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Mega Menu for Magento 2

Compatibility With GraphQL
Improve customer shopping experience by providing a fast and flexible access across your webstore pages. Employ Magento 2 Mega Menu extension to create attractive and dynamic navigation menu without any technical skills.
  1. Use different layouts for your menu display
  2. Add CMS blocks, images, products, brands, links
  3. Highlight menu items with eye-catching labels
  4. Apply hamburger menu to a category tree
  5. Benefit from mobile responsive design
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Increase conversions by enriching your site navigation with powerful tools:
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At any given time, only 16% of your store visitors are actually making purchases, while about 68% of users are just browsing. Usually, customers are not patient enough to make multiple steps to find something. If they don’t find the needed goods quickly, they are likely to leave the store.


Magento 2 Mega Menu will help you create smooth navigation throughout your website. Easily configure a dynamic menu bar with needed categories, subcategories, products, brands, CMS pages, static blocks and URL links. This way you will make the store navigation intuitive and grow your sales.

See how to configure the main Mega Menu use cases

What benefits do you get for your store

Boost revenue by attracting customer attention to various products right from menu bar

Decrease your store bounce rate by letting customers quickly find the needed goods

Enhance customer experience by providing them with flexible store navigation

Engage customers with dynamic navigation menu

Significantly improve customer shopping experience by implementing flexible navigation across your webstore pages. Create appealing and dynamic menu by adding various eye-catching content right to the top menu bar.

mega menu layout

Engage customers with dynamic navigation menu

Discover the advanced Magento 2 Mega Menu extenstion to enrich your webstore with an impressive navigation menu. Display multiple subcategories, add CMS blocks, widgets, images, products and banners to draw customer attention. Make your store ourstanding and extremely competitive by placing unique content for each category dropdown: top, main content and bottom areas.

Promote your featured products

Mega Menu for Magento 2 can be used as an effective promotional tool. Show your featured products, promote profitable brands or boost sales by applying extra Mega Menu functionality.

More Features for Magento 2 Mega Menu

  • Enable sticky menu to let visitors smoothly navigate through the webstore from any part of the page
  • Make your menu mobile friendly due to automatic mobile menu breakpoint

Enrich your store menu with advanced tools

Add Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation to equip your website with a highly flexible vertical and horizontal navigation menu. Let your customers use product, price and search filters along with handy widgets.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
4 Reviews
Jul 08, 2019
Totally satisfied with the servic
I'm totally satisfied with the service provided and the communication with support team. Their team gave out of the way support to complete my project on time with great product quality. Looking forward to work with you again. Thank you!
May 09, 2019
Little dizzying
I added all features with special attention to pics and videos, and now less people are coming. We monitored why and found that shop got dizzying. Solving it now.
May 07, 2019
Reviews work
Tina T.
I love this module. Best feature is displaying reviews right in the menu At first we gathered reviews to top prods from fb and insta, but just after a day customers started to add reviews themselves. And top prods sales grew by 1% in just 4 days. Waiting for more.
May 05, 2019
unlim options
Sandrine Reyes
I subscribed and got it right when it got out. And from then on, I’m studying the mod to see what works best. I love this flexibility. Now experimenting like what to add, video, photos or both, what colors are most attractive and which tabs are best. And even seo optimization is in. However, I’m also considering buying the navigation module as this one lacks some essential settings.

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Magento 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

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My Downloads
Version 1.8.0
Last Update: Oct 05, 2020
1.8.0 - Oct 05, 2020:
  • New we covered the main plugin's features with MFTF tests. It will help to improve quality and stability of our extension
See previous updates
Version 1.7.6
Last Update: Sep 23, 2020
1.7.6 - Sep 23, 2020:
  • Improvement now desktop hamburger menu content can be scrolled if the height of window is exceeded
  • Improvement we improved Menu block rendering to prevent performance impact
  • Compatibility we enhanced compatibility with Varnish
1.7.5 - Sep 03, 2020:
  • Compatibility we improved the module functioning in combination with Amasty Jet Theme and Automatic Related Products extension
1.7.4 - Jul 21, 2020:
  • Fix we fixed the display of Mega Menu if Review widget and Varnish are used
1.7.3 - Jul 16, 2020:
  • Fix we improved compatibility with Magento 2.3.2 and less
1.7.2 - Jul 15, 2020:
  • Compatibility now the extension is compatible with Amasty Jet Theme
  • Fix we resolved the incorrect display of breadcrumbs on product pages in case of using hamburger menu for categories
1.7.1 - May 05, 2020:
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Shop By Brand extension was improved
  • Fix we fixed the issue which occurred upon root category disabling
1.7.0 - Apr 14, 2020:
  • New now Menu Builder supports configuration on store view level
  • Improvement we slightly modified desktop design: now categories without subcategories don't contain arrows
  • Improvement now the highlight of active menu items is applied to CMS pages (if used as custom menu items) as well
  • Fix we corrected the display of categories in breadcrumbs on PDP
  • Fix we fixed the issue with missing welcome message for logged in customers in hamburger menu on desktop
Version 1.6.4
Last Update: Mar 05, 2020
1.6.4 - Mar 05, 2020:
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Blog Pro was improved
1.6.3 - Feb 06, 2020:
  • Improvement we added an option not to load plugin's color styles for store owners who are used to defining color scheme using Magento LESS files
1.6.2 - Feb 03, 2020:
  • Compatibility compatibility with Magento 2.3.4 was improved
1.6.1 - Jan 21, 2020:
  • Compatibility compatibility with read GraphQL was enhanced: now it supports 'per store view' configuration and Amasty MegaMenu Products widget settings
  • Fix we implemented minor design fixes
1.6.0 - Nov 26, 2019:
  • New we added a Drill Down template for mobile view which shows each menu level on separate tab
  • Fix we implemented several styling fixes
Version 1.5.0
Last Update: Sep 27, 2019
1.5.0 - Sep 27, 2019:
  • New we introduced Menu Builder functionality, which will help you to switch the position of top-menu items (both top categories and custom menu items) easily. Drag&drop is available to make the process more convenient
  • New we added the ability to upload a background image for submenu popup
  • New now you can differentiate custom items and create separate ones for desktop and mobile view
  • Compatibility now the module is read GraphQL compatible
  • Fix minor issues were resolved
Version 1.4.0
Last Update: Aug 08, 2019
1.4.0 - Aug 08, 2019:
  • New we added an option that allows you to highlight the active mega menu item. Your customers will always know which category they are on right now
  • Improvement we added the ability to choose CMS pages and Amasty Landing Pages right on the custom item’s configuration page. If you want to use one of such pages as a custom menu item, there is no more need to copy and insert URLs, you can just choose the required page from the drop-down list
  • Improvement now products are getting loaded by AJAX
  • Fix we solved the issue with displaying of custom menu items on different store views
Version 1.3.0
Last Update: Jul 25, 2019
1.3.0 - Jul 25, 2019:
  • New we added the ability for desktops to place a category tree under a hamburger menu. This type of menu is similar to Amazon and eBay style
  • Compatibility compatibility with Page Builder was enhanced
Version 1.2.0
Last Update: Jul 01, 2019
1.2.0 - Jul 01, 2019:
  • New we added a new widget type for products list which allows showing products in slider
Version 1.1.1
Last Update: May 13, 2019
1.1.1 - May 13, 2019:
  • Fix an issue with javascript console error was resolved
1.1.0 - May 10, 2019:
  • New ability to display sticky menu navigation during vertical page scrolling was added
Version 1.0.1
Last Update: May 03, 2019
1.0.1 - May 03, 2019:
  • Fix an issue with Menu Custom Item grid was resolved
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