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Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchasing Questions

Are Amasty extensions compatible with all themes and extensions by other vendors?
Will I get free support and updates?
Do you have the installation service?
Can I request a free trial?
Can I test an Amasty extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?
How can I get a refund?
How can I receive a discount?
How to update a Magento 2 Amasty extension?
If I need additional features to be added to an Amasty extension, how can I ask for it?
Magento 2 Amasty extensions installation
How to install Magento 1 Amasty extensions?
How can I prolong support?
What should I do if my Store Credits have expired?
How can I use my Store Credits?
Can I change the EE extension to CE for free?
How can I get a discount to re-purchase plugins?
What is the license policy? On how many websites can I use Amasty extensions?
How can I change or add information to the invoice?
What should I do if the payment for an extension wasn’t accepted?
I forgot to fill my VAT ID, and an additional tax was charged. How can I return it?
How can I pay for an extension without entering my VAT ID?
How can I pay for Amasty extensions?
How can I apply a coupon code to the order?
What should I do if I get an invalid VAT ID error?
I have the extension for M1 and want to upgrade it to M2. What should I do?
How to completely uninstall the extension?
How to disable Amasty extension?
Can I get a refund on another card/PayPal account?
How can I transfer the extension from one account to another one?
Can I get an access to the source code of your extensions?
Can I install and update Amasty Extensions for Magento 1 via Composer?
Do you provide Magento customization service?
How does the deferred support start date work?
How to disable Base module notifications in Magento 1?
How to fix 3rd party extension conflicts?
How to install Amasty extensions from Magento Marketplace?
How to request a refund at the Amasty store?
How to transfer modules from one Amasty account to another or merge accounts?
How to translate a Magento 2 module?
How to update a Magento 1 Amasty extension?
I get no alerts at all, what can I do?
I'm getting "404 Not Found" error when trying to open configuration page.
I'm getting the following error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation.
Taxes guide: how to check tax info and get the wrong tax refund?
Top 3 Amasty extensions for a brand-new Magento 2 store
What credentials do I need to work with Composer?
What documents and files are included in the package?
What Magento, PHP, Elasticsearch and other software versions does Amasty support? | July 2021
What should I do if I bought the wrong extension?
Where can I find a Composer module name?

Common Business Questions

Can I download an extension user guide in a PDF format?
How to boost my website sales?
How to feature the products you need primarily?
How to make Magento search relevant?
How to make my Magento 2 faster?
How to monetize my checkout?
How to optimize my store administration?
How to raise my Magento position in Google?
How to retain my customers?
How to save on product shipping?
How to secure my Magento from fraudulence?
What online sales channels can increase my revenue?

Most Asked Magento-Related Questions

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3 best payment gateways for Magento 2
5 best Magento 2 Marketplace multi-vendor extensions
6 Magento 2 Product Types: Add & Change
A way to disable AJAX add to cart in Magento 2
Adobe Magento Cloud: key questions answered
BigCommerce vs Magento 2: what to choose for your online store
Can Elasticsearch be disabled in Magento 2?
Create bundle product in Magento 1
Does Amasty Elastic Search support Magento 2.2?
Does Magento use Symfony?
E-commerce tracking: How to launch A/B test in your Magento 2 store via Google Analytics?
Examples of Magento Websites
Freelance Magento developer or custom development team. What to choose?
Get product image in Magento 2
How can I get order details in Magento 2?
How does Magento 2 actions logger work?
How much does Magento 2 license cost?
How to activate the Magento 2 Business Intelligence account?
How to add a checkbox to checkout in Magento 2?
How to add a CMS block to any Magento 2 page?
How to add a column to an existing table in Magento 2?
How to add a custom attribute to the shipping address in Magento 2?
How to add a custom checkout field to Magento 2?
How to add a custom column to the order grid in Magento 2?
How to add a custom filter to the product grid in Magento 2?
How to add a link to the top menu in Magento 2?
How to add a Magento 2 Language pack?
How to add a prefix to the order number in Magento 2?
How to add coupon code to Magento 2 store?
How to add custom checkout steps to Magento 2?
How to add custom registration fields to Magento 2?
How to add custom widgets to Magento 2?
How to add delivery date to the checkout page in Magento 2?
How to add demo store notice to your Magento store?
How to add Google Tag Manager to Magento 2?
How to add out-of-stock swatches to Magento 2?
How to add the Custom Layout Update on Magento 2.3.4?
How to add the related products block to Magento 2?
How to automate email marketing in Magento 2?
How to build headless commerce via Magento and Drupal integration?
How to change a products sort order in a Magento 2 category?
How to change Magento 2 Admin password?
How to change the base Magento URL?
How to change the default order increment ID in Magento 2?
How to change the default welcome email in Magento 2?
How to change the language in Magento 2?
How to change the order status to a custom one without programming skills?
How to check Magento version:1.x and 2.x?
How to choose a hosting for your Magento 2 store?
How to choose the best POS for your Magento 2 store?
How to choose the right Magento e-commerce agency?
How to Configure a Custom Icon in the Magento 2 Backend Programmatically?
How to configure a downloadable product in Magento 2?
How to configure a free shipping cart rule in Magento 2?
How to configure a Magento Contact Us form?
How to configure Apache in Magento 2?
How to configure bulk actions?
How to configure condition types in Magento 2?
How to configure Elasticsearch in Magento 2?
How to configure HTML head and Header in Magento 2?
How to configure Magento / Magento 2 Filters with Layered Navigation?
How to configure Magento 2 back-in-stock notifications?
How to configure Magento 2 Catalog permissions?
How to configure Magento 2 product video?
How to configure Magento 2 SEO-friendly URLs?
How to configure newsletter subscription in Magento 2?
How to configure PayPal express checkout in Magento 2?
How to configure persistent shopping cart in Magento 2?
How to configure Shipping Methods for M2?
How to configure shopping cart price rules in Magento 2?
How to configure tax calculation in Magento 2?
How to configure the content delivery network (CDN) in Magento 2?
How to configure the pricing in the Magento 2 shared catalog?
How to connect Mailchimp for Magento?
How to convert prices to the current currency in Magento 2?
How to convert PSD to Magento 2 theme?
How to create a bundle product in Magento 2?
How to create a catalog price rule in Magento 2?
How to create a credit memo in Magento 2?
How to create a repository interface in Magento 2?
How to create an admin grid in Magento 2?
How to create an e-commerce website on Magento?
How to create custom form validations in Magento 2?
How to create featured products on Magento frontpage?
How to create Magento 2 XML Sitemap and why does it matter to your web store?
How to create new pages, blocks, widgets using Magento 2 CMS?
How to determine the URL of the thank you page?
How to disable or allow guest checkout in Magento 2?
How to disable the Add to Cart button in Magento 2?
How to display best seller products in Magento 2?
How to display cross sell items on product pages in Magento 2?
How to enable Inline Translation in Magento 1/2?
How to enable Magento 2 profiler?
How to enable phone number validation in Magento 2?
How to enable single store mode in Magento 2?
How to enable table rates in Magento 2 with CSV file example?
How to enable/disable two factor authentication in Magento 2?
How to export/import Magento 2 categories?
How to fix "Error filtering template: Bucket does not exist" in Magento 2?
How to fix 404 error in Magento 2 advanced reporting?
How to fix error 403 in Magento 2?
How to fix error 500 in Magento 2?
How to fix Magento 2 admin blank login page issue?
How to fix the problem with the order grid not updating?
How to get a current quote ID from a checkout session in Magento 2?
How to get and disable product reviews in Magento 2?
How to get bundle product items in Magento 2?
How to get the current URL in Magento 2 blocks and templates?
How to get the shipment tracking number in Magento 2?
How to implement PayPal recurring payments in Magento 2?
How to import product images into Magento 2?
How to import products in Magento 2?
How to increase Magento 2 ROI with custom order confirmation page?
How to inform customers about new products in Magento 2?
How to initialize a navigation menu in Magento 2?
How to Install Magento 2 on the localhost with XAMPP?
How to install Magento 2 on Ubuntu?
How to install Magento 2 slick slider?
How to install Magento 2?
How to install the Magento 2 Cloud CLI?
How to link the tracking number to the order info in Magento 2?
How to manage session data in Magento 2?
How to modify the Magento root directory?
How to print a packing slip in Magento 2?
How to remove or add discount codes from Magento 2 checkout?
How to run the Magento security scan independently?
How to set Magento 2 configurable product price?
How to set Magento 2 recently viewed products?
How to set Magento user permissions?
How to set up a recent sales notification in Magento 2?
How to set up Authorize.Net in Magento 2?
How to set up automatic adding of free products to cart in Magento 2? [with no programming skills]
How to set up cron before Magento 2 update?
How to set up DHL shipping in Magento 2?
How to set up Google reCAPTCHA in Magento 2?
How to set up Magento 2 multi-language version?
How to set up New Relic Reporting in Magento 2 Commerce Cloud?
How to set up order confirmation email in Magento 2?
How to set up product stock status on the frontend?
How to set up robots.txt in Magento 2?
How to set up sales tax in Magento 2?
How to set up tax rules in Magento 2?
How to set up the multi currency in Magento 2?
How to set up UPS in Magento 2?
How to set up ‘get free product’ promotion in Magento 2?
How to show categories in Magento?
How to show product in Magento?
How to solve the Elasticsearch not working in Magento 2 issue?
How to solve the issue with slow Magento 2 admin?
How to solve ‘Error: Undefined class constant’ after upgrading to Magento 2.4? [FREE SOLUTION]
How to solve ‘too many redirects’ issue in Magento 2?
How to test your Magento 2 website loading speed?
How to test your Magento 2 website?
How to translate Magento module?
How to update mini cart quantity in Magento 2 via AJAX?
How to upgrade Magento 2 from the command line?
How to upgrade Magento to the 2.4.2 version?
How to use around plugin in Magento 2?
How to use RabbitMQ message queues in Magento 2 plugins?
I can’t choose a particular attribute when creating the rule as it’s not displayed in the attributes list
Is Magento 2 a content management system (CMS)?
Is Magento 2 backend not working? Solutions for 3 main issues
Is Magento 2 menu not showing?
I’ve created the rule for particular categories, but it doesn’t work with configurable products.
Less compilation modes in Magento 2: what is the difference and how to configure them?
Magento 1 & Magento 2 database config file: Where to find it and how to edit
Magento 1 and 2 Payment Methods Tutorial
Magento 2 'Add to Cart' is not working
Magento 2 Admin Panel Tutorial
Magento 2 Admin URL: How to set a custom Admin URL
Magento 2 backup: 3 ways to complete it
Magento 2 Clear Cache
Magento 2 Command Line Interface: useful commands
Magento 2 Community vs. Enterprise
Magento 2 Contact Form
Magento 2 CSS
Magento 2 deploy static content
Magento 2 EE CyberSource
Magento 2 email templates
Magento 2 ERP system
Magento 2 File & Folder structure
Magento 2 Full Page Cache: Speed Up Your Site
Magento 2 Google Analytics Setup
Magento 2 Import Configurable Products
Magento 2 Install a New Theme Setup Tutorial
Magento 2 Logo: How to change the default logo?
Magento 2 Manage Stock
Magento 2 modules list: enable/disable modules
Magento 2 Multiple Stores Setup
Magento 2 MySQL
Magento 2 PayPal Integration
Magento 2 Refund Order | Native Features and RMA System Explained
Magento 2 Reindex: manual reindex from the admin panel or a cron job
Magento 2 Search Settings and Terms
Magento 2 Stores and Timezones Configuration
Magento 2 system requirements
Magento 2 URL Rewrite
Magento 2 Varnish Cache Configuration
Magento 2 vs. OpenCart: What e-commerce solution suits your business
Magento 2 vs. Shopware: what is the best solution for your business?
Magento 2 WYSIWYG Editor
Magento Breadcrumbs
Magento case studies
Magento Cron
Magento htaccess file: How to enable developer mode and optimize it
Magento order statuses: How to change, create new or assign an order status?
Magento Page Builder tutorial: how to create effective landing pages?
Magento partnership with Amasty: what options do we offer?
Magento PHP tutorial
Magento reindex: How to use command line and what to do if reindex is not working
Magento sign in not working: 5 Ways to decide what to do next
Magento statistics: why to choose this e-commerce platform
Magento tutorial for beginners
Magento vs PrestaShop: What is better for your e-commerce business?
My Magento 2 is slow. How to solve it?
Pros and cons of hiding price and 'add to cart' button in your Magento 2
Service temporarily unavailable: How to solve it in Magento 2?
Shopify image size optimization guide for 2021
What do you need to know before installing Magento on Windows?
What is a Magento product recommendation engine and how does it work?
What is Elasticsearch and how to configure a query in Magento 2?
What is headless Magento 2?
What is jQuery and how to use it in Magento 2?
What is Magento 2 Yoast SEO?
What is Magento migration tool and how to use it?
What is SAP and why do you need to integrate Magento 2 with SAP?
What is the difference between Magento 2 website, store, and store view?
What is the difference between Magento and WordPress?
What is the difference between Magento order status and order state?
What is the difference between Shopify and Magento?
What is the difference between WooCommerce and Magento?
What is the order management system (OMS)?
What is the salable quantity in Magento 2?
What Magento 2 plugins by Amasty support API? [Part 1]
What software Magento server needs to run?
What to do if Magento 2 search doesn’t work properly?
What to expect from Magento 2.4 release?
Why choose Magento e-commerce website?
Why do you need to implement WhatsApp order notifications in Magento 2?
Why hide prices and how to do it in Magento 2?
Why is Instagram an important part of your Magento sales?
Why Magento is so slow on localhost? 5 tips for speeding up your Magento 2 website
Why should I use hreflang in Magento 2?
Why use Magento security scan and patches?
How to configure Share Me in Magento?

Abandoned Cart Email

Can further reminders be cancelled if a customer places an order after the first reminder?
Can I use Google Analytics utm tagging?
Does this Abandoned Cart Email extension work with guest checkout?
How many abandoned carts are allowed per customer?
How many abandoned carts can be recovered by one user?
How to align images to the top in the table-mode?
How to use debug mode in the extension?
While sending reminders from the Test tab, I get all the emails at once and they don’t meet the conditions. What’s the problem?

Admin Actions Log

Can I choose who will be able to view changes history?
How to update the GeoIP database for Admin Actions Log?

Advanced Permissions

Can I let an admin user see only the orders created in a particular store view?
Can I set view only permissions for the product catalog?
Can the extension restrict users to manage the catalog by store view/website?
Is it possible to restrict access to customer data?

AJAX Shopping Cart

Can I customize the AJAX cart window to match my theme?
Can I let clients adjust the quantity of a product in a pop-up window?
Does this AJAX Shopping cart module work with up sell products?
Is there an option to continue shopping after adding an item to cart?

Amasty Affiliate Program Q&A

Can I be an Affiliate and a Partner at the same time?
Can I be excluded from the Affiliate Program?
Can I use the Affiliate Program to purchase extensions for my own business?
Do, I as an Affiliate, have any restrictions in receiving additional discounts at ?
How can I use Affiliate Program by Amasty?
What if I want to close my Affiliate account?
What will happen to my commission if I get excluded from the Affiliate Program?
Will my Partner coupon apply if I use an Affiliate link to make the purchase?

Amasty Partner Program Q&A

Is my partner membership renewable?
Is there a fee to become an Amasty Partner?
What if I don't want to renew?
What if I have my own ideas of what this Partnership may look like?
What if my clients prefer to purchase directly. Can I still join?
Which benefits will I receive as Partner?
Will my deposit expire after the 12 months’ term?

Auto Add Promo Items

An error ocurred with Sage Pay: 3021 : The Basket format is invalid
Can a rule be applied based on what other items are in the cart?
Can I add more than one free product?
Can I give customers a few options of free products to choose from?
Can I include shipping cost to the free product?
Can I limit the number of free items per order?
Can I limit the number of free items per several orders?
Can I use a rule “Get Free X when Y is spent”?
How to use “Auto Add Promo Items for every $X spent” Action
How to use “Auto Add Promo Items for the Whole Cart” Action
How to use “Auto Add Promo Items with Products” Action
How to use “Auto Add the same product” Action
When I add to cart the product that triggers adding a free promotional product, the error occurs.
Сan a customer pick the size or other attributes of a free product?
What should I do if the free gift is not added to cart automatically?

Automatic Related Products

How do related rules work?

Blog Pro

Can I add a blog URL to my main top Magento navigation?
Can I add a snippet of latest blog post to the site pages?
Can I customize the layout of the blog?
Can I import blog posts from another blog?
How do I add a link to my Blog to the Footer?
How to hide the blog pages from search engine crawlers to avoid duplicate content issue?
Is the Blog Pro extension compatible with Amasty Google Invisible reCapcha?
What magento widgets can be added to my blog?
Will blog posts URLs be added to my XML sitemap automatically?

Color Swatches Pro

Can all the attributes be visible on loading a page for the first time?
Can I create attributes different than color and use them in the same fashion?
Can I use Color Swatches extension with custom options for product?
Can I use multiple images for one simple product added to the configurable one?
Can I use zoom and lightbox from my store theme?
Color swatches don't work on product page
How are out of stock products displayed?
How do I specify DOM selectors for Color Swatches Pro extension?
How to change configurable products images on mouse hover?
I can’t upload the images
Product image isn't changed
The extension doesn't show swatches on category page
There is a fatal error while extension running
Wrong product image is displayed in the shopping cart

Comparison Charts

Top 5 free extensions for Magento 2 [Part 1]

Custom Order Number

Can I reset an order number counter on a regular basis?
Can I set a random number increment?
Is it possible to make only the shipment number equal to the order number and leave invoice number unchanged?
Is it possible to use consecutive order numbers for different stores/views?

Custom Stock Status

How to configure quantity rules for individual products (groups of products)?
How to Use "Rules for Quantity Range Status"
I installed your Stock Status extension but I don’t see its options on the frontend. What’s wrong?

Customer Attributes

Can I add created customer attributes to order emails?
Fields are not showing up on the registration page.
How can new attributes be used with Magento API?
How to add new attributes inside a form?
How to get/output customer attribute value via PHP code?
How to output the customer attribute value in the e-mail template?
Will new attributes be seen when creating a customer from backend?

Customer Group Catalog

Can a restricted product/category be accessed via a direct link?

Customers Also Viewed

Can I show items with this extension in an upsell block only if up-sells haven’t been specified manually?
Can I show related products from certain categories only?

Delivery Date

Can I assign this shipping date module to a shipping method?
Can I change delivery date info in Magento admin panel?
Can I change the date format?
Can I limit delivery time for same day orders?
Can I see delivery date and time info on Magento order grid?
How can I get delivery data by API?
How to show Delivery Date in pdf invoice?

Detect Missing Pages

The duplicated category does not appear on the product edit page
The extension works but does not handle 404 error

Duplicate Categories

Can I change the name and description of the duplicated category only?
Can I copy all product relations while duplicating a category?
Does this extension have the ability to copy categories from one store view to another?

Efficient Order Export

Can I include info from 3-rd party extensions to my export file?
What if I want different types of order export run simultaneously?

Elastic Search

After installation of Elastic Search extension the search in my site gives no results.
What is the difference between Elastic Search and Advanced Search extensions for Magento 2?

Elastic Search for Magento 2

How do synonyms work in Elastic Search for Magento 2?
How does the match mode work? Which one should I use?
How to check if the Elasticsearch engine is available?
Is it ok to use numerous search engines/extensions?
I’ve upgraded to Magento 2.3.3 and there are no products on the second page of the catalog. What should I do?
Should I install the Elasticsearch engine on a separate server?
Test connection failed. What should I do?
The products are gone after changing the search engine. What should I do?
What specs of the server are required for the Elasticsearch engine?
What versions of the Elasticsearch engine are supported?
Why can’t I see any settings for Amasty Elastic Search?
Why is the position of the products different in the popup and on the search results page?
What version of the Elasticsearch engine does this extension support?

Extended Order Grid

How to find column ID for Extended Order Grid column sorting?
Is it possible to add custom product attributes to Magento Order Grid with this extension?
Is it possible to state the width of each column?

Extended Product Grid with Editor

Can different sets of columns be used by other admins?
Can the product quantity sold be displayed on the grid?
How can I edit anything on the grid?
How to add special price to Extended Product Grid?
I need to filter products by category. Is that possible with your extension?

Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews plugin is not displayed.

Favorite Products

Buttons like "Save Folder", "Update" don't match my custom theme.
How to create a CSV file to import lists of products via the `Amasty: Favorite Products` extension?
Products get added to the folder twice.

Follow Up Email

Are there any Customer segmentation possibilities?
Can email templates be customized?
Can I change sender details on an email campaign level?
Can I track my follow up email campaigns via Google Analytics?
Scheduled emails are not being sent out. What should I check first?

Full Page Cache

"Crawler source is not defined" error while generating queue.
Almost half of the pages are "Cache Miss"! What should be done to solve it?
Can certain blocks be excluded from Full Page Cache?
Can I disable FPC on login/register sections and checkout?
Does Amasty FPC extension support Redis?
How much will Amasty FPC speed up my site?
How to change cache storage location?
I have a mobile site. How your Full Page Cache module will work on it?
Is there a way to change the order in which the links are being crawled?
The core_cache table is constantly increasing. What can be done to resolve this issue?


How to create a customer account without consent to Privacy Policy?
Is Amasty GDPR extension compatible with PayPal?
What the Accept Cookies popup is for and what data is being collected?
What to do if the Cookie Consent plugin disappeared from the admin panel after the GDPR extension update?

Generate & Import Coupons

Can I create coupon codes for a specific customer group only?
Is it possible to generate a coupon just for a specific product or brand?
Is it possible to give discounts via URL?
Message about sending double header in Chrome
Not enough memory or server 500 error while generating coupons in Magento

GeoIP Redirect

Can customers switch to any other available language and currency manually?
Can I exclude certain IP addresses, so that they would not be redirected?
How can I configure Country to Store View Redirect?
How can I test redirects for different countries?
I can’t import GeoIP data.
There is no currency in dropdown in Country to Currency Switch. What’s wrong?
Visitors are not redirected. What can be wrong?
Visitors are redirected only during first visit/ visitors are not able to switch store view.

GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2

How can I make Varnish Cache compatible with redirects?
How can I test redirects for different countries in M2?
How to fix the execution time limit of PHP scripts when importing the database?

Google Invisible reCaptcha

Does your reCaptcha extension have "I'm not a robot" functionality?
How to generate a Site Key and a Secret Key?
How to get a site key and a secret key for Invisible ReCaptcha?
How to understand that the extension works correctly?
I'm getting "incorrect CAPTCHA" error message trying to submit the account registration form.
Is Amasty Google Invisible reCapcha compatible with the Quick Ajax Login extension?
The form is submitted and the badge of CAPTCHA appears, but you are not redirected to the successful page.
Does Amasty Google Invisible reCaptcha work on a checkout page?

Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2

I have installed the third-party tools on the server to optimize images and I still get “Image Optimization Tool is not installed” message.

Google Rich Snippets

Can I add rich snippets to category pages?
Does it work with Yotpo reviews?
How can I check that the Rich data was added to the product page after I enabled the extension settings?
How does this Rich Snippets module work with configurable products?
I’ve enabled the Search Box markup but it still won’t show up in Google. Why?

Hide Price

Can I completely remove the Add to cart button for all user groups for specific products?
Can I disable adding products to compare and wishlist?
Can I hide price of products found in a particular category in bulk?

Improved Layered Navigation

AJAX does not work
AJAX does not work with "blanko" theme
Attribute doesn't work in seo mode
Conflict with SEO Suite extension
Does this extension support decimal ranges for prices?
Fatal error when Fixed Product Taxes enabled
How do I move layered navigation to the right sidebar?
How to add brand logo and description at the category page?
How to change product image for configurable products when attribute selected
How to create brand pages and all brands list?
How to hide empty filters in Magento layered navigation
How to hide some specific attributes from top level categories
How to remove currency sign for price attribute from product view page?
How to remove hash from URL
How to remove qty from categories?
How to show colors and brand icons at the product page
How to show only options with products, not all options?
How to sort the filters at the frontend?
How to use AND logic for options inside one multiselect attribute
I enabled SEO-friendly URL generation for the attribute, but the URLs are still shown as get-parameter. What could I have missed?
I have Better Store Search installed and paging does not work.
I have TinyBrick Fast catalog extension installed and navigation does not work
I see 2 "Shop by" panels at a time.
I see no brand logo at the product page. How do I fix this?
I see no checkboxes. How do I fix this?
I want to hide category description when some filter is applied.
I want to use 2-column page template on shopby and brand pages
I'm using AJAX mode and would like to allow BACK browser button
Is it possible to control indexation of pages with filtered results?
Is it possible to hide a price attribute from the Layered Navigation?
Is the functionality to expand/collapse filters available with your Improved Layered Navigation extension?
My theme hover effect, image zoom or quick view does not work after AJAX filtering
Search bots (Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others) use too much traffic.
Some attributes are not displayed in the Filters List (Catalog > Navigation > Filters).
Will the URL setting 'Long with URL key' for Magento 1 work when I migrate to Magento 2?
You cannot define a correlation name '*_idx' more than once
Zero (0) quantities are shown for categories when they are displayed as a static 2-level tree.

Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Does your extension take into account simple product attributes if this product is assigned to a bundle or group product?
Is Improved Layered Navigation compatible with Wyomind Elasticsearch?

Improved Sorting

Can I display some products on top of the list in spite of actual bestsellers data?
Can I set a particular sorting option to be a default one?
Can I set a particular sorting option to be default for a specific category only?
How to change sorting options display name?
I have an error when I sort by bestsellers or most rated products.
I have Better Store Search installed and sorting does not work.
I have Seo Suite extension installed and sorting does not work.
I’d like to sort products by Position but can’t find this sorting option.
What product types are supported by Improved Sorting?
What to do if sorting does not work?
Why doesn’t sorting by Bestsellers correspond to my actual data in sales reports?

Landing Pages

Can I create different landing pages for different store views?
Can I display products from multiple categories on my landing page?
Can I slash signs in the URLs of landing pages?
Can I use a range for a price attribute?
Can only particular SKUs be displayed on a landing page?
Is it possible to import Landing Pages?
What should I do if only filtration by category in conditions works?
“There are no products matching the selection” message on the landing page

Mass Order Actions

Does this module send notifications to clients when bulk order status changes are made?
How to create a CSV file import tracking numbers via the `Amasty: Mass Order Actions` extension?
Which new order action will I get?

Mass Product Actions

Can I add a product to more than one category at a time?
Can I assign, remove or replace a website for a number of products in bulk?
How can I update meta title/descriptions in bulk using this extension?
How to change attribute set in Magento?
Is there a Multi Way option for relating products in bulk?

Meta Tags Templates

Can I create meta data for CMS pages?
Can I leave the existing meta data unchanged?
I see the module configuration in admin panel, but there are no tags at the frontend.
What variables for creating meta tags are supported?

Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2

Does Multi Warehouse Inventory extension support Magento SOAP API and REST API?
How many orders will be placed in case the purchase has two products from different warehouses?
I see no link for Warehouses under Advanced Inventory in product edit page. What may be wrong?
Is it possible to bind a warehouse to a certain way of shipping? For example: one warehouse uses UPS and the other FeDex.
Is there a way to display a product quantity per each warehouse on a product page?
Is there a way to import stock data in the Multi Warehouse Inventory with a cron job?
How are the same products with different stock displayed in two separate Warehouses assigned to different Store Views? What status will they have for each Warehouse?

Multiple Coupons

Can I allow customers to use several coupons from the same promo rule?
Can I restrict certain coupons to be used with other discount codes?
Can multiple coupon codes be entered via admin while creating an order?
Does the module work with One Step Checkout extension?
What to do if discount block disappeared?

One Step Checkout

Custom fields disappear if a customer has the address specified in his account. How to make these fields reappear?
How to enable GeoIP?
Address Auto Suggest troubleshooting

One Step Checkout For Magento 2

How can I make VAT field visible on checkout page?
What is Google Address Auto Suggest?
How to enable Google Address Auto Suggest at One Step Checkout by Amasty?
Address Auto Suggest troubleshooting

Order Attributes

Can a created attribute be displayed on the Order Grid?
How to get/output order attribute value via PHP code?
Is it possible to display the Order Attributes on the grid of the archived orders?
Is there a possibility to generate invoices by clicking on a created order attribute?

Order Status

Are customers notified when the status of their order is changed?
Are there ready email templates for custom order statuses?
Can I delete an order status created with this extension?
Status does not apply correctly. Empty cells are on the grid.
The button "Edit Default Order Statuses" does not appear.
What is the difference between Magento order status and order state?

Out of Stock Notification

Are there any ready-to-use email templates for out-of-stock notifications?
Can alerts subscription be disabled for certain products?
I can't send notifications

Payment Restrictions

Can I restrict a certain payment method if a customer uses a coupon code?
Can I restrict payment methods by customer attributes?
Can I set payment restrictions on a product level?
Can I use payment restrictions per customer groups?
Can payment restrictions be applied on particular days or times only?
What happens when you have two different products with two different payment methods?

Pre Order

Can I assign pre order status to a category in bulk?
Can I see pre orders on the Magento Order Grid?
Is it possible to split an order if one item is in stock and the other should be pre-ordered?
The module settings are specified, but the products for pre order are not displayed in the cart or not available for purchase.

Product Attachments

Can I display product attachments in an existing block or tab on a page?
Can I make a product attachment open in a new window?
Can I make product attachments visible to only a particular customer group?
How to add product attachments into a separate tab?

Product Feed

A Google product feed is generated blank. What can I do?
Can I change the price or include a special tax using Product Feed for Magento 1?
Can simple products within configurable ones be exported individually?
How to make product feed output HTTPS links to image URLs?
Is it possible to generate feed for only particular products and categories?
We get 'XML formatting error' upon uploading our feed file to Google Merchant Center. How can we solve it?
What should I do if Google Merchant Center rejects my feed?
What should I do if the final price for bundle products is wrong?

Product Feed For Magento 2

How to create a product feed after the mod installation on M2?
How to create a product feed for Facebook Ads?
How to solve the problems you can come across while configuring the product feed for M2?
What does the M2 Product Feed extension make?
What should I check if the feeds are not being generated on a daily basis?
What should I do if Google Merchant Center rejects my feed?
Warnings and other difficulities after updating the extension to v2.3.0 or above

Product Labels

Custom calculated value
How to find CSS selector in Chrome browser
How to modify templates

Product Parts Finder

Can I add a Finder to a page layout instead of a CMS block?
Can I filter results by category once the search is complete?
How to add finder to the home page?
I have set up everything but after clicking “Find” I still see all products/no products.
I see all or no products when filtering from the home page
Is there a way to bulk import year/make/model data?

Promo Banners

Can I add banners to any custom positions?
Can I control banners display by store view?
Can I create different banners for each category of my store?
Can I display banners on certain product pages only?
Can I display promo banners on my homepage?
Can I show a promo banner like “Spend $X more to get free shipping”?
Is it possible to tag banners with utm tags for Google Analytics?
Promo Banners extension is working but not showing the selected products

Quick View

Can I customize the Quick View button?


Does the RMA for Magento 2 extension have the capability to create FEDEX/UPS shipping labels?
How can I disable the customer's rating/feedback section in the RMA module?

Sales Reps and Dealers

Can customers choose dealers themselves?
I have an error while trying to create an order from the backend.
I see no dealer info at the order page
What is the difference between a Sales Rep and a Dealer?

Search Pro

How does this module treat synonyms of a search term?
I’m searching for “hot” but no results are displayed. What’s wrong?

Shipping per Product

Can customers pay a fixed amount for shipping regardless of how many items they have per order?
Can I specify a default shipping rate?
What happens if a customer adds to cart two products with different shipping methods?

Shipping Restrictions

Amasty Shipping Restriction conflict with Shippingoverride2
Can I hide a particular shipping method or carrier for some products?
Can I restrict shipping by customer attributes?
Can I set restrictions on a product level?
Can I use restrictions per customer groups?
Is it possible to restrict shipping so show/hide shipping methods based on product category?
Is it possible to set address validation?

Shipping Rules

Can I add a discount for certain postcodes?
Can I have different shipping rules for different store views?
Can I modify shipping rates only for certain products?
Can I set free shipping for certain postcodes?
Can I set particular shipping rules for certain customer groups only?
I’ve created a shipping rule but a new shipping method won’t appear. Why?

Shipping Table Rates

Can I import my previous shipping rates to use them with the extension?
Can I use wildcards in a postcode field?
I want to import table rates automatically. What should I do?
Methods are not displayed on the checkout page according to the priority I’ve set. What’s wrong with them?
What happens if two different product types are shipped at the same time?

Smart Review Reminder

Can I see the stats of the review reminder emails sent with this extension in Google Analytics?
Can I send a coupon code to a customer only after they leave a review?
Can I send reminder emails to past orders for a particular period?

SMTP Email Settings

I can’t make SMTP work with my email provider. What’s wrong?
I'm getting AUTHORIZATION FAILED 534 5.7.14 error in the debug log but my credentials is 100% correct. What should I do?
I'm getting connection refused or connection timed out error in debug log. What should I check?
Is there a way to log and view the emails sent to guest customers?
Test email is being sent fine while order confirmation email is not. How can I troubleshoot?
What should I do if emails are not being sent out via Amasty SMTP extension?

Special Promotions

How to set up the promo 'Buy one product, get another one'?
How to set up the promo 'Fixed amount discount for whole cart'?
How to use "All products after N for Fixed Price" action
How to use "All products after N with Fixed Discount" action
How to use "All products after N with Percent Discount" action
How to use "Buy X Get Y - Fixed Discount: Buy X get Y with $10 Off " action
How to use "Buy X Get Y - Fixed Price: Buy X get Y for $9.99" action
How to use "Buy X Get Y - Percent Discount: Buy X get Y Free" action
How to use "Each Group of N - Fixed Price: Each 5 items for $50" action
How to use "Each Group of N - Percent Discount: Each 5 items with 10% off" action
How to use "Each N-th - Fixed Discount: each 3-d, 6-th, 9-th with $15 off " action
How to use "Each N-th - Fixed Price: each 5th, 10th, 15th for $49" action
How to use "Each N-th - Percent Discount: each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th with 15% off" action
How to use "Each Product After N - Fixed Discount: each 3d, 7th, 11th with $15 Off after 5 items added to the cart" action
How to use "Each Product After N - Fixed Price: each 5th, 7th, 9th for $89.99 after 5 items added to the cart" action
How to use "Each Product After N - Percent Discount: each 1st, 3rd, 5th with 15% Off after 5 items added to the cart" action
How to use "Get discount for each amount spent" action
How to use "Product Set - Fixed price for product set" action
How to use "Product Set - Percent discount for product set" action
How to use "The Most Expensive" action
I can not use special rules for admin orders.
I can't specify a percentage off defined products when ordering 10 items or more.
I see no discount breakdown.
No new actions in Magento CE 1.3
The rule doesn't work if applied to a particular category
There is no SKU (or any other attribute) condition.

Special Promotions Pro

Does this extension have all the functionality of Special Promotions module?
How can I create Fixed Amount Off promotions?
How can I provide a percentage off specific products?
How can I set up a percentage off everything?
How do I set up a percentage off one category?
How to create a rule for specific products?
How to set up the promo 'Buy N products, and get next same products free'?
How to use "The Cheapest" action
What is the difference between Conditions and Actions?

Store Credit

Can I let customers to buy only certain product types using store credit?
Can I see a report on how store credits are bought and used in my store?
How can a customer buy store credit?

Store Locator

How can I solve the API project authorization error?
How does the "Locate nearby" option work?
How does the search tool work?
Can the extension process and load the page with 1000+ locations?
What to do, if I got the "Google maps cannot be loaded on this page" error?

Stripe Payment

Are there any additional system requirements to use your Stripe functionality?

Stripe Payment For Magento 2

How to install Stripe Payment for Magento 2 and its requirements?

Social Login

How to enable Facebook login functionality and import the customers’ data in your Magento 2?

Google Page Speed Optimizer

What is the difference between Google Page Speed Optimizer and Lazy Load extensions?
How to install image optimization tools?
What if I don’t see the speed improvement after the plugin installation?

Mega Menu for Magento 2

How to create the Mega Menu in Magento 2 in 3 minutes?

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