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updates to amasty extensions september

We are constantly working to improve our extensions so that you could get the most out of them for your business. The most significant updates this month have gone to the Shop by Brand and Improved Layered Navigation. Read on for more details on these and other extensions. 

New features to Magento 2 extensions

Shop by Brand / Improved Layered Navigation

  • We improved compliance with WCAG requirements by adding an aria-label for Category filters.
  • The problem with Brand duplicates in the database was solved.
  • The issue with the AMP canonical URLs was resolved.
  • We eliminated the issue when Configurable products are being created.
  • The incorrect count of products in the Category filter was fixed.
  • Along with that, the Stock filter is now working correctly in case with multiple stores.
  • The issue with the color swatch selection while filtering was resolved.
  • We fixed compatibility with Amasty FAQ and product questions, so now in case of store switching, the store URL is SEO-friendly.

Extended Product Grid with Editor  

  • The compatibility with Amasty Custom Reports Builder was improved.
  • The issue with saving views after updating the columns was solved.
  • We resolved the issue connected to exporting the columns Creation Date and Last Modified Date.
  • The problem with the attributes with datetime type was eliminated.
  • We fixed the issue with filtering by “Thumbnail” and “Set Product as New” columns.
  • Now there are no issues with setting the value for boolean attributes from the grid.
  • Editing the images from the grid is now working correctly.

Out of Stock Notification 

  • The compatibility with Amasty Free Gift was improved.
  • We improved compatibility with PHP 8.1.
  • We solved the problem with an incorrect price on the “My Price Subscription” page for configurable and grouped products.
  • The issue with getting enable, disable, and out-of-stock products according to the GET request to the REST endpoint was fixed.
  • The compatibility issue with the Amasty Jet Theme newsletter form was resolved.
  • Now you can exclude the optional fields from personal data download.
  • We fixed the issue with the secure attribute of “amcookie_policy_restriction”.
  • We resolved the problem with the pop-up buttons displaying when a “Decline” button is disabled.
  • Now there is no problem appearing with the customer’s creation when cookie groups are disabled.

    Advanced Product Reviews 

    • Now there is no problem with sending the email notifications with a coupon code after the product’s review is approved by an administrator.
    • We resolved the issue with rating updates when the reviews were imported.
    • The problem with WebP image optimization in the reviews by Google Page Speed Optimizer was fixed.
    • From now, the “More info/Less” info button on the reviews block of the product page performs as it should. 

    Blog Pro

    • We improved the compatibility with Amasty Elastic Search, so now posts search works as expected.
    • The issue with the primary key missing in the module tables was fixed.
    • We eliminated the problems of the vulnerability of cross-site scripting.
    • The accessibility of the hidden blog posts by the direct URL was restored.

    Free Gift / Promotion Suite Pro / Promotion Suite Premium

    • Now Free Gifts are being added to the cart without taxes as intended.
    • Along with that, now products with special prices participate in Cart price rules according to the specified Limitations.
    • We resolved the issue that occurred when Bundle Products were added to the cart as a free gift.

    Custom Order Number 

    • Now the extension is compatible with Magento 2.4.5.
    • The issue with the “store” variable that occurred with multiple websites was fixed.
    • We resolved the problem connected to creating orders from the backend on a multi-store environment.

    Multiple Wishlist 

    • We switched the module to a declarative schema.
    • The compatibility with Amasty AJAX Shopping Cart was fixed, so now products from the wishlist are added to the cart as expected.
    • The problem with an empty API array response was resolved.

    Reward Points

    • We fixed the issue with the wrong Reward Points calculation on product pages when taxes are included.
    • We resolved the problem with Reward Points calculation when the “Total Items Quantity” condition is being used.

    Meta Tags Templates 

    • The extension is now compatible with PHP 8.1.
    • The issue with the Brand Pages Meta Tags when Brands Meta Templates is being used was resolved.

    One Step Checkout / One Step Checkout Pro / One Step Checkout Premium

    • We fixed One Step Checkout compatibility with Amasty Gift Card, so now Billing Address fields are displayed as intended when adding Gift Card or virtual products to the cart.
    • The extension packages were updated to avoid tariff conflicts during upgrading.

    Special Promotions / Special Promotions Pro 

    • Now the extension works with bundle products, so you can offer your customers discounts on bundled products.

    Customer Group Catalog

    • We improved the module performance by optimizing the Customer Conditions operators, so the indexation process is now enhanced.

    Store Credit & Refund

    • The issue with the Store Credits applying when the Braintree Payments method is being used was resolved.

    Extra Fee

    • We solved the problem with incorrect Extra Fee adding to different payment methods.

    Store Pickup 

    • The issue occurred when the order was placed by guests using the PayPal Braintree payment method was fixed.

    Product Parts Finder 

    • Now the extension is compatible with Magento 2.4.5.

    Request a Quote 

    • The subtotal is now updating correctly on the Edit Quote page when a new product is added or the Qty of existing is changed.

    PWA for Custom Stock Status (Add-On)

    • Now the extension supports PWA Studio 12.6.0.

    PWA for Improved Layered Navigation (Add-on)  

    • Now the extension supports PWA Studio 12.6.0.

    PWA for Shop by Brand (Add-On) 

    • Now the extension supports PWA Studio 12.6.0.

    Received minor improvements

    Instagram Feed

    Gift Card

    Advanced Product Reviews

    Mega Menu

    Request a Quote 

    Improved Layered Navigation


    Customer Group Catalog

    Custom Checkout Fields

    Gift Card

    Special Promotions Pro

    Promo Banners

    Product Attachments

    Visual Merchandiser

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