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Avalara Avatax Integration for Magento 2
Avalara Avatax Integration M2
Comply with tax regulations without additional development. This extension is designed to handle complex tax liabilities. Calculate taxes, generate returns, and more right from your storefront.
  • Provide a seamless exempt customer experience
  • Manage tax rules for a wide range of products
  • Verify addresses and improve rate accuracy
  • Go global with automated tax liability
  • Simplify the filing and payment process for customers
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Tier Price for Magento 2
Tier Price M2
Encourage users to purchase more by offering tier prices. Upgrade default Magento tier price feature by setting up amount-based limits and automatically offering a price based on the number of purchased items. It will save your time and improve the overall customers’ satisfaction.
  • Apply flexible settings for various tier pricing
  • Use the automated tier pricing table
  • Update tier prices in bulk
  • Specify individual tier prices for customer groups
  • Benefit from the user-friendly interface
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Adyen Payments Integration for Magento 2
Adyen Payments Integration M2
Empower the customer to make payments online through the Adyen payment gateway and improve the user experience by providing users with a wide range of payment methods.
  • Provide a huge number of payment methods
  • Make payments safe and secure
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Get detailed customer analytics
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Single Sign-on for Magento 2
Single Sign-on M2
Let your customers log in to third-party applications by using their Magento credentials.
  • unlimited number of integrations
  • all IDP/Directory support
  • SAML compatibility
  • multi-factor authentication
  • IdP and SP SSO support
  • IP blacklist
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Product Carousel Slider for Magento 2
Product Carousel Slider M2
Display products in a compact carousel style and increase your conversions with our Product Carousel Slider extension.
  • Easily display Featured, New, Bestsellers, On-sale products
  • Improve UX by making your store interactive and appealing
  • Use OWL carousel options
  • Add a product slider anywhere in your store
  • Create custom sliders
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Mobile Login for Magento 2
Mobile Login M2
Let your customers register, log in, and reset credentials by using their mobile phone numbers.
  • Enable one-time password (OTP) login in your store
  • Allow guest users to complete checkout with OTP
  • Update users phone number from the admin panel
  • Notify users by email about suspicious activity
  • Integrate with any SMS providers
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Booking System for Magento 2
Booking System M2
Let your users make bookings for services and reserve rental products with our Magento 2 Booking extension.
  • create booking system for products and services
  • configure available days and time
  • allow reservation for specific products
  • offer a discount for early bookings
  • manage all the tickets on one grid
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Sage Pay Integration for Magento 2
Sage Pay Integration M2
Integrate the payment gateway with the highest level of data security.
  • accept the most popular credit cards
  • track transaction status
  • accept Gift Aid donations
  • let users pay by MOTO
  • surcharge extra fee
  • set payment restrictions
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Barcode Scanner for Magento 2
Barcode Scanner M2
Generate and print unique barcodes and automate your inventory management.
  • Generate an unlimited number of barcodes
  • Use 30+ barcode types
  • Speed up the work with a barcode scanner support
  • Create custom barcode label templates
  • Print barcodes via mass action
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Zoho Integration for Magento 2
Zoho Integration M2
Synchronize data about all your customers, orders, and products from Magento 2 with Zoho CRM.
  • Benefit from auto-synchronization via cron or by event
  • Manage field-mapping between Magento 2 and Zoho
  • Keep an eye on synchronization errors on a report page
  • Configure data sync for multiple websites
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SMS Notification for Magento 2
SMS Notification M2
Notify your customers about current order status and available promotions by sending SMS.
  • Send SMS notifications to customers and admins
  • Create custom messages
  • Inform clients about stock refill and discounts
  • Schedule automatic messaging
  • Manage all the SMS campaigns in one place
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Featured Products for Magento 2
Featured Products M2
Stimulate sales by featuring products on Magento 2 storefront.
  • Highlight the most popular products in a separate block
  • Customize the widget display
  • Place product slider on any page of your store
  • Attract customers attention to the products with animation effects
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Auction for Magento 2
Auction M2
Launch a limitless number of auctions in your Magento 2 store.
  • Enable automatic start and end dates of an auction
  • Set up start and increment bidding prices
  • Restrict for not logged in users to bid
  • Notify customers about victory in an auction by email
  • Manage all your auctions from one grid
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Help Desk for Magento 2
Help Desk M2
Provide customers with high-quality support service by implementing this help desk system into your Magento 2 store.
  • Equip admins with a handy tickets grid
  • Let users track all their tickets in customer accounts
  • Log ticket activity
  • Notify users about ticket updates via email
  • Gather and analyze statistics of the support process
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Custom Maintenance Page for Magento 2
Custom Maintenance Page M2

Notify users whenever your website is down and back up again.

  • Customize maintenance page without coding
  • Choose one of the pre-made design templates
  • Enable countdown timer
  • Preview the page before publishing
  • Let users subscribe to email newsletters instead
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Sphinx Search for Magento 2
Sphinx Search M2
Turn your potential sales into real ones with an extremely fast and reliable Magento 2 Sphinx Search solution. Provide highly flexible search results to increase your conversion rate and the number of orders.
  • Provide the most relevant query results
  • Boost your website search speed
  • Manage autocomplete product suggestions
  • Search by category names, custom options and related products
  • Use synonyms, stop words and hyphens/slashes
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GLS for Magento 2
Save on shipping in Europe and US with 40 percent lower rates of GLS courier. Delegate responsibility for shipping to professionals inspiring trust among your customers.
  • adds GSL shipping solutions
  • creates downloadable shipping labels in PDF
  • auto-generates shipping labels in bulk
  • adds parcel tracking links to Magento backend
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Chat Via Messengers for Magento 2
Chat Via Messengers M2
We test the demand for this M2 Chat extension. See the list of features that we’re going to write for the module. And when interested in the development, leave your email (no spam guaranteed).
  • Provide an easy way for your customers to reach you
  • Increase your sales by communicating with customers that have doubts
  • Cut expenses on custom chat solutions
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360 Product View for Magento 2
360 Product View M2
Magento 2 360 Product View extension shows your products in 360 degrees. Visitors can rotate images down and up to view over and under a product. The Magento 3D product viewer is designed for maximizing sales conversions making online purchasing closer to offline.
  • Make your site eye-catching with 360-degree product icons
  • Fix a separate 360-degree view for every product posted on your site
  • Customize the width and height of the product
  • Adjust animation effects and speed settings for the products shown
  • Import the 360 icons through CSV
  • Magento 3d product viewer is 100% mobile responsive
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Product Configurator for Magento 2
Product Configurator M2
Increase your sales by letting your customers create a personalized version of the product with unlimited customization options. Calculate the total price according to the chosen configurations.
  • Offer ‘make your own…’ product
  • Create custom options with a handy drag-and-drop tool
  • Preview the result in 360° mode before completing an order
  • Show additional information about each customization option
  • Benefit from the mobile-optimized solution
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Amazon Integration for Magento 2
Amazon Integration M2
Connect your Magento 2 store with the Amazon marketplace. Reach more potential clients by enabling additional sale source and increase your revenue. Sync the data and manage inventory and orders from the Magento 2 admin panel.
  • Upload products to the Amazon account in bulk and vice versa
  • Synchronize orders and manage them from one grid
  • Set rules to update prices automatically via cron
  • Notify your admins about a low stock
  • Benefit from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
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Point of Sales (POS) for Magento 2
Point of Sales (POS) M2
Sync your online and physical stores using our POS system. Increase customer loyalty keeping needed prods always in stock and completing orders in minutes.
  • Find the product by scanning the barcode label
  • Complete the checkout in one minute
  • Connect your POS system with cash drawer
  • Allow staff to apply discounts, coupons, and gift cards
  • Add as many offline stores as you need
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We are constantly looking for new ideas for our Magento 2 extensions. On these pages, we describe features of our future extensions that we want to include in 1.0.0. version. If you are interested in these products and want us to release them, you can leave your email in the form in the upper-right corner of the page. We’ll notify you about our development plans. Moreover, if you have any ideas for our existing or upcoming plugins, you can share them with our product team by filling in the request a feature form.
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