes, you can copy all product relations by choosing parent category for the duplicate on the Duplicate Category page. Read on to see the settings.

Does this extension have the ability to copy categories from one store view to another?

Yes, sure, the extension offers a possibility to copy categories from one store view to another. Go on reading to see how to make it correctly.

Does this extension mirror everything put in the original category even after the duplicate category is created?

While copying products from one category to another our module provides a one-time duplication option, so no new products are automatically added to the duplicate category once the original one gets updated.

Which particular category settings are duplicated with this extension?

If you copy categories with our extension, the following things are duplicated:

  • General information, including Description, Page Title, etc.
  • Display Settings
  • Custom Design (if applicable)
  • Products
Efficient Order Export
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Can I export order lines as well?

Yes, of course. There will be a new line for each SKU in the order.

Can I export orders containing products with different tax rates?

Magento stores tax rules in the order items table, so you'll be able to export it with other order information.

Can I include info from 3-rd party extensions to my export file?

Yes, you can export orders with any additional information from database. Read on to see the details.

Can this module do automatic scheduled exports?

Yes, that’s possible. Just set up your preferable settings and configure a cron job. For example, you can run an export process after each new order is placed.

The export files can be saved on your local server or on any other server via FTP or SFTP.

Does this extension support exporting product's custom options?

The module exports all custom options/attributes assigned only to configurable products orders.

What file formats are supported by this Order Export extension?

You can export orders either in CSV or in XML formats.

What if I want different types of order export run simultaneously?

The module allows for running different types of order export simultaneously, for example, you can make special profile to export emails from orders.

Elastic Search
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After installation of Elastic Search extension the search in my site gives no results.
It is required to make sure that all the necessary configurations were made. First of all,  please check what search engine is selected for your site in default Magento settings. Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Catalog...
What is the difference between Elastic Search and Advanced Search extensions for Magento 2?

If compared we can say that Advanced Search extension is a part of Elastic Search that deals mainly with modifying the autocomplete popup by adding various product attributes to it and making it more user friendly. It also modified the search result page by adding separate tabs for products, categories, CMS and other entities. Read the full answer to learn more details.

Elastic Search for Magento 2
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How do synonyms work in Elastic Search for Magento 2?
Magento 2 search synonyms allow you to connect different words so they will give the same results. For example, connecting the words “laptop, notebook, netbook” will allow users to see all the laptop-type products despite the word they have chosen for...
How does the match mode work? Which one should I use?
There are two match modes available: AND and OR. When the AND mode is used, search results will contain products that match the whole query only (e.g.: Red shirt - only Red shirt will be found). When the OR mode is used, search results will contain...
How to check if the Elasticsearch engine is available?
To check if Elasticsearch is running, please execute the following command in the terminal: curl localhost:9200 Note: replace the localhost:9200 with Elasticsearch domain and port accordingly. After that, you should receive an output containing information...
Is it ok to use numerous search engines/extensions?
It is not recommended to use several search engines/extensions, the stable performance is not guaranteed due to possible conflicts between search engines/extensions. Please, disable all 3rd-party search extensions to avoid any possible issues.
I’ve upgraded to Magento 2.3.3 and there are no products on the second page of the catalog. What should I do?
Please make sure that the official catalog pagination issue patch provided by Magento is installed.
Should I install the Elasticsearch engine on a separate server?
It is not necessary to run the Elasticsearch engine on a separate server. Nevertheless, if the server that runs Magento lacks resources, it will be a good idea to install the Elasticsearch engine on a separate server to boost overall performance.
Test connection failed. What should I do?
First, please make sure that the credentials for the Elasticsearch engine are filled in correctly: If that didn’t help, please make sure that the Elasticsearch engine is properly installed and configured on the server. See also: After installation...
The products are gone after changing the search engine. What should I do?
After installing the Elastic Search, reindex is required. To perform the reindex, please use the following command: php bin/magento indexer:reindex After the reindexing is finished, please clear the page cache for changes to become visible on the ...
What specs of the server are required for the Elasticsearch engine?
In general, there are no recommended specs for the server, since overall performance depends on many factors, such as the number of products you have, 3rd-party extensions implemented, etc. The good way to check if your server can handle the extension...
What versions of the Elasticsearch engine are supported?
The extension supports Elasticsearch engine starting from version 6.? up to the 7.9.3 version and Magento 2.3+ → Nov. 15, 2020, Amasty stops supporting Magento v. 2.2. Follow the link to see details.
Why can’t I see any settings for Amasty Elastic Search?
To configure the extension, please make sure that the Amasty Elastic Search engine is selected in the: Stores > Configuration > Amasty Extensions > Elastic Search > Connection > Search Engine > Amasty Elasticsearch After the engine...
Why is the position of the products different in the popup and on the search results page?
Normally the position of the products in the popup and on the search page should be the same. If you have encountered such an issue, it may have arisen due to the peculiarities of the environment and further troubleshooting is required. Please contact...
What version of the Elasticsearch engine does this extension support?

Our Elastic Search extension is compatible with Elasticsearch engine 6.x versions and supports v.7.9.3. Read more for details

Extended Order Grid
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Can I change the order of the added columns on my Order Grid?

Yes, sure, there is such a possibility. You can add columns to order grid or change the columns order in System > Amasty Extended Order Grid.

Can I filter orders by attributes in the columns added by this extension?

Yes, sure. For example, you can filter orders by customer email, company, city, product brand, coupon code, in fact, by any attribute you’ve added to the Product Grid.

How to find column ID for Extended Order Grid column sorting?
To find column ID you can use ‘inspect element’ browser tool on column name:   You will see something like this: <a href="#" name="I_am_order_id" title="asc" class="not-sort"><span class="sort-title">Order #</span...
Is it possible to add custom product attributes to Magento Order Grid with this extension?

Yes, you can easily add custom product attributes to the order grid. Follow the step-by-step instructions to see how it works. 

Is it possible to state the width of each column?

Yes, this option is available to help you make your Magento order grid handy. To see how to make it see a screenshot of settings.

Extended Product Grid with Editor
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Can different sets of columns be used by other admins?

Yes, each of your admins can make product grid customization in keeping with his/her needs. Thus, different admins can run a handy grid template. Read on to see the details.

Can I add product attributes to the show on the Product Grid?

Yes, you can add any product attributes like Stock Availability, Product thumbnail image, color, brand, etc.

Can I edit custom product attributes on the grid?

Yes, our Extended Product Grid extension allows adding custom product attributes and edit them right from the Magento admin grid.

Can I set the order of columns?

Yes, you can choose in which order the columns should be displayed, a drag-and-drop option is available to adjust the layout.

Can the product quantity sold be displayed on the grid?

Yes, right on the Magento custom product grid you can see items quantity that's been sold in a fixed time period. All it takes is to specify the time period you want to check. Follow the link to see the screenshot.

How can I edit anything on the grid?

You can edit any product information right on the Magento product grid. You can change product status, visibility, attributes, etc. Read on to see the complete instructions.

How to add special price to Extended Product Grid?

You need to enable special price in the product grid settings. You can add any product attributes as columns to your product grid right from the Grid Attribute Columns list. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

I need to filter products by category. Is that possible with your extension?

Yes, the Magento grid filter allows for filtering products by category when browsing products on the grid. To see the screenshot read on.

Is it possible to download/export the grid view?

With the Extended Product Grid Extension, you can export all advanced product grid data to CSV or XML file.

Facebook Reviews
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Facebook reviews plugin is not displayed.
In case the reviews plugin is not displayed, please do the following: Make sure you have placed design files to the correct theme folder; If the previous step doesn't help, please open your template:          /template...
Favorite Products
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Buttons like "Save Folder", "Update" don't match my custom theme.
Please adjust the Favorite Products extension templates in the app/design/frontend/[YOUR PACKAGE]/[YOURTHEME]/template/amlist/ folder, most likely you need to add one more <span> to the buttons.
How to create a CSV file to import lists of products via the `Amasty: Favorite Products` extension?

A customer can save shopping cart by importing a .csv file with favorite products.

Products get added to the folder twice.
There is might be a conflict with the AJAX cart software. Please open app/design/frontend/[YOUR PACKAGE]/[YOURTHEME]/template/amlist/rewrite/catalog_product_view_addto.phtml file and replace: productAddToCartForm.submit(); with  f.submit();
Follow Up Email
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Are there any Customer segmentation possibilities?

Yes, we are happy to confirm that this Follow Up Email module has a customer segmentation option built-in. Address our blog post and go on readint to see more details.

Are there any ready email templates?

Yes, our Follow Up Email extension includes the email templates for your convenience, so you can start using them at once.

Can email templates be customized?

Yes, sure. You can either customize the existing mail templates or create new ones according to your needs. Continue reading to learn how to make it. 

Can I change sender details on an email campaign level?

Yes, it is possible. For this, you need to make changes in the default email details. Go on reading to see the settings.

Can I track my follow up email campaigns via Google Analytics?

Yes, with the use of an appropriate tab 'Google Ananlytics', you can track follow up email campaigns. Continue reading to see the settings.

Do these follow up emails work for guest users?

Yes, they do. Note that only order-related alerts can be sent to guest users. Wishlist and Birthday follow up emails won’t be sent since they require information from a customer’s account.

How is birthday info captured?

The module triggers email greetings by birthday data available in customers’ accounts.

Full Page Cache
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"Crawler source is not defined" error while generating queue.

The cause of the issue is "Collect Page Visit Statistics" option which is set to "No". Read the full answer to get a complete instruction on how to solve the current issue.

Almost half of the pages are "Cache Miss"! What should be done to solve it?

A large number of pages may receive "Cache miss" status because 'curl' is used as the User Agent.

Read the full answer to see the settings.

Can all store pages be cached at once?

Yes, this can be achieved with a cache crawler which is included in FPC. You will also need your XML sitemap which contains links to all pages of your site (you will be provided with all the detailed instructions on how to use Amasty cache crawler for that).

Can certain blocks be excluded from Full Page Cache?

Yes, the Full Page Cache extension offers to apply the hole punch to blocks. See the complete answer to learn the full list. 

Can I disable FPC on a particular store-view?

Yes, it’s possible. You will just need to indicate the store ID in the Observer file.

Can I disable FPC on login/register sections and checkout?

Yes, sure you can keep all the checkout pages uncached for correct operation of the process. Use special settings listed in the full answer to conduct caching of the needed areas.

Can I modify when Full Page Cache should expire?

Yes, Full Page Cache settings provide an ability to change cache lifetime (in hours).

Can I refresh FPC for only some pages of my site?

Yes, you can do that by creating a special file and listing in it the pages where you need to flush FPC (you will be provided with all the detailed instructions on how to do that).

Can I refresh Full Page Cache when needed?

FPC can be refreshed at any time via admin panel or with the help of a script.

Does Amasty FPC extension support Redis?

Yes, the Full Page Cache extension supports Redis. To see the full list of supported Magento caches continue reading.

Does FPC work properly on HTTPs sites?

Yes, Amasty Cachespeed extension fully supports HTTPs.

How does FPC work for multi-language websites?

Each store will have separate cache warmer. This ensures that all the information shown to your visitors is correct. What is more, you can create as many combinations for Amasty cache crawler (included into FPC) as possible to ‘warm up’ them.

How much will Amasty FPC speed up my site?

It depends on your current TTFB and server. According to the tests we conducted, our FPC extension can save seconds of loading time which may be critical for your visitors and ROI as a result. Read on to see the tests results.

How to change cache storage location?

For the Full Page Cache module, there are four available cache storages that will influence the overall cache performance. These are Redis, Database, Server, Memcache and each one of them has its pros and cons. Read the full answer to get more details on them.

I have a mobile site. How your Full Page Cache module will work on it?

The extension supports responsive mobile interface. All you need for this is to enable mobile design in the general settings section. Go on reading to follow detailed instructions.

I have many customer groups. How FPC will handle that?

You can set best Magento Full Page Cache plugin's cache options for each customer group to make sure all blocks, prices, etc. are displayed correctly.

Is there a way to change the order in which the links are being crawled?

The order of links in the file is the order of their crawling. Read the full answer to get more information.

The core_cache table is constantly increasing. What can be done to resolve this issue?

Unfortunately, the current behavior is common for websites with a high quantity of pages and visits. Please read the long answer to learn a few workarounds for the problem. 

What server configuration is supported by FPC?

Amasty Full Page Cache module supports any server configuration, no additional software is required.

How to create a customer account without consent to Privacy Policy?

All new customers must accept Privacy Policy terms since this field is required.

Read the full answer to get the detailed explanation.

Is Amasty GDPR extension compatible with PayPal?

Yes, our GDPR extension is fully compatible with PayPal payment method. 

Follow the link below to get more information. 

What the Accept Cookies popup is for and what data is being collected?

Cookies Policy acceptance is just a notification to the customer that the cookies are collected.

Read the full answer to get more information.

What to do if the Cookie Consent plugin disappeared from the admin panel after the GDPR extension update?

The Cookie Consent plugin is a suggested module, and if you update the GDPR extension via the composer, you need to install it separately. See the command in the full answer

Generate & Import Coupons
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Can I create coupon codes for a specific customer group only?

Yes, you can assign a coupon code for a specific customer group by making changes on the coupon settings page in the customer groups tab. Go on reading to see more instructions.

Can I restrict uses per coupon code?

Yes, you can choose how many times a discount coupon code can be used.

Can I restrict uses per customer?

Yes, it’s possible to set a number of coupon codes uses per a customer.

Is it possible to generate a coupon just for a specific product or brand?

Yes, you can create coupons for a specific product/ brand. You may use various conditions in the Conditions section of the Cart Price rules to apply the rule to a needed brand or product. Read on to see a screenshot.

Is it possible to give discounts via URL?

Yes, our Generate and Import Coupons module can do that for you. It will enable you to create links like, by which you can send a coupon code to a customer.

Is there a maximum of coupons you can import?

The number of Magento unique coupon codes that can be imported with our module is not limited by the extension settings. However, there may be certain restrictions caused by your web server: a maximum file size, maximum server timeout, PHP script timeout, etc.

Message about sending double header in Chrome
If you use Generate and Import Coupons extension in Chrome , you can get a message about sending double headers. This is typical Magento bug fixed in the CE 1.7 version (see release notes).  So you can either use FireFox or upgrade to CE 1.7to ...
Not enough memory or server 500 error while generating coupons in Magento
You can get such errors while using Generate & Import Coupons extension. This is a known bug in old magento versions, it has been fixed in the latest one. There errors occur as basically Magento tries to load all coupons in the memory. You ...
GeoIP Redirect
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Can customers switch to any other available language and currency manually?

Yes, clients will be able to switch between available languages and currencies if you choose to redirect them automatically only during their first visit. Go on reading to see the settings.

Can I disable an option to switch languages and locations manually?

Yes, that’s possible. If you need to disable the language switcher option to pass between store views for some reasons, you need to navigate to System > Configuration > Restriction and set 'First visit redirect' only to 'No'.

Can I disable GeoIP redirection for a certain store view only?

GeoIP redirect settings can be configured or switched off on a store view level. So you can disable this option for a certain store view or store views if needed.

Can I exclude certain IP addresses, so that they would not be redirected?

Yes, sure. This may be extremely helpful if you as an admin user need to see your store without any location-based redirects. Read on to set the GeoIP exceptions correctly.

Can I redirect visitors between store views but not websites?

Yes, there is such an option. Redirecting visitors between store views only is extremely handy if you have websites selling different types of products and don’t want to mix them up. Please disable “Redirect between Websites” option.

Does this GeoIP switcher work with CloudFlare?

Yes, the module is compatible with CloudFlare. Please contact your system administrator if there are any problems with the IP detection.

How can I configure Country to Store View Redirect?

To configure a country to store view redirect you need to make relevant changes in GeoIP Redirect General settings. Read on to follow a step-by-step guide.

How can I test redirects for different countries?

You can run a VPN service or any other anonymizer to change your authentic IP and test redirects for different countries. 

I can’t import GeoIP data.
The import process can take some time but if it lasts more than 20 minutes, there might be some errors. Please try this solution to fix the problem. Also, you can take a look at this article "Little-known Amasty extensions features: GeoIP Data import...
Is it possible to block and redirect IPs from certain nations with this extension?

Our GeoIP Redirect module doesn't allow for creating blacklist IPs. However, you can create a special page with the content you need and redirect customers from specified countries to this page or to another website.

There is no currency in dropdown in Country to Currency Switch. What’s wrong?
For the correct work of our GeoIP extension currency settings should be configured in System > Configuration > Currency Setup:   Additional currency settings can be found in System > Manage Currency > Rates.
Visitors are not redirected. What can be wrong?
In order to ensure that the module settings have been set up correctly, please follow the steps described below. 1) Check if GeoIP Data is imported in System > Configuration > GeoIP Data. Here is what you will see if the import was successful: &...
Visitors are redirected only during first visit/ visitors are not able to switch store view.
You have two patterns of users’ redirection: 1) redirect customers only on their first visit. In this case they will be able to switch between available store views and currencies manually; 2) always use the redirection rules, so your clients...
What geoip databases are used?

This module uses Maxmind Database - GeoIP2.

GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2
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How can I make Varnish Cache compatible with redirects?

GeoIP redirect module can be fully compatible with Varnish Cache in a few tweak. All you need is to update the server configuration file.

How can I test redirects for different countries in M2?

You can use a VPN service or an anonymizer to change your authentic IP address to a required one (geolocation) and see whether everything works smoothly. Read on to see all the possibilities.

How to fix the execution time limit of PHP scripts when importing the database?

Sometimes, it is unable to complete the database import due to execution time limit of PHP scripts. You can avoid this error by increasing the maximum execution time for your PHP scripts.

Google Invisible reCaptcha
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Does your reCaptcha extension have "I'm not a robot" functionality?

"I`m not a robot" option is not available in our extension, since it is an absolutely different type of Google captcha.

Read the full answer to get a more information. 

How to generate a Site Key and a Secret Key?

Site and Secret Keys will be generated after selecting the Invisible reCAPTCHA option in the form of registration for a new site.

Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

How to get a site key and a secret key for Invisible ReCaptcha?

To configure the Google Invisible ReCaptcha extension you will need a site key and a secret key. Follow this short guide to get them correctly.

1. Open this page and fill in the name of your website;

2. Select the Invisible ReCaptcha option from the list of the available variants;

3. Specify the domain of your website;

4. Tick the Terms of Service checkbox;

5. Hit the Register button.

Now, you can copy the keys from this page to your Google Invivisble ReCaptcha configuration section.

How to understand that the extension works correctly?

The badge of the reCaptcha will appear after clicking the "Submit" or "Send" buttons only.

Read the full answer to get a complete instruction for.

I'm getting "incorrect CAPTCHA" error message trying to submit the account registration form.

The error message isn't connected with the work of our module captcha. Read the full answer to get more information.

Is Amasty Google Invisible reCapcha compatible with the Quick Ajax Login extension?

No, Google Invisible reCapcha doesn't work with our Quick Ajax Login extension. Read the full answer to get more information.

The form is submitted and the badge of CAPTCHA appears, but you are not redirected to the successful page.

It may be caused by a third party CAPTCHA. Read the full answer to get more information.

Does Amasty Google Invisible reCaptcha work on a checkout page?

Unfortunately, since version 2.1.1 our extension does not support checkout pages. Proceed to the full answer to get more information.

Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2
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I have installed the third-party tools on the server to optimize images and I still get “Image Optimization Tool is not installed” message.

If a tool has been installed on the server and the extension still shows the message “Image Optimization Tool is not installed”, the correct path to the tool should be specified in the extension file. See all the details in a complete answer.  

Google Rich Snippets
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Can I add rich snippets to category pages?

Yes, you can add rich snippets breadcrumbs markup to your category page. Additionally, you can display average rating of the products found in a particular category as well as the cheapest product price.

Can I add rich snippets to my home page?

Yes, of course. The Organization and Search Box markup can be added to a store’s homepage.

Does it work with Yotpo reviews?

If you run other Yotpo plan than Lite, the extension works with it. Read on to see the details.

Does this module add rich snippets to all products at once?

Yes, once you enable rich snippets for products, the markup will be added to all items automatically, so there is no need to waste your time by adding markup to products one by one.

How can I check that the Rich data was added to the product page after I enabled the extension settings?

Rich Data is added to the source code of your website pages. Continue with the complete answer to learn how to check it.

How does this Rich Snippets module work with configurable products?

The Rich Snippets module uses information of configurable products to display rich snippets in two ways. To see how to use the options correctly address the complete instruction.

How long should I wait for rich snippets to appear in Google?

There is no universal answer to this question as it depends on many factors, for example, how often your site is crawled by Google.

Once you’ve enabled rich snippets for your store, check them in Google Data Highlighter. If everything is ok, you will need to wait for Google to re-crawl your site and understand the markup found there.

Is this Rich snippets extension compatible with a multi-store configuration?

Yes, sure. The module works fine in a multi-store environment.

I’ve enabled the Search Box markup but it still won’t show up in Google. Why?
Unlike other types of markup, search box markup will work only if Google already displays it for your site. This markup ensures that all the searches performed in this search box in Google SERPs will be redirected to search results found on your site...
What product types are supported by this Rich Snippets extension?

Our module supports all types of Magento products, except for bundle ones.

Will this module add rich snippets to already existing products?

Yes, the changes you make with this extension are applied retrospectively, so all products will get rich snippets, no matter when the former were created.

Hide Price
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Can I completely remove the Add to cart button for all user groups for specific products?

Yes, it’s possible since our extension gives you an opportunity to configure the hide price settings on a product level. Read on to see the settings.

Can I disable adding products to compare and wishlist?

Yes, you can hide the 'add to wishlist' and 'add to compare' buttons. Read on to make the settings on the first try.

Can I hide price of products found in a particular category in bulk?

Yes, our Hide Price extension provides an ability to configure its settings on a category level. Go on reading to see a complete guide.

Can I set any custom text instead of “Add to cart”?

Yes, you can change the 'add to cart' button for a custom text.This setting is configured on a store view level.

Can the extension be applied globally for all products?

Yes, you can enable a Hide Price extension as well as configure its settings on a global level in System > Configuration > Hide Price.

How can I change the color of 'hide price' button?

Read the full answer to see the settings.

Which product types are supported by this Hide Price module?

Our Hide Price extension supports all types of Magento products: simple, configurable, bundle. 

Improved Layered Navigation
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AJAX does not work
If you are using jQuery javascript library, please make sure that the jquery-1.7.1.min.js file (or other version) has the following line at the end: jQuery.noConflict(); According to the statistics, you may find helpfull the following question about...
AJAX does not work with "blanko" theme
To solve the issue concerning Improved Layered Navigation extension, please follow the steps: 1) Open file app/design/frontend/default/blanco/template/page/html/head.phtmland remove lines<script type="text/javascript">    &...
Attribute doesn't work in seo mode
It can be caused by Fishpig_AttributeSplash extension. To solve it go to  /app/code/community/Fishpig/AttributeSplash/etc/config.xml  Find  <layer_filter_item>Fishpig_AttributeSplash_Model_Layer_Filter_Item</layer_filter_item...
Can brand pages be added to an XML sitemap?

Yes, provided you are using our XML Google Sitemap extension.

Can I add a filter which displays "On Sale" products?

Yes, it’s possible. Please make sure that the attribute "Special Price" has the option "Use In Layered Navigation" > Filterable (with results).

If you need to create dedicated landing pages for your sale or other products types, you can try our Landing Pages extension.

Can I add this Layered Navigation to a CMS page?

Yes, sure. You can configure it via your Magento admin panel. Please find the detailed instructions on that in the User Guide.

Can I exclude an Out of Stock filter from the Layered Navigation?

Yes, you can show or hide all filters according to your needs. For stock filters please use main module settings at System > Configuration > Improved Navigation > General to adjust the position of the filter:

Magento Improved Layered Navigation - Amasty

Does this extension support decimal ranges for prices?

Yes, decimal ranges for prices are supported by our Improved Magento Layered Navigation. You can use price sliders for numeric attributes as well. If you'd like to configure Magento Layered Navigation price range step, please follow the full answer.

Does this extension work with Layered Navigation results?

Yes, Ajax Scroll extension works with Layered Navigation results.

Does this Improved Layered Navigation support multi-currency in the price filter?

Yes, there is a multi-currency support.

Does your Improved Navigation work on the homepage?

Yes, since the homepage is a CMS page, our Improved Layered Navigation can be used on it. The detailed instructions on how to add layered navigation to the main page can be found in the User Guide.

Fatal error when Fixed Product Taxes enabled
Unfortunately this issue cannot be fixed out of the box, so please apply the following patch in order to fix it on your magento store. 1. Copy file app/code/core/Mage/Weee/Model/Observer.php to app/code/local/Mage/Weee/Model/Observer.php2. Open new ...
How can I make a custom attribute into a slider filter in Improved Layered Navigation?

This instruction is applicable to both Magento 1 and 2 extensions.

How do I move layered navigation to the right sidebar?

For this use 'Left' placeholder in the admin panel and move the block to the right. Go on reading to see all the settings.

How to add brand logo and description at the category page?

To add a brand logo or description you need to show manufacturer filter above product listing as well as set up certain filter value. Read the full answer to see the settings.

How to change product image for configurable products when attribute selected

If you are using Improved Layered Navigation and want an image of a configurable product to change according to the selected attribute, please add required attribute codes separated by commas to "Configurable Attribute Codes" field. See the screenshot in the full answer.

How to create brand pages and all brands list?

For this end, you need to set up product's attributes and filters, upload the brand's logo and its description. You can also create all brands list via CMS - pages. Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

How to hide empty filters in Magento layered navigation

For this set 'Filterable (with results)' in the 'Use in Layered Navigation' section. Read on to see the example.

How to hide some specific attributes from top level categories

Navigation displays different attributes related to a particular category. To show or hide certain filters in categories, you should make changes in "Filters section" of Improved Layered Navigation settings. Follow the link below to see the screenshot.

How to remove currency sign for price attribute from product view page?

To format currency without a sign (e.g.: $), you need to make the settings manually, as there isn't an out-of-the-box solution. Follow a complete guide to make it correctly.

How to remove hash from URL
Not relevant for Improved navigation 2.5.8+ versions. We highly recommend updating the plugin to the latest version.  To solve this issue concerning the Improved Layered Navigation extension, please do the following steps. Find and open the following...
How to remove qty from categories?

To hide product Qty from categories, make appropriate settings in the 'Display Product Count' field. Read on to see a full path.

How to show colors and brand icons at the product page

You need to make appropriate settings manually to display colors and brand icons at a product page. Follow a complete guide to cope with the task.

How to show only options with products, not all options?

If you have such a necessity with Improved Layered Navigation, please open the attribute in the Admin > Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes and change Filterable(no results) for Filterable (with results). See more details on Improved Layered Navigation page.

How to sort the filters at the frontend?

All Magento AJAX filters can be sorted at the frontend. For this, you need to open attribute's settings and fill in the desired position for it. Read the full answer to get a complete instruction for Magento AJAX product filters.

How to use AND logic for options inside one multiselect attribute

AND logic can be controlled for each attribute. All it takes is to set up the required options in the 'Special Cases' section. Read the full answer to see the screenshot.

I enabled SEO-friendly URL generation for the attribute, but the URLs are still shown as get-parameter. What could I have missed?

Make sure that the generation of SEO-friendly URL keys is enabled in general settings of the extension and in the settings of each attribute.

I have Better Store Search installed and paging does not work.
Please open the file app/code/community/TBT/Bss/etc/config.xmland remove the lines:<catalog><rewrite><product_list_toolbar>TBT_Bss_Block_Catalog_Product_List_Toolbar</product_list_toolbar></rewrite></catalog>
I have TinyBrick Fast catalog extension installed and navigation does not work
I have TinyBrick Fast catalog extension installed and Improved Layered Navigation does not work, please open this file app/code/community/TinyBrick/FastCatalog/Block/Layer/View.php and replace this Mage_Block_Catalog_Layer_View with this Amasty_Shopby_Block_Catalog_Layer_View...
I see 2 "Shop by" panels at a time.
If you see 2 shop by panels when using Improved Layered Navigation extension, it means one is default and othe other is added by the module.  In most themes the module removes the default panel automatically, but now it fails to do that because ...
Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2
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Does your extension take into account simple product attributes if this product is assigned to a bundle or group product?

With the default Magento functionality as well as our extension the attributes of simple products associated with grouped or bundled will be displayed as options in layered navigation. Read the full answer to get more details.

Is Improved Layered Navigation compatible with Wyomind Elasticsearch?

Unfortunately, Wyomind Elasticsearch is incompatible with our Improved Layered Navigation extension. However, there are a few solutions we can suggest in order for you to fully enjoy the functionality of our plugin.

My category title and description is not updated with the data of an applied filter. Am I missing something?

Please, check below in order to get detailed answer to your question.

Improved Sorting
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Can I display some products on top of the list in spite of actual bestsellers data?

Yes, the 'sort products by popularity' feature will help you make sales more efficient, as you can bring to the top any product you need despite its actual data. Go on reading to see more details.

Can I set a particular sorting option to be a default one?

Yes, the extension allows you to set any sorting option as default, you may sort products by newest or best sellers by default. To see the configuration follow the link below.

Can I set a particular sorting option to be default for a specific category only?

Yes, with the category order feature you can change the default sort order per category. Thus, any category you need can be assigned a category sort by best seller, new, most viewed, etc. Read on to get complete instructions.

Does the module work for the Enterprise edition?

Yes, the Improved Sorting module works with the Enterprise edition.

How does a best sellers sorting option handle configurable products?

A best seller for a configurable item is a sum of sales of all the simple products associated with it.

How to change sorting options display name?
To change sorting options display name as well as any other extension texts when using the Improved Sorting please open the file app\locale\en_US\Amasty_Sorting.csv Add, for example line, "New", "New In" and refresh the cache. To change the default...
I have an error when I sort by bestsellers or most rated products.
It means there is a conflict with another 3-d party extension you might be using, please contact us and send temporary FTP and admin access details to us so we could fix the issue. 
I have Better Store Search installed and sorting does not work.
Please open file app/code/community/TBT/Bss/etc/config.xmland remove the lines:<catalog><rewrite>          <product_list_toolbar>TBT_Bss_Block_Catalog_Product_List_Toolbar</product_list_toolbar...
I have Seo Suite extension installed and sorting does not work.
Please do the following: 1) Open app/code/local/MageWorx/SeoSuite/Block/Catalog/Product/List/Toolbar.php2) Replace extends Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_List_Toolbarwithextends Amasty_Sorting_Block_Catalog_Product_List_Toolbar
I’d like to sort products by Position but can’t find this sorting option.
A Position sorting option is available in default Magento functionality and in the backend it is called ‘Best Value’. Position can be set on the product grid on the category management page.
What product types are supported by Improved Sorting?

Improved Sorting module supports all types of products. Read on to learn all the nuances.

What to do if sorting does not work?
In case if sorting doesn't work there might be a conflict with other extensions. We have worked out a special tool for the case. Go to System>Configuration>Amasty Extensions>Extensions&Notifications>Troubleshooter, then find the Improved...
Why are there no stars in the rating?

You might have forgotten to set up ratings in Magento. If you want to create your own custom rating, which is to be displayed in catalog lists on a product page, go to Admin Panel>Catalog>Reviews and Ratings > Manage Ratings. 
Then click the 'Add New Rating' button and configure the default rating values in keeping with your needs.

Why doesn’t sorting by Bestsellers correspond to my actual data in sales reports?
Please check the extension settings highlighted on the screenshot below:   If you've enabled the option Use Index, you need to run re-index after changing the settings. As for the reports, most likely your reports include data from completed...
Landing Pages
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Can I add some text to my landing page for better SEO?

Yes, you can change landing pages. There are two fields – Top Description and Bottom Description – where you can insert text that will be displayed on your landing page.

Can I create different landing pages for different store views?

The extension supports multi-website structure, so you can create different customized landing pages for separate store views. All you need is to make changes in the general settings. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I display products from multiple categories on my landing page?

Yes, the module allows for displaying products from more than one category on a landing page. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I slash signs in the URLs of landing pages?
If you mean using slash signs to add categories and/or subcategories to the URLs, like /promo/on-sale/products.html, then it's not possible with our extension.  
Can I use a range for a price attribute?

Yes, sure. For this, you need to make relevant changes in the advanced filter. Continue reading to see the screenshot.

Can only particular SKUs be displayed on a landing page?

Yes, with the use of the advanced filter you can set up the condition so that only one SKU of a single product will be displayed on a landing page. Read on to see the screenshot.

Does this module work correctly with the “Enable Flat Categories and Products” option?

Our Landing Pages module works well with the Flat Categories and Products option. But in case there are still any issues our support managers will fix them for free.

How can this Landing Pages module detect new products to display them?

There are 2 possible algorithms:

1) use magento default attributes "new from" and "new to"


2) set the new period in the module setting and use product creation date.

How to change a sort order on a landing page?

If you need to change sort order, please paste this code into the “Layout Update XML” field on the Design tab:

<reference name="amlanding_product_list_toolbar">

<action method="setDefaultDirection"><string>desc</string></action>


How to set noindex, nofollow tags on the landing pages?

Please paste the following code to the Layout Update XML field on Design tab:

<reference name="head"><action method="setRobots"><meta>NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW</meta></action></reference>

Is it possible to import Landing Pages?

Yes, with the module you can import/export landing pages in .csv format. Continue reading to see the screenshot. 

Is this module compatible with custom navigation extensions?

Our Landing Pages module is fully compatible with default Magento navigation and our Improved Layered Navigation.

There are no products matching the selection message on the landing page
If you get a “There are no products matching the selection” message on the landing page, please check the settings of the root category. For the correct work of the Landing Pages extension “Is Anchor” option of Root category should...
What should I do if only filtration by category in conditions works?
To fix it please navigate to Admin Panel > Catalog > Attribute > Manage Attributes > select the needed attribute there and set the “Used in Product Listing” option  to “Yes”. Please note that re-indexation is ...
Mass Order Actions
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Can I change the order status without invoicing or shipping order?

Yes, you can change an order status if needed. Just choose the “Change status” mass action and the status itself on the order grid. These changes do not trigger invoicing or shipping of the order.

Does this module send notifications to clients when bulk order status changes are made?

Yes, now you can send notifications on any mass status change/new comments added to an order. For this, you will need to configure Mass order Actions. To see how to make it on the first try read a complete answer. 

Does this module work with Magento default custom order statuses?

Yes, your existing order statuses can be used and will not be mixed.

If you need to expand functionality, you can use our Order Status extension. It’s fully compatible with Mass Order Actions. The module will let you create statuses for different states and have e-mail templates for the statuses.

How to create a CSV file import tracking numbers via the `Amasty: Mass Order Actions` extension?
1) CSV is a text format for presenting tabular data. Each file line is a row of a table. Column values are separated from one another by a delimiter (comma in this case). If the value contains a delimiter or a space, then you need to enclose this value...
Which new order action will I get?

Here is a list of new mass actions added to Magento order grid by this extension:Invoice; Invoice > Capture;Invoice > Ship; Invoice > Capture > Ship; Capture > Ship; Capture; Ship; Change Status; Add Comment. To see how to enable/disable the actions read on. 

Mass Product Actions
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Can I add a product to more than one category at a time?

Yes, you can add a product to several categories. For this, you need to disable showing categories as tree. Read on to see the screenshot. 

Can I assign, remove or replace a website for a number of products in bulk?

Yes, using the 'update attributes' action you can remove or replace a website for a number of products in bulk. To see a step-by-step guide follow the link below. 

Can I change prices per website?

Yes, you can change prices per website. Make sure the price has a desired scope in admin > system > configuration > catalog > price tab.

Can I clear all related products from items in bulk?

Yes, there is such an option. You can remove all related products, delete cross-sells or up-sells.

How can I update meta title/descriptions in bulk using this extension?

Any attribute including meta title/description can be changed in bulk with the use of the Mass Product Actions extension. You can make it using the update attributes action. Read on to see the screenshot.  

How to change attribute set in Magento?

If you need to change an attribute set, it's possible with Mass Product Actions extension. For this, you need to make changes right on the Manage Products grid. Read on to get compete instructions. 

Is there a Multi Way option for relating products in bulk?

Yes, you can add cross- and up-sells as well as related products using a multi way algorithm. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

We have an extensive number of products in our store. Will the extension handle this?

Yes, it will as our Mass Product Actions module works with a database directly. You can edit multiple products, just one product, lots of text, etc.

Will updating attributes of a configurable product delete simple products associated with it?

No, Mass Product Actions extension won't delete associated simple products in this case. “Update Attributes” is a native Magento mass action and we don't change its behavior.

Meta Tags Templates
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Are meta tags updated automatically when some product attributes are changed?

It’s important to keep your meta data up-to-date, and our extension will help you with that. If some product attribute included within a variable is changed, meta data is re-generated automatically to display the correct information.

Can I create meta data for CMS pages?

Yes, you can create meta tags(title, description, keywords) for CMS pages using a “Meta Tags by URL” option. Read on to follow a step-by-step guide. 

Can I generate meta data templates for many products at once?

Yes, you can do that to save lots of time. The extension allows you to auto-generate meta-information. To see the instructions read the full answer.

Can I have different meta tags for different store views?

Yes, we are happy to confirm this is possible with this module.

Can I leave the existing meta data unchanged?

Yes, sure, if you want to leave meta data unchanged, you need to set the 'Replace Filled Metadata' on the Product Page to 'No'. Continue reading to make the settings correctly.

I see the module configuration in admin panel, but there are no tags at the frontend.
This issue concerning Meta Tags Templates extension is easy-to-solve. If you have Yoast Meta Robots extension installed, please replace file app/code/community/Yoast/MetaRobots/Block/Catalog/Product/View.php with this one:
What if some products don’t have the variables specified in the templates?

It’s ok, since there is an “optional variables” feature. If only some of your items have a {color} variable, you can use square brackets [] for such optional variables. They will be processed only if products use attributes contained within a specified variable.

What variables for creating meta tags are supported?

For getting higher ranking in search engines our Meta Tags Templates extension supports many variables. Read on to see a complete list of supported and additional variables. 

Will meta tags be generated for the products which already exist in my store?

Yes, our meta information templates will work for all products you have in your Magento, both added before and new ones.

Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2
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Does it work with multistore setup?

Yes, the extension works with the multistore setup. So you can provide certain customer groups with different privileges like free shipping for a customer group. 

Does Multi Warehouse Inventory extension support Magento SOAP API and REST API?

Yes, our extension allows updating & retrieving stock data using Magento SOAP API v1, v2 and Magento REST API.

Follow the link below to see the settings.

How many orders will be placed in case the purchase has two products from different warehouses?

According to extension logic two orders should be placed.

Follow the link below to get more information.

I see no link for Warehouses under Advanced Inventory in product edit page. What may be wrong?

If a simple product does not have weight, Magento converts it into a virtual product and such products cannot be assigned to Warehouse. Follow the link below to see the settings.

Is it possible to bind a warehouse to a certain way of shipping? For example: one warehouse uses UPS and the other FeDex.

No, it's not possible to bind a warehouse to the certain way of shipping, but there is a workaround we can offer. Read the full answer to learn the details.

Is there a way to display a product quantity per each warehouse on a product page?

The Warehouse extension does not have such settings, but the required result can be achieved with the help of Customizable Options for a product. Read the full answer to see the settings.

Is there a way to import stock data in the Multi Warehouse Inventory with a cron job?

Unfortunately, no. There is no possibility to import stock data automatically. Read the full answer to get more information. 

How are the same products with different stock displayed in two separate Warehouses assigned to different Store Views? What status will they have for each Warehouse?

The products will have the corresponding status, depending on their settings per Store View. If a product has qty 0 in one Warehouse the stock will be changed to out-of-stock automatically on the front-end of the assigned store view. To get more information, please read the full answer.

Multiple Coupons
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Can I allow customers to use several coupons from the same promo rule?

Yes, our extension has a special option for that. Follow the link to see the settings.

Can I limit the number of coupons a customer can use per order?

Yes, sure. For your convenience, there is a special setting to complete this. You just need to go to System > Configuration > Multiple coupons and set the limit in the “Maximum number of coupons for order” field.

Can I restrict certain coupons to be used with other discount codes?

Yes, with our Multiple coupons extension you can specify a list of discount codes which can be used individually only. Read on to set it up correctly.

Can multiple coupon codes be entered via admin while creating an order?

Yes, sure. All you need is to add the codes to the coupon field. Go on reading to see how to make the settings.

Can several coupons be used by guest customers?

Yes, multiple coupons can be applied by both registered and guest customers.

Does the module work with already existing coupons?

Yes, of course. Our Multiple Coupons module works with all the coupons you have already crated. So there is no need to re-create them after installing the extension.

Does the module work with One Step Checkout extension?

Yes, you can include promo codes in a checkout form, add disocunt coupons to Magento one page checkout, etc. Read on to see an example.

How does the sequence of the added coupons get determined?

If different discount coupon codes are added, e.g.: a percentage based coupon and then a coupon with an absolute amount the final price is calculated according to native Magento rules.

What to do if discount block disappeared?
If you faced this issue when running Multiple Coupons, please copy the module template app\design\frontend\default\default\template\amcoupon\checkout\cart\coupon.phtml to your custom theme and refresh the cache.
One Step Checkout
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Can PayPal be set up as one of the payment methods?

Sure, you can use PayPal with the module as well as Braintree, SagePay, etc. Our extension supports all popular payment methods.

Custom fields disappear if a customer has the address specified in his account. How to make these fields reappear?

Our Checkout's custom fields (which can be managed at System > Amasty One Step Checkout ) are being processed and saved as customer's address. These fields' content can be edited as a part of existing address adjustment and new address adding. Order Attributes extension can add address-independant custom Checkout fields if needed.

Does this extension support custom CSS to change the appearance?

Yes, the extension supports custom CSS. You can also choose Magento checkout page layout.

How to enable GeoIP?
To enable Geo IP it is necessary to download IP database files and import them into your database. Put them into the following folder (create folder if it does not exist): app/code/local/Amasty/Scheckout/sql/geoip/ and click "Process" at System >...
Is this One Step Checkout responsive?

With the extension, you won't have Magento checkout slow on mobile devices, as it's surely responsive. We understand that this is very important since many purchases happen via mobile devices. 

Watch the video to find more information on responsive layout:

Is your One Step Checkout compatible with your other modules?

Yes, it’s fully compatible with our other extensions which can be used in combination to achieve great results, like Abandoned Cart Email or Order Attributes.

The orders that my customers place have 'Processed' status by default. I want 'Invoiced'. Where can I alter it?

New order status depends on Payment method settings which are located at: System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods. Please check the list of available payment methods and set a correct status for new orders. Our Checkout extension doesn't alter this behavior.

Address Auto Suggest troubleshooting
Most common difficulities (and most effective solutions for these) related to Address Auto Suggest are described here. Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

One Step Checkout For Magento 2
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How can I make VAT field visible on checkout page?

The thing is that VAT field needs to be enabled on Magento first. Having done it, please proceed to a full guide how to make VAT field visible on the checkout page.

How to increase Magento 2 average order value by offering an extra service fee?
There are 2 options on how you can offer extra services using the One Step Checkout extension. Let’s consider them closely. Gift wrap service One of the most common additional services is gift packages. To enable the fee for gift wrapping, go to Stores...
What is Google Address Auto Suggest?
Address Auto Suggest allows to fill in shipping/billing address fields using only a part of address as a base. Read the full answer to get an explanation on how it works and why it is handy.
How to enable Google Address Auto Suggest at One Step Checkout by Amasty - Amasty FAQ
This guideline covers whole sequence of needed actions, where possible. Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

Address Auto Suggest troubleshooting
Most common difficulities (and most effective solutions for these) related to Address Auto Suggest are described here. Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

Order Attributes
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Are dependent attributes supported by the module?

Yes, Order Attributes extension supports dependent drop-downs. Conditions based on shipping method can be used as well.

Can a created attribute be displayed on the Order Grid?

Yes, it can be displayed. To get all order attributes to be displayed on the grid you need to make changes in the 'Attribute Configuration' section. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I use created attributes in order-related emails and documents?

Yes, it’s possible to add custom checkout fields to the order-related emails and PDF documents (shipment emails, invoices, and packing slips).

Can I use different order attributes in my multiple store views?

Yes, it's possible to set different add sales order attribute per different store views.

Can I use Order Attributes only in one store in a multi-store configuration?

Each order attribute created by our extension can be seen on one store view and hidden on another.

Does this extension add attributes to existing checkout steps or to custom ones?

The Order Attributes extension adds new checkout fields to existing steps only,e.g.: business information, a delivery date, marketing questions, checkout comment, etc.

Does this Order Attributes module work with SOAP API v.2?

Unfortunately, only SOAP API v.1 is supported.

How to get/output order attribute value via PHP code in Magento 1?

For this, you need to use an appropriate code line. Go on reading to copy the code.

Is it possible to display the Order Attributes on the grid of the archived orders?

We regret to inform you that the Order Attributes aren't displayed on the grid of the archived orders by default. However, there is a workaround.

Is there a possibility to generate invoices by clicking on a created order attribute?

The requested functionality is not available in the extension out of the box. Read the full answer to get more information.

Is this plugin compatible with one step checkout extensions?

Usually Amasty modules have no conflicts with other 3-d party modules, but in case there will be any, just contact our support team.

The module is 100% compatible with our One Step Checkout plugin.

Order Status
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Are customers notified when the status of their order is changed?

Yes, you can enable/disable automatic 'order status change' notifications or send the notifications manually for definite orders. Besides, a unique email template can be applied to each store view. Follow a step-by-step guide to make everything on the first try.

Are there ready email templates for custom order statuses?

Yes, you can send an email notification on a status change and choose a separate email template for each store view. Continue reading to see the screenshot.

Can custom emails include attachments?

This option is available only with customization.

Can I delete an order status created with this extension?

Yes, when creating a new status you see numerous option: order status 'pending payment', 'new', 'on hold', etc. To delete an unnecessary status you need to assign it a complete or closed state and delete it in the edit order status settings.

Status does not apply correctly. Empty cells are on the grid.
This happens because Magento limits status length by default. To fix the problem concerning Order Status extension, please execute the following 3 queries to your database: ALTER TABLE `sales_flat_order` CHANGE `status` `status` VARCHAR( 196 ) CHARACTER...
The button "Edit Default Order Statuses" does not appear.
The "Edit Default Statuses" button does not appear since Magento 1.5 version when Magento introduced it's own system for editing default statuses (System -> Order Status).The "Edit Default Statuses" button shows up only on Magento 1.4. In more recent...
What is the difference between Magento order status and order state?
Receive all the order data from one place even from multiple extensions from different vendors. How to get it? Try out our Magento 2 Order Export extension.The notions “order state” and “order status” are usually mixed up since their names and functions...
Out of Stock Notification
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Are out of stock notifications available for guest users?

Yes, this feature is available out of the box. There is no need to configure anything - the extension will display e-mail box for guest users instead of the subscribe link.

Are there any ready-to-use email templates for out-of-stock notifications?

The Out of Stock Notification extension offers a set of ready-made templates like 'out of stock email' or 'stock notification email', which can be customized if needed. If you want develop your own notifications read on.

Can alerts subscription be disabled for certain products?

Yes, with this extension you can enable the stock alerts block for all products by default and disable the display for particular items. If you need the out of stock disable, you should make some changes in the general product imformation. Follow the link below to see all the details.

Can you only enable/disable stock alerts on a store-view level?

No, it’s possible only on a website level due to native Magento Stock Alerts configuration.

Does this extension work with Color Swathes modules?

Our Out of Stock Notifications plugin is compatible with the overwhelming majority of 3d party extensions. But in case any issues occur - our support team will instantly help you to solve them.

The module is 100% compatible with our Color Swatches Pro extension.

Does this extension work with multiple options in one product?

Yes, sure. Users can subscribe to a combination of options like color and size.

I can't send notifications
If you can't send notifications while using Out of Stock Notification module, please see the guidance below.   NOTE: Notifications won’t be sent as soon as products back to stock, it will be sent according to the schedule.   ...
Payment Restrictions
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Can I restrict a certain payment method if a customer uses a coupon code?

Yes, the extension is highly flexible. You can hide a payment method or not apply restrictions to specific discount rules or coupons. Read on to see step-by-step instructions.

Can I restrict payment methods by country?

Yes, with the module you are able to restrict countries in which specific payment methods are available. It’s very convenient in case you need to restrict payment options for some legal or business reasons.

Can I restrict payment methods by customer attributes?

Yes, the extension helps to filter payment methods based on customer attributes. Such attributes as customer group, date of user registration, etc. can be used. To see how to set up payment conditions correctly continue reading. 

Can I set payment restrictions on a product level?

Yes, sure. The extension allows for setting a payment method per product restriction. You can limit payment method coming from product or order information. Read on to see the screenshot. 

Can I use payment restrictions per customer groups?

Yes, you can restrict a payment method by customer group or other customer information. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

Can payment restrictions be applied on particular days or times only?

Yes, the Payment Restrictions extension allows for basing restrictions on particular days and times. For this, you need to make changes in the rule configuration section. Read on to see the screenshot. 

Does this extension support multi-store configuration?

Yes, sure, the module supports multiple websites and multiple store views.

What happens when you have two different products with two different payment methods?

In this case payment restrictions are summed up and applied to the whole cart. Read on to see an example.

Pre Order
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Can I assign pre order status to a category in bulk?

Yes, in case you have customized your Magento options with additional extensions for sorting products by category, you will need to use the 'Update Attributes' mass action and make changes in the back order field to assign the status to a category. Read on to see the example.

Can I restrict customers from adding both regular and pre-order items to a single order?

Unfortunately, you can’t create such restrictions with this Pre Order extension.

Can I see pre orders on the Magento Order Grid?

Yes, you can see the back order report in a separate column in the 'Orders' section. Go on reading to see the screenshot. 

How does the extension work with configurable, grouped and bundle products?

It is a simple product status which is taken into account. This means that the stock status of a configurable product, for example, will depend on the status of the simple product which is currently selected.

Is it possible to automatically email a customer once their product becomes available?

At the moment the extension doesn't send back order email notifications when pre-ordered products come back to stock.

Is it possible to split an order if one item is in stock and the other should be pre-ordered?

No, you can't split an order as the possibility is currently not supported by our Pre Order extension.

The module settings are specified, but the products for pre order are not displayed in the cart or not available for purchase.
The product’s Availability is Out of Stock. Solution: Turn off the option that automatically enables the Out of Stock status for products that reach a particular quantity limit.  One of possible solutions is to reconfigure preorder settings...
Product Attachments
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Can I add product attachments to category or CMS pages?

Downloadable files can be added to product pages only since it’s the main purpose of this extension, e.g. attach a pptx, jpg, mp3, pdf file to a product page. If you need to add attachments to other types of pages, you can contact us for customization services.

Can I display product attachments in an existing block or tab on a page?

Yes, you can display attached files in an existing block or tab on a page. For this, you need to make relevant changes in the general settings of product attachments. Follow the link to see a screenshot.

Can I make a product attachment open in a new window?

The Autodetect File option allows for opening attached files right in a browser window instead of downloading them. Besides, each attachment will be automatically opened in a new tab.

Can I make product attachments visible to only a particular customer group?

Yes, you can easily choose which customer group can view particular files attached to the products in your store or whether to show the attachments to buyers who have already purchased the product. Read on to follow a step-by-step guide.

How to add product attachments into a separate tab?
This can be achieved by choosing the corresponding option in the Product Attachments general settings:  
Is it possible to import product attachments?

Yes, with the extension's option you can import file attachments. This can be either from the admin panel or via FTP.

Product Feed
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A Google product feed is generated blank. What can I do?
If you can't submit your feed because its empty, first, please, use this guide to ensure that it is set correctly. If the problem remains, please, try removing the string with the <g:rate> attribute from the feed template as below: Alt: Remove...
Are any feed templates provided with Product Feed?

Yes, the Magento Feed extension offers you ready-to-use feed templates for most popular shopping engines, so there is no need to create feeds from the scratch.

Can I change the name of the feed attributes?

Yes, since Product Feed uses the values of attributes but not names. If you need to set up a different name for any attribute, you can do that via Custom Fields.

Can I change the price or include a special tax using Product Feed for Magento 1?
If you need to change a Google shopping product feed price or enable a special tax, you should rename the custom field. Navigate to Catalog > Product Feeds >Custom Fields choose the needed Custom Field and switch to Transform tab: Then...
Can I create multiple feeds?

The number of data feeds that can be generated with our extension is not limited.

Can I include a special price in the feed?

Yes, with Product Feed extension you can export "Final price" that includes special pricing for products (based on catalog pricing rules).

Can I use product images which differ from those found on my store?

For additional images you can use custom attributes, where you can store URLs to those extra images and then use the attributes in the feed.

Can Product Feeds extension auto-generate and auto-upload the feeds?

Yes, the module can auto-generate feeds and upload them via FTP or SFTP.

Can simple products within configurable ones be exported individually?

Yes, the export of children products takes place when simple products are exported.Read on to see the examples.

Can this extension handle export of thousands of products with many columns?

Using the feed manager you can easily do the export in batches so that the server does not get overloaded. With such amount of products, it may take up to 10-15 minutes for the feed to get generated.

Does this module generate feeds for Bing?

Yes, Product Feed by Amasty will create a Magento Bing Shopping feed for you.

Does this module generate feeds for Facebook?

Yes, Product Feed fulfills Facebook feed requirements, as Facebook accepts Google feed template format.

How to make product feed output HTTPS links to image URLs?
To include an HTTPS link to an image URL in a product feed, please open app/code/local/Amasty/Feed/Model/Profile.php. Then find the #344 line and comment out: $value = str_replace('https:', 'http:', $mediaConfig→getMediaUrl($value)).After you save...
Is it possible to generate feed for only particular products and categories?

Yes, you can make it through changing filter configuration settings in the feed conditions. To see the screenshot go on reading.

We get 'XML formatting error' upon uploading our feed file to Google Merchant Center. How can we solve it?

In most cases, this error appears when special characters inside tags are present in your feed file. Please use HTML escape option for such tags to solve it. Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

What if there is no ready template for my needs?

Our templates are created for all major shopping sites. However, it is possible to create your own files if needed. We are always here to help, and you can contact us for assistance.

What should I do if the final price for bundle products is wrong?

If you got the error with the final_price attribute, please check the settings of the product itself and product feed. Read the full answer for more details.

Product Feed For Magento 2
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How to create a product feed after the mod installation on M2?
The easiest way to create Google feed is to use a built-in Feed wizard. Please go to Catalog> Feeds Profiles and click the “Setup Google Feed” button. You'll need to complete 7 steps. Please follow them one by one. The 1st step does...
How to create a product feed for Facebook Ads?
The thing is that both Google Merchant Center and Facebook Ads have the same template requirements for a data (product/catalog) feed. Please, feel free to use Google Template or duplicate the existing Google Feed, if you already have one. The difference...
How to solve the problems you can come across while configuring the product feed for M2?
Below we’ll cover the most common glitches a customer may come across while setting up the extension on their Magento 2. #1. The auto-generation of a product feed won't launch. What can I do? Two causes may affect the scheduled generation. The...
What does the M2 Product Feed extension make?
The extension allows you to sell products on different shopping engines (Google Merchant Center, Facebook Ads,, Amazon, Bing) exporting product attributes in xml., csv. and .txt files. The extension can’t work without setting it up correctly...
What should I check if the feeds are not being generated on a daily basis?

There are two factors that may affect scheduled feed generation. Please proceed to the full answer to find the most common reasons that may prevent your feed from being generated at a specified time.

Warnings and other difficulities after updating the extension to v2.3.0 or above

Updating Feed from v2.2.8 or older to v2.3.0 or newer requires few additional steps to complete this process successfully. Please check full answer for more details.

Product Labels
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Can I adjust labels position to display them correctly on my site?

Yes, you can move each magento product label to a fixed position + / - custom offsets.

Can I display multiple labels based on product attribute values?

Any number of labels can be applied to a product simultaneously: 'on sale', 'save 30%', '100% recyclable'. It's possible to show a label 'new' together with other labels for one image, e.g. to the right side of the product pic. If you want to show labels in different areas, you need to modify the template.

Custom calculated value
Sometimes you need to show not just attribute, but sum of attributes (like total length or new price)You can customize Product Labels extension to meet your needs, It's quite easy.Please open file app\code\local\Amasty\Label\Model\Label.php, find lines...
How to find CSS selector in Chrome browser
If you use Product Labels and have difficulties with finding CSS selector, please make the following easy steps:   1)  Hover the cursor over the image and right click mouse. 2)  Select Inspect. 3)  See the highlighted image code...
How to modify templates
If you have no idea how to modify templates of Product Labels Magento extension, please follow the instructions below.   1) Open file app/design/frontend/Your_Theme_Package/Your_Theme/template/catalog/product/list.phtml     ------- ...
What product types are supported by this Product Labels module?

A product image label can be applied to any type of products, our extension supports all of them.

Product Parts Finder
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Can a single SKU have multiple options combinations?

Yes, a single SKU can have multiple options combinations when one SKU fits for several vehicles. 

Can I add a Finder to a page layout instead of a CMS block?

Yes, you can add a product filter widget to any page via the amfinder.xml file. Read on to see the screenshot with the step-by-step instruction.

Can I assign multiple models to a single SKU?

Yes, you can upload the same SKU for different sets of brands / model numbers. It's often used for car part finder when a detail suits different models. 

Can I change the number of available options once a Finder is created?

No, it’s not possible since the number of options is set at the beginning of finder creation, it cannot be changed after that.

Can I filter results by category once the search is complete?

Yes, sure. After a search from the homepage, you can refine search filters by category, price, etc. See the complete answer to learn all the pitfalls.

Can I have more than 3 drop-down portions?

Yes, with the filters of the year-make-model kind you can have more than 3 options, e.g. year/make/model/engine. As a matter of fact, the number of options is not limited.

Can this Product Parts Finder be used with multiple languages?

Yes, you can translate all labels in the CSV file (including car names if needed).

Can this Product Parts Finder show Disabled or Not Visible Individually products?

Our Parts Finder filters products in categories by SKUs. If some product is not visible in the category used by the Finder, it won’t be shown in the results.

How can I add Parts Finder block on homepage?

In order to add and employ the Product Parts Finder block on the homepage, it is required to add the finder block code:

block class="Amasty\Finder\Block\Form" block_id="finder_form" location="cms" id="2"

in the Content text field of the CMS page "Homepage". After that flush your Magento cache and check how it works for you.

How to add finder to the home page?

To let your customer use Magento product filter on the home page, you need to create a new product finder, which is to be used for the need. Go on reading to see a bit-by-bit guide.

I have set up everything but after clicking “Find” I still see all products/no products.
Please check the following things: A page you see after clicking “Find” is a category page and it has products assigned to it. Our Product Finder is a filter, so it will work only if there are items in the category you are using for filtering...
I see all or no products when filtering from the home page
If you have such issue when running Product Parts Finder extension, please create a static block called "Parts Finder" with the content {{block type="amfinder/form" id="1"}}   Then open the store root category, switch to the display options tab...
Is it possible to search products within a particular category?

Yes, you can place the product search on the category page and it will find items by the given category only.

Is there a way to bulk import year/make/model data?

When running a Magento car store you can bulk import year/make/model data. The extension is optimized for transferring larger volumes of information in a faster way. Read on to see the instructions.   

Is there any possibility to skip a step while filtering products?

Yes, it's possible to skip steps. For example, one can choose only model and skip other options. Mind that the first option is required and cannot be skipped.

My products already have years and models assigned. Can the module use this data?

This data can’t be used directly as the Parts Finder needs only products SKUs. However, the attributes may be useful if you decide to create a file to import it into the Finder.

Promo Banners
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Can I add banners to any custom positions?

Yes, sure. You can use the block in any of the positions: above a cart, sidebar, product/category page, etc. To see the code follow a complete answer.

Can I control banners display by store view?

Yes, with the Promo Banners extension you can choose in which store views to display the banners and select customer groups to whom you want to show them. To see all the settings continue reading. 

Can I create different banners for each category of my store?

Yes, you can create different banners for different categories pages. Go on reading to see the settings.

Can I display banners on certain product pages only?

Yes, there are two options for you to specify product pages where your product banner should be shown: by SKU or by product attribute. Read the complete answer to follow the bit-by-bit instructions. 

Can I display promo banners on my homepage?

Yes, sure. You can enable a homepage banner or a category banner by changing settings at the 'Banner Position and Type' tab. Go on reading to see the screenshot of settings.

Can I show a promo banner like “Spend $X more to get free shipping”?

Yes, sure, all you need is to set appropriate Cart Conditions on the Banner Page. Go on reading to see how to make it correctly. 

Is it possible to tag banners with utm tags for Google Analytics?

Yes, you can tag banners for Google Analytics in Promotions section. Read on to see more details. 

Promo Banners extension is working but not showing the selected products
If Promo Banners extension is working but not showing the selected products, please make sure you've set the root category option "is anchor" to "yes". Go to Catalog > Manage Categories > Root > Display Setting:  
What is the difference between Magento Enterprise default banners and this extension?

Magento EE shows banners for already applied rules, while this module allows you to create the rule to advertise special offers. For example, the cart is $86 and you have free shipping + gift on orders over $100. So you can show this banner to the customer to stimulate him to add $14 product, and then, when he adds the product, you can *hide* this banner and show a new one, say for "each 2-d free for orders over $150".

Quick View
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Can I customize the Quick View button?

Yes, the Quick View button, as well as the Magento preview window, can be customized in keeping with your needs. See the instructions below.

Is it possible to remove specific blocks from the Quick View popup?

It is indeed possible to make changes to the popup contents by performing the code changes. Please, make backups of the files you modify to be able to restore the originals and proceed with the following guide:

What actions are available on a quick view page?

Magento AJAX quick view includes all usual actions like choosing an item configuration, adding it to wishlist/compare, read and write reviews, etc.

Can an RMA request be created from Magento admin panel?

Yes, your managers can create RMA requests like return/exchange opportunities for customers if needed. This can be done on the RMA tab found on the order view page.

Can customers attach photos when they submit an RMA request?

Yes, there is such a possibility. This way you can give a client an opportunity to prove that your product is faulty if they claim so.

Can the returns be made payable?

Payable product return can be achieved with some customizations. Please, contact us if you need this option.

Does the RMA for Magento 2 extension have the capability to create FEDEX/UPS shipping labels?

You can find the link to the Shipping Label in any RMA Request. The module generates internal shipping labels regardless the shipping method chosen by a customer.

How can I disable the customer's rating/feedback section in the RMA module?
There is no setting in the extension configuration to disable it in the admin panel. However, you can disable the feedback option enabling some code modifications. Comment out the code part responsible for the feature in the following file: /app/code...
Is it possible to manage the rma statuses, edit them and add new ones?

Yes, sure, since it is the main purpose of this RMA extension.

In Sales > RMA > Statuses you are free to edit the existing statuses and create new ones. You can assign an email template to each status and add labels per store view.

Is it possible to set a different email template for each status change?

Yes, templates for each RMA status change can be created and customized through RMA email settings in System > Transactional Emails. There are also ready-to-use templates for you.

Sales Reps and Dealers
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Can a customer select the dealer during the registration?

Yes, using this Magento wholesale module you can make it with the small code modification in Sales Reps and Dealers extension. Please contact us, and we can add the feature for the installation service fee.

Can customers choose dealers themselves?

Yes, this can be done during registration or in the customer account. Go on reading to learn how to enable the function in your store.

Can I assign a dealer to the selected products?

No, this feature is not available in Sales Reps and Dealers extension.

Can new orders from customers be automatically assigned to either a sales rep or a dealer?

Yes, sure. If a customer X is associated with the dealer Y all his new orders will be assigned to this dealer.

Can this extension calculate commissions paid to dealers?

Currently, dealer comission is not available. 

I have an error while trying to create an order from the backend.
Several Magento versions have a bug with admin orders, it does not depend on whether the Sales Reps and Dealers module is installed or not. We can research and fix the bug for the installation service fee.
I see no dealer info at the order page
To solve the problem, please add line <?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('amperm/adminhtml_info')->setOrderId($_order->getId())->toHtml() ?>   in the file app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/sales/order...
What is the difference between a Sales Rep and a Dealer?

Actually there is no difference between sales reps and dealers. Read on to see the functionality.

Search Pro
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Can I see what users search for in my store?

Yes, there is a search terms report where you can find all the data on searches users perform in your store.

Can this extension perform search by both attribute name and value?

Yes, this is how our Search pro module works. For example, if an attribute name is "color of display" and its value is "red", the extension will search for both "display" and "red".

Does Search Pro uses data of SOLR, Sphinx or other search solutions?

No, our module uses requests to the database and doesn’t utilize data of other 3rd party search engines including search SOLR.

How does this module treat synonyms of a search term?

Search synonyms are not considered by default. However, you can add synonyms for search terms in the admin panel. Read on to see the screenshot.

Is Search Pro extension compatible with custom themes?

Usually, the site search extension is compatible with the majority of custom themes right out of the box and doesn't require any additional tweaking. But in case there are any issues, our support specialists will eliminate them for free.

Is there a maximum number of products?

No, the number of products in a store is not limited, which allows for better search in Magento. Our extension works properly for shops with small, medium or large inventory.

I’m searching for “hot” but no results are displayed. What’s wrong?
This is a common problem caused by MySQL configuration, and it’s connected with a minimum length of a search query. Please check "ft_min_word_len" setting; it controls the minimum number of characters in the MySQL query. If you lower the limit...
Will this extension work for product backend search in the catalog?

No, this module is suited to improve Magento search on the frontend only. 

Shipping per Product
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Can customers pay a fixed amount for shipping regardless of how many items they have per order?

Yes, you can set a fixed shipping cost making changes in the Shipping Methods section. Continue reading to see how to make it.

Can I have more than one flat-rate shipping option per item?

Only single flat-rate shipping is available for each item.

Can I restrict certain items from shipping with this module?

If you need to limit shipping options and destination, please use Shipping Restrictions instead.

Can I set different shipping rates per product for different countries?

This is possible with Shipping Table Rates extension only. A Shipping Type feature will let you create rates for individual products. You can easily create unique rates for different countries/states.

Can I specify a default shipping rate?

Yes, sure. You can set up a default shipping rate for products which don’t have individual rates. Read on to see how to make the settings.

Can this module specify shipping cost per simple child product?

Yes, this Shipping per Product extension supports such functionality out-of-the-box.

Is it possible to give a flat rate of $N for up to N items and then free shipping on anything over these N items?

Yes, with our Shipping per product extension you will be able to give a flat rate of $N for the number of products you need and set $0 shipping for all other products in your store.

Is it possible to set this shipping rate through a csv product import?

Yes, it’s possible since Magento shipping rate is a product attribute. You can set the shipping rate through a csv product import.

What happens if a customer adds to cart two products with different shipping methods?

There are two possible options for this scenario: either the rates will be summed up or the highest rate will be chosen. Read on to see how to control it.

Shipping Restrictions
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Amasty Shipping Restriction conflict with Shippingoverride2
To elimibate the conflict please: open the file  /app/code/community/Webshopapps/Shippingoverride2/Model/Shipping/Shipping.php add the following code:  /* Fix for Amasty Shipping Restrictions module */      ...
Can I hide a particular shipping method or carrier for some products?

Yes, any shipping method can be limited to the products you want through the attribute values. Go on reading to get how to make it.

Can I restrict a certain shipping method based on products added to cart?

Yes, the Shipping Restrictions extension allows restriction of a particular shipping method when a certain product is added to cart.

Can I restrict international shipping by categories?

Yes, you can restrict international delivery by product categories using Shipping Restrictions extension.

Can I restrict shipping based on a zip code?

Yes. With the extension, you can restrict shipping methods basing on states, cities, zip codes, regions, and countries.

Can I restrict shipping by customer attributes?

Yes, you can use customer attributes to create shipping rules. Any customer attributes like gender, date of user registration, name, etc. can be used for setting unique shipping conditions for a customer. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I set restrictions on a product level?

Yes, you can limit shipping by product, customer attributes, cart subtotal, etc. The limitations can be set on a product level, customer groups, individual buyers, etc. Go on reading to see the example.

Can I show different language in Error Message on different language store view?

Yes, you just need to add the translation in the module CSV file: \app\locale\en_US\Amasty_Base.csv

Can I use restrictions per customer groups?

Yes, with Shipping Restrictions, you can restrict specific shipping methods for any customer group. All you need is to apply a method for a particular customer group. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

Can Shipping Restrictions extension split orders?

No, Shipping Restrictions module does not split orders. However, if a customer adds Product A and Product B to the shopping cart, while

Product A - Can only be shipped by shipping method 1;
Product B - Can only be shipped by shipping method 2,

the customer will see an error message and won’t be able to move to the next step.

Can this module be used to restrict shipping on certain days and times?

Yes, with the Shipping Restrictions extension, you can restrict shipping methods on particular days and even time periods.

Does this extension support multi-store configuration?

Yes, sure, the module supports multiple websites and multiple store views.

Is it possible to restrict shipping so show/hide shipping methods based on product category?

With the extension, you can limit shipping methods, such as free shipping, ground mail, etc. by categories, attributes, total quantity, country, etc. To show/hide methods basing on product category you should make changes in the conditions tab. Read on to see the screenshot.

Is it possible to set address validation?

Yes, with the use of the extension you can restrict shipping locations. You can set address validation and thus restrict particular addresses from shipping. To see the screenshot go on reading.

Is Shipping Restrictions module compatible with external shipping methods?

Usually, all our extensions, including this module that helps to restrict shipping methods, work perfectly with 3rd party modules. But even if there are any issues, our support specialists will fix them ASAP.

Shipping Rules
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Can I add a discount for certain postcodes?

Yes, the Shipping Rules extension allows for using a wide range of showings for rules creation, as well as different algorithms for discounts. By making changes in the address conditions of the rules configuration you can set the desired shipping postcodes. Read on to see the screenshot. 

Can I change the name of a shipping method with Shipping Rules?

No, there is no such an option.

Can I create shipping rules to restrict shipping?

Shipping Rules  extension only replaces, gives discounts or surcharges standard rates according to the rules you set. If you need to restrict a particular shipping methods please use the Shipping Restrictions module by Amasty.

Can I have different shipping rules for different store views?

Yes, shipping rules can be set based on different customer groups as well as store views. To apply the rules for particular stores you need to make changes in the rule configuration section. To see the screenshot follow the link.

Can I modify shipping rates only for certain products?

Yes, with the Shipping Rules extension you can choose for what products to modify the shipping rates. You can make it through creating appropriate conditions in the rule configuration section. Follow the link to see a screenshot.

Can I prevent shipping to PO Box addresses?

If you need such a feature, you should use our Shipping Restrictions instead of Shipping Rules.

Can I restrict a shipping method per item with Shipping Rules?

No, you would better consider our Shipping Restrictions module to achieve this.

Can I set different flat fees for different product types?

Yes, you can do this with our Shipping Rules extension. You can set a Magento shopping cart rule depending on a product type. 

Can I set free shipping for certain postcodes?

Yes, sure. A Magento free shipping rule can be set by making changes in the address conditions of the rule configuration. Go on reading to see the example.    

Can I set particular shipping rules for certain customer groups only?

Yes, sure. You can set shopping cart price rules based on a customer group. To apply a rule for a particular customer group you should make changes in the rule configuration. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can multiple shipping rules be applied to the shopping cart simultaneously?

No, a product can have only one active shipping rule at a time. If no conditions are specified on the Product tab, only one shipping rule will be applied to the whole shopping cart.

Can Shipping Rules module create new shipping methods?

No, the extension works only with existing shipping methods, therefore, you won't be able to create shipping methods

Can this module calculate the price of shipping based on weight?

If you need to calculate shipping cost based on product attributes, including weight, you should use our Shipping Table Rates extension.

I want to use this extension in combination with other shipping modules. Will it work?

The module is compatible with most of the shipping extensions that implement Magento shipping interface. If there are any conflicts, we will fix them for you.

Shipping Rules extension is 100% compatible with our Shipping Table Rates and Shipping Restrictions.

Is it possible to charge the actual cost of shipping after the order is placed?

No, shipping cost can be charged only during the checkout.

I’ve created a shipping rule but a new shipping method won’t appear. Why?
Our Shipping Rules module works only with existing shipping methods, it doesn’t create new ones. So a shipping method should present regardless of any shipping rules created by our extension.
Will the extension allow adding a surcharge for certain shipping methods for particular products?

Yes, sure. The module allows you to add shipping surcharge for live rates of particular groups of products.

Will this extension allow handling shipping price by custom options of products?

No, Magento shopping cart price rules don't work with custom options, but work with attributes only.

Shipping Table Rates
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Can I import my previous shipping rates to use them with the extension?

Yes, shipping table rates can be imported using a CVS file. All of them can be later edited manually. To see the screenshot follow the link below.

Can I set different Magento shipping method depending on a product type?

Yes, there is a "shipping_type" attribute, so you can set different rates for different product types using it. For example, you can create table rates based on weight unit.

Can I set shipping rates based on cart total?

Yes, it’s possible since a Price condition will sum up prices of all products in a shopping cart (provided shipping types are not set).

Can I set up different shipping rates based on customer groups?

Yes, the flexible table rates configuration allows for choosing which shipping methods should be available for each customer group.

Can I use wildcards in a postcode field?

Yes, a Shipping Table Rates extension supports wildcards for zip and other data variables, a symbol “%” is used.

Can this extension handle UK postcode for the zip field?

Yes, Magento table rates can be applied to region codes. The extension can handle UK zip codes, for instance.

Does Magento Shipping Table Rates extension support backend orders?

Yes, the module works fine with backend orders.

Does this extension support matrix rates or other 3rd party extensions?

The module is compatible with most of the shipping extensions that implement Magento shipping interface. If there are any conflicts, we will fix them for you.

Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups is 100% compatible with our Shipping Table Rates and Shipping Restrictions.

Does this extension support multi-store configuration?

Yes, sure, the module supports multiple websites and multiple store views.

I want to import table rates automatically. What should I do?
First, you need to call this: Mage::getModel('amtable/rate')->deleteBy($methodId); OR Amasty_Table_Model_Rate::deleteBy($methodId) This will erase any data in the method. And that is how you make import: Mage::getModel('amtable/rate')->import...
Is it possible to assign a shipping rate to an entire category?

Yes, you can assign an attribute "shipping_type" to the entire category, and then use this attribute to set the rate.

Is there a limit of the number of rates that are supported per each method?

No, Magento multiple table rates allow a limitless number of rates that can be created per each shipping method.

Methods are not displayed on the checkout page according to the priority I’ve set. What’s wrong with them?
You can apply the priority option to shipping methods only in case you need to choose the rate for the products that meet the requirements of two or more different methods. Shipping methods on the checkout page are being sorted by native Magento functionality...
What happens if two different product types are shipped at the same time?

Thanks to highly adjustable settings, you have a possibility to sum up, use min./max. rates for products with different shipping types.

Smart Review Reminder
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Are there any ready reminder templates?

Yes, there is a default product review email notification template which you can use to send review reminders to your customers in System > Transactional Emails. You are free to customize this template or create new ones.

Can a review reminder be sent automatically once the order status is changed to “completed”?

Yes, of course. A product review notification can be send automatically, which is one of the core features of this extension.

Can I see the stats of the review reminder emails sent with this extension in Google Analytics?

Yes, there is a special option to add UTM tagging to the product URLs found in review reminders. Read on to see how to set the option.

Can I send a coupon code to a customer only after they leave a review?

This is a wise decision since you are ready to give a discount only for a review. There is an option to activate a coupon code only after the review is approved and published and send a notification. Go on reading to learn how to activate the option.

Can I send reminder emails to past orders for a particular period?

Yes, it’s definitely possible with the store review extension using the 'Generate Reminders for Last (days)' option. To see all the settings read on.

Should a customer have an account in my store to get a review reminder?

With the use of the extension, you can also get guest reviews, as the module can send emails to guest users as well. 

What happens when there is an order with more than one product?

In this case a customer will get 1 email with multiple links to leave reviews.

SMTP Email Settings
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Does this SMTP extension allow multistore setup?

Yes, sure. Our module is fully compatible with multistore configuration.

I can’t make SMTP work with my email provider. What’s wrong?
In case you face some issues with the popular email providers, please check whether you have allowed the usage of the third-party apps. The problem may be in the security limitation and without changing some security settings you may face the incorrect...
I'm getting AUTHORIZATION FAILED 534 5.7.14 error in the debug log but my credentials is 100% correct. What should I do?

The extension can't use mail server to send anything due to mismatching login credentials. If you are sure provided credentials are 100% correct please proceed with READ the Full answer link.

I'm getting connection refused or connection timed out error in debug log. What should I check?

If you're connecting from behind the firewall, make sure the firewall rules allow you to connect the specified mail server. 

Is there a way to log and view the emails sent to guest customers?

With this extension you can see detailed email logs of all the letters sent right in your Magento admin panel.

Test email is being sent fine while order confirmation email is not. How can I troubleshoot?

Here are the most frequently reported causes: 1) Order confirmation emails, invoices, etc are not being sent out. 2) Logs are not recorded. 
If you have one of the above-mentioned symptoms, please click READ the Full answer link below.

What email servers are supported by this SMTP extension?

Our SMTP module can be configured to send emails via Yahoo, Gmail or any other third-party SMTP server. Note that reputable SMTP providers may increase your chances of reaching your customers. Click here to see why. Due to a pre-defined data autofill option you will just need to choose a certain SMTP provider, and other fields ('Server Address', "Port", "Connection Security", etc.)  will be filled in automatically.

What should I do if emails are not being sent out via Amasty SMTP extension?

Having troubles with sending emails? Try disabling the extension in main module configuration page and check if you're getting the same result with Magento default PHP sendmail. Please proceed to READ the Full answer link to get further instructions.

What types of authentication/encryption are supported?

Our Magento SMTP extension supports authentication with standard cryptographic protocols: SSL and TLS. TLS is constantly improving. Please click here for more information.

Special Promotions
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How to set up the promo 'Buy one product, get another one'?

To launch a 'buy X get Y free' promo with the Special Promotions Pro extension, you need to create a relevant Cart Price rule, set up a discount, choose 2 in the Discount Qty step and apply the rule to a product you need . See all the settings in the full guide.

How to set up the promo 'Fixed amount discount for whole cart'?
How to use "All products after N for Fixed Price" action
The guidance below explains how to set up the action ‘All products after N for Fixed Price’ of Special Promotions extension. With this action you can create promotions like ‘Buy 4 products for full price and get each additional product...
How to use "All products after N with Fixed Discount" action
The guidance below explains how to set up the action ‘All products after N with Fixed Discount’ of Special Promotions extension. All products after N with Discount’ action works on analogy with ‘All products after N for Fixed...
How to use "All products after N with Percent Discount" action
The guidance below explains how to set up the action ‘All products after N with Percent Discount’ of Special Promotions extension. All products after N with Discount’ action works on analogy with ‘All products after N for Fixed...
How to use "Buy X Get Y - Fixed Discount: Buy X get Y with $10 Off " action

With the use of the Special Promotions extension, you can launch a 'buy X get Y with fixed discount' promo. The feature permits specifying individual products (not only categories) for which the condition will be applied. To see a full guide, follow the link below.

How to use "Buy X Get Y - Fixed Price: Buy X get Y for $9.99" action

With the use of advanced Special Promotions discount rules, you can predetermine a fixed discount for a product instead of a percent one. By this rule, if a customer orders three printers, he/she can buy any laptop for $200 only. To see more details on the configuration, see the complete answer. 

How to use "Buy X Get Y - Percent Discount: Buy X get Y Free" action

The extension allows for creating such promos as 'buy X get Y with N% discount'. By setting up the 'Actions' you can define a percent benefit your customer will get in case he/she meets the conditions. To see all the configuration steps, go on reading a complete answer.

How to use "Each Group of N - Fixed Price: Each 5 items for $50" action
The guidance below shows how to configure the action ‘Fixed Price: Each 5 items for $50’ of Special Promotions extension. This action allows creating promotions like “Get group of special items for 150$”.   Let’s...
How to use "Each Group of N - Percent Discount: Each 5 items with 10% off" action

The special offer permits providing your customers with a percent discount in case he/she buys a specific number of products. For the promo launch, you need to create a cart price rule with the corresponding actions, specify the quantity step and a discount amount. Go on reading to use bit-by-bit instructions.

How to use "Each N-th - Fixed Discount: each 3-d, 6-th, 9-th with $15 off " action
The guidance below explains how to set up the rule ‘Fixed Discount: each 3-d, 6-th, 9-th with $15 off ’ of Special Promotions extension. With this rule you can create promotions like ‘Each second (third, fourth, etc.) item $50 (100...
How to use "Each N-th - Fixed Price: each 5th, 10th, 15th for $49" action
The guidance below shows how to configure the action ‘Fixed Price: each 5th, 10th, 15th for $49’ of Special Promotions extension. The action lets you discount price of products to a fixed value (considering that the item meets the conditions...
How to use "Each N-th - Percent Discount: each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th with 15% off" action
The guide below explains how to set up the rule ‘Percent Discount: each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th with 15% off’ of Special Promotions extension. With this rule you can create promotions like ‘Each second (third, fourth, etc.) item for 50% off...
How to use "Each Product After N - Fixed Discount: each 3d, 7th, 11th with $15 Off after 5 items added to the cart" action

Thanks to this action you can create various effective promotions like ‘Buy 3 books for full price and get each second one with $20 discount’. Read on to see all the configuration steps.

How to use "Each Product After N - Fixed Price: each 5th, 7th, 9th for $89.99 after 5 items added to the cart" action

With the use of the action, products are discounted to a fixed amount. You can create promotions like ‘Buy 3 books for full price and get each second one for $20 only’. Go on reading to see all the settings.

How to use "Each Product After N - Percent Discount: each 1st, 3rd, 5th with 15% Off after 5 items added to the cart" action

Thanks to this action you can create promotions like ‘Buy 3 books for full price and get each second one with 15% discount’. Continue reading to see how to make all the settings correctly. 

How to use "Get discount for each amount spent" action
The guidance below explains how to set up the action ‘Get discount for each amount spent’ of Special Promotions extension. This action allows creating promotions like ‘Get $5 discount for each $250 spent’.   Let’...
How to use "Product Set - Fixed price for product set" action
The guidance below explains how to set up the action ‘Fixed Price for a Product Set’ of Special Promotions extension. This action enables you offer a fixed price for a particular product set.   Let’s observe the steps of the...
How to use "Product Set - Percent discount for product set" action
The guidance below explains how to set up the action ‘Percent discount for product set’ of Special Promotions extension. This action enables you to offer a percent discount for a particular product set.   Let’s observe the steps...
How to use "The Most Expensive" action
The guidance below explains how the rule ‘The Most Expensive’ of Special Promotions works. This rule may be advertised as -  ‘Buy 3 and get the most expensive product for half the price’, -  ‘Buy 6 get 2 the...
I can not use special rules for admin orders.
Please, log in to your account and download the latest extension version.
I can't specify a percentage off defined products when ordering 10 items or more.
If you use Product Promotions extension and can't set up a percentage off only defined products and only when a buyer ordered more then a specified number of items, please, perform the following instructions. Open Promotions→Shopping Cart Price...
I see no discount breakdown.
Please, copy discount template to your custom theme from the default location: app\design\frontend\default\default\template\amrules\checkout\discount.phtml Do not forget to refresh the cache.
No new actions in Magento CE 1.3
Please, add the lineMage::dispatchEvent('adminhtml_block_salesrule_actions_prepareform', array('form' => $form)); right before the line$form->setValues($model->getData()); in the fileapp\code\core\Mage\Adminhtml\Block\Promo\Quote\Edit\Tab\Actions...
The rule doesn't work if applied to a particular category
Special Promotions and Special Promotions Pro extensions require validation by category for associated simple products.   It means that when you create a new rule, using any of our promotion extensions with condition based on "category", it is...
There is no SKU (or any other attribute) condition.
If you can find some product attribute, like SKU or Manufacturer, in the conditions dropdown please, open admin > catalog > attributes > manage attributes > SKU, and set "Yes" for "Used for Promo Rules Conditions" option.
Special Promotions Pro
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Does this extension have all the functionality of Special Promotions module?

Special Promotions Pro is one of the most full-fledged Magento promotion extensions. Besides the additional 5 marketing deals, it offers deals based on customer order history and attributes. To see a comparison chart, follow the link below.

How can I create Fixed Amount Off promotions?

With the Magento discount extension, you can create relevant Cart Price rule with 'Fixed amount discount' action. To see a 10-discount-amount example, follow the link below.

How can I provide a percentage off specific products?

To run a percent-off discount for some specific products you should create Cart Price rule and apply them to a required product only. To see the settings for a 20 percent off discount, read a complete answer.

How can I set up a percentage off everything?

To set up percent-off promotions on everything you'll need to create the corresponding Cart Price rule with the "Persent of Product Price Discount" action and set the discount amount. See the screenshot to configure the rule correctly.

How do I set up a percentage off one category?

Using the Magento promotion module, you can easily set up a percent-off sale by creating a Cart Price rule and applying it to a necessary product's category only. To see how to designate 20% off a category, follow the link below.

How to create a rule for specific products?

A rule for specific products can be created in two ways. You can generate it either by using corresponding products SKUs or by creating a hidden category for necessary products. Follow the complete answer to see more details.

How to set up the promo 'Buy N products, and get next same products free'?

To launch the promo where X is not equal to 1, you need to make changes in the 'Update prices' section: select the corresponding promo action, specify 2 as the 'Discount qty step' and set the discount amount to 1.

How to use "The Cheapest" action

The action can be used for launching such promos as 'buy 3 and get the cheapest for half the price' or 'buy 6 and get 2 cheapest items for half the price'. However, you need to know the rule can be applied to the same categories only. To see a step-by-step action guide, follow the link below.

What is the difference between Conditions and Actions?

'Conditions' establish when your promo will be put into use, whereas 'Actions' specify all the benefits a customer will achieve if meeting all the promo conditions. While combining both the features you can design a vast number of various marketing campaigns. To learn where to configure the setting and how to make it properly, read the full answer.

What is the difference between Special promotions Pro and Loyalty Program?

These extensions have an identical set of rules actions, however the Loyalty Program extension has additional features that help to set up loyalty program levels, count user statistics and display it in the user account.

Store Credit
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Can clients combine store credit with other forms of payment?

Yes, it’s possible to use store balance and another available payment method to pay for one order, e.g.: combine store credit payment method with a bank card.

Can I let customers to buy only certain product types using store credit?

Yes, you can enable clients to buy only simple or only configurable products as well all types of products. Follow the link to learn about additional possibilities.

Can I make refunds to customers to their store credit balance?

Yes, of course. This is the best part of this extension as users will get a refund to a store credit balance (regardless of the payment method initially used by the customer). This way you turn them into new sales.

Can I see a report on how store credits are bought and used in my store?

Yes, the statistics can be seen in the admin panel. The report includes such showings as operation name, comment, customer's name, email, operation value, remaining credit, operation date and website (in case you have several store views) columns. Read on to see an example.

Can this extension send store credit to a friend?

Yes, this feature is included in this extension, so customers will have an opportunity to share their credit balance with friends.

How can a customer buy store credit?

For this, you need to create a 'Store Credit' product supplying it with all essential information. See how to make it correctly in the compelte answer.

Is this extension compatible with One Step Checkout modules?

This Store Credit module is 100% compatible with our One Step Checkout. Compatibility with other modules may require some customization.

Store Locator
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How can I solve the API project authorization error?

If you see this error in the console: "This API project is not authorized to use this API. Please ensure this API is activated in the Google Developers Console", it is necessary for you to add Places API to Google Cloud Platform.Read the full answer to get more information.

How does the "Locate nearby" option work?

The option "Locate nearby" displays the nearest locations to the current position of the customer. 

Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

How does the search tool work?

For the correct work, the search tool requires 2 obligatory conditions: address and radius of the search. Read the full answer to get complete info.

Can the extension process and load the page with 1000+ locations?

Yes, we've tested that the map with 30.000+ locations will load in less than 3 seconds. Read the full answer to see the details.

What to do, if I got the "Google maps cannot be loaded on this page" error?

If you see this message, it means you have a Google Map API error. To fix it, please open the frontend DevTools console and follow the guide in the full answer.

Stripe Payment
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Are there any additional system requirements to use your Stripe functionality?

Yes, HTTPS and TLS of at least v1.2 are required by Stripe itself. Follow the link below to see the details and guidelines.

Stripe Payment For Magento 2
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How to install Stripe Payment for Magento 2 and its requirements?

For smooth work, Stripe demands TLS of at least v1.2 , HTTPS and stripe/stripe-php library. Please see full answer for detailed instructions.

How to install the Amasty Stripe for Magento 2 app?

Please see full answer for detailed instructions on how to install the Amasty Stripe for Magento 2 app.

How users re-authenticate with Restricted API Key (RAK) for App for Payments with Stripe?

RAK doesn’t require any additional back-end setup from you. Users must copy and paste generated Stripe API keys to the extension configuration. Please see full answer for detailed instructions.

What are test and live modes?

Test mode allows you to validate that the module works well in your shop and to see what the user experience feels like without actually charging a card or incurring any cost. Once ready to charge your customers with the module, you can switch to live mode. Test and live modes are distinguished by different sets of API keys.

What happens if you don’t migrate your authentication to a Stripe App?

If you choose not to migrate your authentication to a Stripe App, it will continue to work as it does today, without impact to the user experience until 2024.

What is required to comply with the new Stripe authentication requirements?

Previously, Stripe allowed third-party plugins to request the standard API keys of a user to integrate with their products. Since January 2024, Stripe requires plugins to leverage Stripe Apps. All new and existing plugins must use a Stripe App to authenticate users for their service using OAuth 2.0 or a restricted API key. Please see full answer for detailed instructions.

Social Login
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How to enable Facebook login functionality and import the customers’ data in your Magento 2?

Social Login has clear configurations. But Facebook login requires you to create an application. Check our video in the full answer and learn how to set up Facebook login step-by-step.

Google Page Speed Optimizer
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How to optimize Magento 2 page experience on desktops and mobiles?
One of the most effective ways to improve your Magento 2 page experience is the Google Page Speed Optimizer extension. And here’s how it can help:1. Performance evaluationYou'll be able to use the built-in diagnostics tool: the Page Speed module will...
What is the difference between Google Page Speed Optimizer and Lazy Load extensions?

Google Page Speed Optimizer and Lazy Load are modules with identical features. Read the full answer to see the difference.

How to install image optimization tools?

To install image optimization tools, use the Root user, and run commands on the server. Click the full answer to see the commands.

What if I don’t see the speed improvement after the plugin installation?

In this case, we recommend testing your website in PageSpeed Insights and set up the extension according to the recommendations it gives. Read the full answer to see how it works.

Mega Menu for Magento 2
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How to create the Mega Menu in Magento 2 in 3 minutes?

Wondering how to create a Mega Menu in Magento 2? Creating may look like a long and difficult process. But with our Magento Mega Menu extension and documentation to it, you can set up a basic menu in 3 minutes

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