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Visual Merchandiser for Magento 2

The extension offers a wide range of options to customize product listing on category pages according to your marketing purposes.
  1. Use drag-and-drop sorting for all categories
  2. Benefit from multiple ordering options
  3. Apply different rules and conditions
  4. Automatically add products to virtual categories
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Some of our customers complained about not being able to visually merchandise categories in their stores. With Visual Merchandiser for Magento 2, you can promptly create catalog pages with any sorting order you need, managing your products either manually or automatically.
Tailor each single category page with Visual Merchandiser


In Manual mode, simply drag and drop the items to any place in the product listing to enhance marketing effectiveness.

Move to top

In each product container, there is a button to push this product directly to the first position in the product listing.

Pin products

If you know exactly where some products should be placed, you have the option to fix them in a stable position.

What benefits do you get for your store

It is super time-saving since you don't have to specify the order number for every single product

You can create multiple flexible landings with any conditions to engage customers more

The improved indexing works accurately with the ordering and sorting updates

Employ various types of automatic sorting

Ordering options

Magento 2 Page Builder extension provides you with a half a dozen ways on how to sort your product listing. Use price or name ordering, show newest products first or push out-of-stock items to the bottom of the listing.

Increase sales with improved sorting

Engage customers by displaying the most popular products at first and thus drive more sales. Due to the synergetic work with the Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension, you're able to automatically order products by 'Top Rated', 'Most Viewed', 'Best Sellers', 'Biggest Saving', 'Reviews Count' and 'Now in Wishlists'.
Enhance your catalog management by adding virtual categories

Set and Import Conditions

Set conditions based on the attributes to display only the desired group of products. Save your time by duplicating the conditions of a particular automatic category to another one with additional moderation.

Find Products by SKU

Employ a search box, which the catalog listing is equipped with to easily find the necessary products by SKU or name within the current automatic category.

Virtual Category

No need to re-assign products for the virtual CMS categories - Magento 2 page builder allows you to set a flexible condition that covers your marketing needs. The extension will automatically refresh all the products in this category.

Use Merchandiser For Regular Categories

Easily sort and preview products from any category of your webstore. Products’ merchandising is available as for dynamic categories so for regular ones.

Magento 2 Visual Merchandiser goes with personalized consultation and assistance from our experienced Magento certified support team. We will be happy to help and answer all your questions.
The intuitive UI allows you to save admin's time and enjoy flawless backend experience. The flexible configuration provides full control over categories for larger catalogs management.
Business expertise
Business expertise
The 9-year experience in e-commerce helps us to understand our clients’ needs better. With our extensions, we have solved problems of thousands of online businesses across the world.

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
4 Reviews
Oct 18, 2019
Very useful extension
E-Commerce & Systems Manager
A great tool for merchandising product categories. Would be useful to see the hidden items as 'greyed out' so that they can be positioned correctly prior to enabling them, would certainly speed things up when launching new products.
Feb 27, 2019
This is an automated tool that creates virtual categories with minimal effort. It helps us make smarter business decisions.
Nov 15, 2018
Useful extension. Worth the money!
Really useful extension. It can take some time to get it configured and but once you do, it's great. The customer support can't be better. They are really quick and helpful. Thanks a lot for your efforts!
Nov 02, 2018
Fit our needs perfectly
This extension works just fine. It allows us to have the dynamic categories based on rules for our retail store. We did look at other extensions on the market but found this was most suitable. Easy install and use. Thanks!

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Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

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My Downloads
Version 1.3.17
Last Update: Jan 03, 2020
1.3.17 - Jan 03, 2020:
  • Fix issue with product sorting was resolved
1.3.16 - Oct 22, 2019:
  • Fix we resolved the incorrect behavior of pagination section in admin panel during products merchandising
1.3.15 - Oct 15, 2019:
  • Compatibility we improved compatibility with Amasty Improved Sorting plugin
1.3.14 - Oct 01, 2019:
  • Fix we resolved the issue occurred on moving of out of stock products to bottom in admin panel
1.3.13 - Sep 23, 2019:
  • Compatibility enhanced compatibility with Amasty Landing Pages
  • Fix issue with category saving if there are no products assigned was resolved
1.3.12 - Aug 14, 2019:
  • Fix issue with adding products from another website was resolved
1.3.11 - Jul 12, 2019:
  • Fix issues with install script were resolved
  • Fix issue with "is one of" condition was fixed
  • Fix issue with text attribute indexation was fixed
1.3.10 - Jun 21, 2019:
  • Fix issue with reindex was resolved. Now changing of products' positions in admin panel results in the same order on frontend after the reindex is finished
1.3.9 - Jun 13, 2019:
  • Fix the issue with Upgrade script was resolved
1.3.8 - Jun 12, 2019:
  • Fix the issue with product positions was resolved
  • Fix the issue with product attributes indexation was fixed
1.3.6 - Apr 17, 2019:
  • Compatibility the compatibility with Magento 2.1.x was improved
  • Fix an issue with the category product link for disabled products was resolved
  • Fix an issue with the category manipulation from the product page was resolved
  • Fix an issue with SKU condition appearance was resolved
1.3.5 - Apr 05, 2019:
  • Fix an issue with the configurable product (parent) does not show up in 'on Sale' condition when simple product is on Sale was resolved
1.3.4 - Mar 14, 2019:
  • Improvement the category page display with empty product conditions for big catalog was enhanced
  • Compatibility the compatibility with Magento 2.3.0 was enhanced
  • Fix an issue related to the processing status displayed constantly on category tree was resolved
  • Fix an issue with the catalog search indexer run instantly after data changes was resolved
1.3.3 - Jan 30, 2019:
  • Fix an issue with compilation on Magento 2.3.0 was resolved
1.3.2 - Jan 11, 2019:
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Mass Product Action extension was added
  • Fix an issue with new category creation was resolved
1.3.1 - Dec 12, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with the missing index data after manual reindex was resolved
1.3.0 - Nov 29, 2018:
  • New possibility to use Merchandiser tab for usual categories was added
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Landing Pages extension was added
See previous updates
Version 1.2.2
Last Update: Nov 17, 2018
1.2.2 - Nov 17, 2018:
  • Improvement Compatibility with Magento EE was improved
1.2.1 - Nov 14, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with the 'unknown column' message during indexation on Magento EE was resolved
1.2.0 - Nov 12, 2018:
  • New new sorting options were added. Now admin is able to sort products by Top Rated, Most Viewed, Best Sellers, Biggest Saving, Reviews Count, Now in Wishlists
  • Improvement the product SKU was added to the product thumbnail
  • Improvement the flush cache action after reindex was added
  • Fix an issue with the missing composite products in results has been fixed
  • Fix minor design issues were resolved
Version 1.1.0
Last Update: Oct 29, 2018
1.1.0 - Oct 29, 2018:
  • New allows admin to search the products by SKU or name at the Products Merchandising tab in order to find the required product quickly on multi page products list
  • New allows admin to import the conditions from other automatic category to retrieve matching products quickly
  • Fix minor issues were resolved
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