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Fresh Updates to Amasty Extensions – August 2023

As we transition from the productive month of August to the promising month of September, Amasty is thrilled to unveil the latest advancements and enhancements we've meticulously crafted during the past month. Committed to elevating your e-commerce experience, we've diligently refined and expanded the capabilities of our Magento extensions. Join us in this journey of innovation as we unveil the updates and improvements that August brought to Amasty products. Let's embark on this exciting exploration together and discover the new horizons of possibilities these updates offer!

September 13, 2023
Performance Testing and Optimization of Store Locator

AJAX Layered Navigation Magento 2: The Secret to 'ROI' Success

According to a report by Store Leads, Magento 2 AJAX Layered Navigation by Amasty takes 1st place in the top-10 popular Magento apps with a total of 15,610 stores actively leveraging it. The success is undeniable but if you’re not using our best-selling module yet, you have reasons to wonder: why is it so popular? Let us try to answer this in the next few paragraphs.

August 29, 2023

Just In: Amasty’s Elastic Search Now Provides Anti-DDoS Protection

Amasty is always coming up with innovative solutions to offer our customers the highest possible level of safety and confidence. And this time, we’ve rolled out a powerful improvement to our top-selling Elastic Search extension – an anti-DDoS protection feature for automated IP blocking.

August 22, 2023

Fresh Updates to Amasty Extensions – July 2023

As we dive into August, Amasty is proud to present the results of our hard work throughout July. Always on a mission to boost your e-commerce business, we continuously rethink, expand, and fine-tune the functionality of our Magento extensions. And we're excited to share the updates and improvements we’ve implemented over the previous month.

August 3, 2023

Fresh updates to Amasty extensions – June 2023

As we embrace the onset of June, we embark on a journey of progress and innovation in the realm of Amasty extensions. Building upon our commitment to empowering online businesses, we are thrilled to unveil the remarkable updates and enhancements that have been meticulously crafted throughout the month of June. 

These updates embody our dedication to delivering exceptional functionality, seamless integration, and unparalleled performance for our esteemed customers. Join us as we explore the exciting advancements and new possibilities brought forth by the latest updates to Amasty extensions.

June 30, 2023

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