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Magento 2
FAQ and Product Questions for Magento 2

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FAQ and Product Questions for Magento 2


Equip product pages with the advanced SEO-optimized FAQ section. Provide customers with additional information on products and services in your store. Let visitors ask questions and efficiently manage your own knowledge base from the backend. Utilize the efficient set of tools including the question and answer grids, powerful WYSIWYG editor, and advanced SEO capabilities.

  1. Add the well-organized product questions section to store pages
  2. Manage questions' Product IDs via API
  3. Boost store SEO with user-generated content
  4. Enable customers to ask questions from product and knowledge base pages
  5. Create categories and answers protected from duplicate content
  6. GDPR compliant and fully optimized for mobile
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Improve your content strategy with 2 powerful tools:
FAQ and Product Questions for Magento 2

Product questions are the de-facto industry standard for the European and American e-commerce websites. They help merchants to increase search engine optimization efficiency by letting store visitors generate content for the knowledge base. Tweak meta title and description, avoid duplicated content with short and full answers to attract new visitors and convert them to the happy customers. Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions extension allows you to achieve multiple e-commerce goals with a single toolkit.

Add Magento 2 FAQ section to product pages

This Magento 2 FAQ extension enables you equip each product page with a well-organized list of product questions and answers. As well as provide a separate FAQ section that will accumulate all product and other questions around the site. The module allows you to answer questions from your customers or create your own queries to display important information. Group similar questions by categories to simplify navigation and make information easy for perceiving.

Increase the amount of user-generated content

Rapidly grow your knowledge base by letting your shoppers get more information related to products and services in the store. Enable them to ask new questions and provide the detailed answers. Whether a customer is not willing to contact you directly for some reason, he or she can still find the required information in the knowledge base. Hence, the extension is a free source of user-generated content.

magento 2 faq and product questions

Quickly search for information

Visitors can use search to find the relevant questions and categories. Powerful full-text search highlights the result to let customers quickly find the required information. On top of that, the more users interact with store pages (browse FAQ categories, read answers, search for content) the higher the chance they will be involved in the process of purchasing from you.

Add social sharing buttons

Equip each question page with the appealing social sharing buttons. Quickly adjust the list of supported social networks to increase your store's presence in social media. Get extra visitors from the useful FAQ content shared by your customers.

Gain customers' trust with ratings

Add customers' rating to each question. Choose between two convenient schemes of casting a vote to clearly show store visitors the popularity and importance of particular topics. Modify the rating of certain questions according to your specific needs.

Use tags

Easy site navigation is the key to your successful interaction with customers. Tags will help your clients instantly find the information they are looking for. Time is money – remember the simple truth.

Assign questions to particular products

With the Magento 2 FAQ module, each question can be assigned to a particular product or category. Queries from the product pages are automatically assigned to the corresponding product. Both user-generated and manually added questions will help you to lower the volume of support requests by providing the important information in the FAQ section.

Create FAQ categories

Divide Magento 2 knowledge base into smart categories that will ease navigation and help store visitors find the required information faster. You can display the same questions in categories and on the product pages, define their position in the list and edit right from the categories grid. Extra store pages with the content optimized to search queries will definitely improve your domain positions and bring more relevant traffic.

Allow guest visitors to add questions

The extension allows both guests and registered customers to add their questions. You can adjust the policy to limit this ability to logged in users only. The details about the question author are available when you providing an answer.

Provide detailed answers

According to Dan Ariely and his researches on the behavioral economics, the questions on a particular product provides social confirmation about the intense interest to it. Answering customers questions directly affects conversion. Your detailed answer can easily dispel fears and doubts of a particular shopper who makes a purchasing decision.

magento 2 faq and product questions

Support for GDPR requirements

This FAQ extension comes with the built-in GDPR requirements support. You can enable and adjust the privacy policy consent regarding the name and email processing when a question is submitted. Hence, customers are notified for which purposes their personal data is used by the FAQ and Product Questions extension.

Adjust FAQ page layout

Provide customers with the well-designed FAQ main page. Utilize the default FAQ CMS-page to display a search bar and the essential list of categories with questions. Adjust the design to your specific needs and content in the knowledge base or create your very own page layout using FAQ widgets.

Implement FAQ widgets across your store

Utilize 3 types of widgets to include FAQ elements into various CMS-pages. The module comes with the search bar, categories block, and the 'Back to Product' button widgets. They come with separate settings that be configured separately for every page. All these widgets can be added to both new and existing CMS-pages.

Boost store SEO with Magento 2 help desk

The module’s main focus is the ability to turn the ordinary FAQ section, that is important in itself, into the search engine optimized knowledge base. Resulting in a higher positions and greater visibility of your Magento 2 store in SERP. From short and full answers to breadcrumbs and configurable URLs — the extension provides store admins with a full set of tools to avoid duplicate content and increase store page ranking in search engines.

Create SEO-friendly URLs

When you add a new query or answer the existing one, the extension automatically generates the unique URL for it to save your time. However, you can always specify your own URL to make it shorter and more optimized for search engines. Also, each question and category include meta title and description that can be set and edited from the admin panel. The meta title can be filled in automatically using the question title.

magento 2 faq and product questions

Utilize breadcrumbs

Implement the FAQ section navigation into your store structure and help search engines browse your site correctly by using breadcrumbs. Lower the bounce rate by providing customers with the clear routes around your Magento 2 store and its knowledge base. Also, by increasing the customers’ average time on site you will increase your chances for successful conversion and improve search engine ranking.

Win over competitors with rich snippets in search results

Make your store more appealing in search results and achieve higher ranking with rich snippets. Display the knowledge base structure with rich data breadcrumbs and generate accurate rich snippets for attracting new store visitors from Google.

Speak the customers' language

The extension helps you to avoid limitations of a product description. In the FAQ section you can utilize all additional synonyms, keywords, long-tail keywords, and other content that is unacceptable in the product description but required for SEO purposes. Product questions with short and long answers are the most natural way to implement all these text content and get benefits.

Short and full answers

Provide store visitors with a short preview and a complete answer to make your Magento 2 knowledge base content more flexible and diverse. By using short and long answers you can provide more diverse content that is more relevant to shoppers’ needs.

Eliminate duplicate content

Duplicate content is one of the most dangerous SEO threats. Luckily, the FAQ and Product Question for Magento 2 module will help you to avoid it. With the module, one can easily provide the different answer preview on a product and category pages.

Advanced SEO for questions and categories

With the extension, you can adjust multiple search engine related settings for question and category pages. In addition to meta title and description, you can set the canonical URL for each page of the knowledge base. Moreover, the 'Noindex' and 'Nofollow' settings will help you avoid duplicate content and preserve the link juice within the required pages.

Add FAQ pages to the XML sitemap

All your knowledge base URLs can be easily included into the Magento 2 XML sitemap. Also, you can define the update frequency and priority for the FAQ pages. The extension is fully comatible with the Amasty Google XML sitemap module.

Manage Magento 2 Product Questions from the Backend

Magento 2 Product Questions can be easily managed from the backend. All questions whether they created by customers or store admins are displayed on the Questions grid. Right on this grid you can select a question to add an answer, modify its URL, set meta data, adjust its visibility on the frontend, and assign it to a particular category.

Notify customers about the answers

Customer satisfaction depends on various factors and your attention is among the most important ones. Thus, you can notify a shopper who added a question using the email template that can be sent when you submit a new answer. Also, the extension allows to reply directly to a customer without adding the answer to the knowledge base.

Equip categories with icons and desriptions

Enhance navigation throughout the knowledge base with descriptive category icons. Provide each category with an icon to make the information structure understandable. Moreover, you can provide a short description for each FAQ category in order to clearly show the exact questions' content.

Let only logged in users leave questions

Encourage guests to register - forbid them to leave questions until they log in. This will also protect you from spam.

Define questions order

Set the exact position of each question in the category right from the grid. With the module, you can show more important and frequent questions on top while moving the others lower by defining their position. Moreover, the option allows you to display questions base on their views to make sure the most popular ones are always on top.

Question statuses and visibility

With the module, you can see question status on the grid: queries that require your attention (Pending) and the ones that has already been submitted (Answered). Also, you can adjust questions visibility on the frontend for guest users and registered customers.

WYSIWYG editor for detailed answers

The FAQ and Product Questions extension for Magento 2 enables you to provide not only the text answers but also include various content in your knowledge base articles. Thanks to the advanced WYSIWYG editor you can equip answers with images, links and even PDF files to provide visitors with the comprehensive information on topics of interest.

Implement the questions limit

Avoid creating too long category pages by limiting a number of questions and answers per page for categories and search results. The remain questions will be available using pagination. Also, you can reduce a number of question for product pages to display only the most important ones.

Knowledge base search and results preview

The extension comes with the powerful search. It allows customers to search the knowledge base separately and get the detailed search results preview. On top of that, you can add the FAQ search bar to any CMS-page as a configurable widget with the adjustable bar width and alignment.

magento 2 faq and product questions

Easily integrate FAQ pages into store structure

Due to the flexible extension configuration you can easily equip product pages with the new FAQ tab. On top of that, you are able to implement links to the knowledge base into the toolbar, categories menu, and footer. Additionally, the module has multi store support that allows you to provide separate FAQ sections on different store views.

Quickly transfer data to the knowledge base

In case you've been using the FAQ and Product Questions module for Magento 1, you can easily move questions and categories to your new Magento 2 installation. Export the existing data and flawlessly import it to Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions extension with a few clicks. Moreover, you can backup or transfer the whole knowledgebase using the export functionality.

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  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Version 2.3.5 - December 10, 2018
– Improvement: minor visual improvement
Version 2.3.4 - December 04, 2018
– Compatibility: the compatibility with Magento 2.3 was enhanced
Version 2.3.3 - December 04, 2018
– Fix: the issue with the by-store user notification email template was resolved
Version 2.3.2 - November 21, 2018
– Improvement: the ability to manage questions' Product IDs via API was added
Version 2.3.1 - November 12, 2018
– New: the ability to disallow guests to leave questions was added
Version 2.3.0 - October 09, 2018
– New: introducing tags for questions
– Improvement: a customer will be redirected to the FAQ home page when switching to a store view where the question page he visited is not available
Version 2.2.6 - September 24, 2018
– Fix: the issue with the FAQ pages URL duplications was resolved
Version 2.2.5 - September 12, 2018
– Fix: the issue with adding images via WYSIWYG was resolved
Version 2.2.4 - July 31, 2018
– Fix: the issue with the 'header.html' template file was fixed
Version 2.2.3 - July 30, 2018
– Fix: the issue when updating the database was resolved
Version 2.2.2 - July 06, 2018
– Improvement: the compatibility with the Varnish cache was improved
Version 2.2.1 - June 05, 2018
– Improvement: stability update was implemented
Version 2.2.0 - May 21, 2018
– New: the ability to export data (questions and categories) from the FAQ and Product Questions extension was added
Version 2.1.0 - May 14, 2018
– New: the functionality to comply with the latest GDPR EU changes was added
– Fix: the issue with hiding content in the categories widget was resolved
Version 2.0.0 - May 03, 2018
– New: the FAQ Home Page with the ability to customize CMS-pages to your needs and widgets support was added
– New: the new widgets were added: FAQ search bar, categories display, and the 'Back to Product' button
– New: the ability to add category icon and description was implemented
– New: the new layout for FAQ pages was added (2 columns with right sidebar)
– New: the Search Result Preview functionality was added for quick and convenient search
– New: now, all layouts support the ability to collapse and expand questions to save space on a page
– Improvement: the rating view was enhanced
– Improvement: the email templates are now available from the Marketing - Email Templates grid
Version 1.1.0 - April 24, 2018
– New: the questions' rating with the ability to force its value was added
– New: the ability to limit the number of answers on the category, search, and product pages was added
– New: the import feature was added. Now, you can easily transfer your FAQ archive
– New: now, you can leave a question without an individual URL
– New: SEO improvements allow you to set 'noindex', 'nofollow', and canonical URL for specific question pages. Also, the ability to automatically add the FAQ pages to the Magento XML sitemap was added, as well as the compatibility with the Amasty XML sitemap extension
– New: the feature that allows adding rich snippets to the FAQ pages was added
– New: now, the module collects visitor statistics and allows you to set sort order to the most popular questions
– New: the configurable social sharing buttons were added
Version 1.0.1 - March 29, 2018
– Fix: the issue with permissions for the admin users was resolved
Version 1.0.0 - March 29, 2018
– Release
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