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Store Pickup for Magento 2

Drive more sales with Magento 2 Store Pickup extension! Offer improved shopping experience by allowing your customers pickup their orders from the nearest store.

  1. Allow users to choose store pickup at checkout
  2. Easily add multiple points of sales for store pickup method
  3. Show the order summary with saved shipping charges
  4. Adjust store pick up method availability for certain customer groups
  5. Let customers check shipping method details on their account
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Store Pickup for Magento 2
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Quite often, customers check if needed items are available at a nearby point of sales while ordering online. They may not have enough time to wait until their purchases will be delivered or they just may prefer not to spend extra money for shipping. In such cases customers more likely to choose the store with a self-delivery option.


With Magento 2 Store Pickup your customers can order online and pickup purchases from a nearby store at a convenient time. Thus customers save shipping charges and delivery time that motivates them to make more purchases. As a result a store owner will increase sales revenue and enhance brand recognition.


Grow your sales providing customers with advanced shipping method
Increase customer base allowing users to take out their orders by themselves
Enhance customer loyalty by helping save time and money for shipping


Let customers pick up their orders

During the checkout process buyers can choose “Store Pickup” as shipping method. After that they will be offered to collect their orders from the nearest store.

Enable customers plan pickup time

With Magento 2 In Store Pickup customers may plan the pickup time by themselves checking the working schedule of the certain store and not paying extra charges for delivery.

Add engaging text labels

Customize store pickup labels and display at checkout to draw customers attention to new shipping method.

Keep customers informed

Magento 2 Store Pickup extension enables customers to easily view their orders status and store pickup addresses from their account in “My Orders” section, where all the orders are listed.

Notify customers about store pickup details

After submitting an order, send an email notification to a customer with order total information and store address to receive a purchase.


Add multiple points of sales

Configure unlimited quantity of stores in the backend. View and manage all the stores in a convenient grid. Easily add a new store to your existing list at any time.

Adjust store pickup availability

Make store pickup method applicable for all customers or just for specific customer groups. Set the method’s visibility for particular stores.

Take your shipping process under control

Boost shipping profitability with Shipping Suite for Magento 2. Get the greatest benefits from the synergetic work of 3 smart and useful shipping managing tools.
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Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Feature needed
Module is set-up-and-run, no difficulties with this. It really works for but is it possible to schedule not only date of deliveries, but also time? Because now bigger number of customers starts banging on my store chatbot and email from 6 am. They control their deliveries, but I really lose track.
Janine Black
Good for reputation
Best thing is that customers know about it. It’s not like you push them to order and then you leave them. You give them control also. You show respect and they return.
smart and flexible
Doubted, but then I studied settings and saw base rate for order I can add for each pick up point. This motivates my shoppers. Like ok, they will deliver to the nearest store if the order costs $50. I have now for $42. And they add for $8 more.
Adele J.
1 day in and working
It’s active just a day - and already people order better. On average I had 5-7 orders daily. After I added ship to store option, my order-per-day figure is growing by 2 daily. I totally recommend.

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