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Meta Tags Templates for Magento 2

Drive more traffic and acquire potential customers by increasing your store visibility in search engines. Automatically generate tags for category, product or any other page on your site.

  • Add meta info, keywords and H1 tag for products & categories
  • Use flexible templates with different variables
  • Specify short and full product description
  • Create unique meta data for any page by URL
  • Set noindex or nofollow for site pages
  • Utilize emojis in meta information
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Why does Magento store need meta data?

SEO is an important part of marketing strategy for every e-commerce website. Here is some statistics data you should consider:

    • Search is the most important source of targeted traffic
    • 75% of users never scroll past the first two search result pages
    • About 40% of all buyers come from search

      Managing meta info

      Optimizing webstores for search engines and implementing meta information in Magento is significant for commercial success. Sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming due to the large number of products, categories and unfriendly default URL structure. In order to set everything right many store owners prefer to enrich Magento with an SEO module.

      🌞 Quick way to create meta tags

      Magento enhanced with this meta tags extension allows you to generate SEO templates for certain categories or products included into a specific category. This option comes in handy if you are selling different types of goods in a single store.

      It allows store admins to generate absolutely different templates for products in each category. You can generate as many templates as you need, add meta tags to Magento headings or simply adjust meta data for particular items; it will be applied where you choose but will not affect the rest of the template.

      🌞 Effective titles and description

      All Magento 2 webstores need meta title, description and keywords for both category and product pages. Search engine crawlers will read and evaluate all this information to display relevant search results. If you are in a hurry or your store is just too big, the extension will take care of all meta information automatically by the logic of an appropriate Magento template. You can create templates for product and category pages as well as for any other page by URL. Moreover, all the templates support emojis to make the search results outstanding.


      Emojis naturally embedded in a meta title and description may be beneficial for Magento 2 optimization no less than meta keywords. Today’s Google recognizes even hand-drawn emojis. In fact, emojis have grown to become potential conversion boosters. Thus, using emojis in meta descriptions magento, you talk to customers expressing emotions, which helps you build a strong sense of trust. Moreover, it's no secret that emotional attitude is one of the best marketing practices in attracting new users.

      We, in turn, took care of the functionality and made sure our Magento 2 Meta Tags support emojis in meta titles, descriptions and H1 tags. Now you can add emojis right in the admin panel to “greet” users on Google search page.

      Precautions: mind your target audience, while about 68% of millennials are positive about emojis, the rate of acceptance is far lower among people over 65 (only 37%). And remember that a working meta title should be no longer than 65 characters when a magento meta description shouldn’t exceed 160 characters.

      Advanced SEO templates for Magento

      Meta tags for products

      Rich functionality of this module allows you to generate different meta templates for all products in the store or just for items in a certain category. For example, you can create a template, which will be applied only to products from 'Jackets' category and only for German store view. In Magento 2 you can add meta tags to headings and descriptions. This option is a real lifesaver for merchants who run their stores with multiple store views!

      Create dynamic templates for:

      • Title
      • Meta description
      • Keywords
      • H1 tag
      • Short description
      • Full description

      Meta tags for Magento product categories

      It’s possible to create individual templates for categories and subcategories. Use a separate template for a subcategory or the template of the parent category for it.

      New | Prioritize meta data templates for categories. If a product is assigned to a few categories, the meta data template with the highest priority will be applied.

      Create dynamic templates for:
      • Magento 2 meta title and description
      • Keywords
      • H1 tag
      • Description
      • Image alt
      • Text after product list
      • New | Brands' Pages of Shop by Brand

      Meta tags for a custom page by URL

      Specify URL for any page of the website and create meta tags for it. It's possible to add meta info for contacts, registration page, etc. The same can be done for a single product if you don’t want its page to be affected by the category settings.

      Spread templates to all product URLs

      Often you need to apply a newly created product URL template to all the products that already exist in your store. Normally in this case you'd face loads of work to rewrite them all manually. 'Apply Templates for Product URLs' functionality is designed as a time savior. Everything will be done in just one click!

      • Use variables like {name}, {sku}, {price}, {brand} etc.
      • Apply templates for previously created products
      • Modify product URL templates in a blink

      SEO-friendly webpage redirection

      301 redirect functionality enables you to manage web store URLs to avoid duplicating content. For instance,, will all be permanently redirected to

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      Version 1.2.6
      Last Update: Aug 18, 2021
      1.2.6 - Aug 18, 2021
      • Fix we corrected meta tags application for products which are assigned to a root category
      1.2.5 - Jan 14, 2021
      • Fix we corrected the applying of Product URL Key Templates on a multistore installation in case the field is not filled per each store view
      1.2.4 - Sep 15, 2020
      • Improvement we optimized the process of URLs generation for large catalogs
      • Fix we resolved the issue with the usage of Brand Name variable
      1.2.3 - Aug 10, 2020
      • Fix we resolved issue with parsing category attribute variable in meta templates
      1.2.2 - Jul 28, 2020
      • Compatibility compatibility with Magento 2.4 was added. Please, note: the current version of extension package contains the patch 'module-mage24fix' which is intended for compatibility with Magento 2.4.0 ONLY. If you are on higher or lower Magento versions - do not hesitate to just delete this patch
      1.2.1 - Jul 24, 2020
      • Fix we resolved the issue with saving Meta Template by custom URL
      1.2.0 - Jul 15, 2020
      • New now you can create separate templates for Amasty Brands pages
      • New now you can choose if to create redirects while applying Template for Product URLs
      • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Cross Linking was enhanced: cross links are now added to description defined by meta template
      • Fix we resolved the issue with applying of Template for Product URLs on PHP 7.3
      Version 1.1.13
      Last Update: Feb 21, 2020
      1.1.13 - Feb 21, 2020
      • Fix we resolved the issue with missing of category description
      1.1.12 - Feb 05, 2020
      • Fix we fixed an issue with products' meta title replacement
      • Fix we resolved minor issue with incorrect displaying of category name on Templates grid
      1.1.11 - Jun 18, 2019
      • Compatibility the compatibility with Google Rich Snippets extension was enhanced.
      1.1.10 - Jan 18, 2019
      • New the priority field was added to the meta data template. If a product is assigned to a few categories, the meta data template with the highest priority will be applied. The categories with the same priority values are compared by the category depth
      1.1.9 - Nov 25, 2018
      • Improvement minor improvement was made
      1.1.8 - Nov 15, 2018
      • Compatibility compatibility with Magento 2.3.0-alpha was added
      1.1.7 - Oct 09, 2018
      • Fix the issue with HTML tags was resolved
      1.1.6 - Sep 18, 2018
      • Fix the problem with the HTML tags escaping was resolved
      1.1.5 - Sep 03, 2018
      • New the ability to use Emoji in the meta title, description and h1 tags was added
      1.1.4 - Aug 13, 2018
      • Compatibility the compatibility with Magento B2B was added
      1.1.3 - Apr 25, 2018
      • Fixed the setting misspelling issue
      1.1.2 - Apr 02, 2018
      • Fixed an issue with the missing acl elements for the Meta Tags Templates extension
      1.1.1 - Feb 13, 2018
      • Fixed an issue with the specific values per store for the URL generation
      1.1.0 - Jan 05, 2018
      • New {meta_parent_category} variable is added
      • Made the [ ] to work like an if condition, meaning if the variable is empty then the text will not be printed
      Version 1.0.5
      Last Update: Nov 02, 2017
      1.0.5 - Nov 02, 2017
      • Minor fixes
      • Code style fixes
      1.0.4 - Oct 26, 2017
      • Minor fixes
      1.0.3 - Mar 13, 2017
      • Fix for H1 custom tag
      1.0.2 - Nov 30, 2016
      • Fix for product page meta tags when visiting from category page
      1.0.1 - Nov 23, 2016
      • Fix for working with database when tables have prefixes
      • Few additions to translation file

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