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Free Magento 2 Extensions

Facebook Comments for Magento 2
Facebook Comments M2

Let your customers share their reviews more easily and efficiently. Enhance your sales conversion and credibility.

  • Allow customers to comment on product pages via Facebook
  • Engage customers for more activity and interaction
  • Let customers duplicate reviews on Facebook
  • Customize and embed Facebook comments
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Wishlist for Magento 2
Wishlist M2

This tool collects and shows data from all users' wishlists so that you can see the most frequently saved items. Keep a close watch on your customers' demand and easily manage products from one place.

  • Monitor how many popular items left in stock
  • Get to the product page in one click
  • See which items are liked the most
  • Sort items based on their popularity
  • Collect all customers' wishlists in one place
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Custom Button for Magento 2
Custom Button M2

Wrap links in customizable buttons to smoothly embed them into your website. Proactively interact with your site visitors by simple yet efficient UX enhancement.

  • Create custom buttons of any color and size
  • Locate buttons anywhere on your store
  • Specify custom text for your buttons to use them for multiple purposes
  • Redirect shoppers anywhere you need by linking buttons with specific URLs
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Freemium at Amasty is a chance to acquire premium products for free. Download Magento extensions almost for free and extend the functionality when needed. We want to give a hand to newbies, startups, and to all those in need, therefore, share our knowledge in e-commerce through the freemium model. 

Note: Learn more about what Amasty freemium is and how it works.

Even though these Magento 2 plugins and modules are practically free, they go with our standard options:

  1. free 3-month support
  2. free lifetime updates
  3. 90-day money-back guarantee.

Don't forget to add installation and configuration services to the cart, and feel free to contact our support team whatever the need may be. 

To download a free Magento 2 extension, just log into your Amasty account, complete a $1 purchase, and click the download button.

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