Promotion Suite Pro for Magento 2

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Easily automate your promotions management routine with a smart Promotion Suite. It perfectly fits stores that have many products to promote and spend lots of time and effort on setting them up.

  • Create promo banners that automatically turn on and off on schedule
  • Use catchy labels to highlight specific products
  • Generate automatic gifts for big orders
  • Set up automated promotions with free shipping
  • Cover specific demands of various audiences with flexible segmentation
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Why do you need a Promotion Suite for Magento 2?

According to the Lemonstand research, up to 50% of consumers make a purchase only when a special offer or any kind of promotion is involved. The Promotion Suite for Magento 2 offers a quick launch of promotion based on a set of ready-made promotion templates. This means that if you want, you can launch new promotional campaigns every day, with minimum resources costs. Users will be more engaged in promo campaigns and interested in visiting your store more frequently to check what's new.

Create effective promo campaigns that grab customers’ attention

You can apply rules to the most important customers group, cart, and purchase attributes. For example, limit rules by number of completed orders or by total sales amount. This way, your can manage you pricing policy more efficiently.

Add catchy promotion banners

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, banners can increase your sales up to 16%. The Promotion Suite has built-in banners that automatically turn on and off for your best offers. Moreover, you can display banners for specific products only. All you need to do is schedule the promo campaign. This way, if the admin forgets to remove the banner, users won't be confused by the non-existent promotion.

Boost sales with smart recommendations and free shipping

The extension analyzes what products people buy more often or explore with the chosen ones and what products a user has already bought. This way, it recommends to people the products they want to buy. Moreover, you can stimulate customers to buy right and now by creating a promotion campaign with free shipping.

Encourage customers to buy more 

Add labels to highlight promoted products

Labels bring users' attention to particular products. This extension automatically highlights new products and products on sale in your store. All you need is to set the period when goods are considered to be new or on sale. As soon as such products appear in the catalog, they will be automatically labeled.


Automatically provide valuable gifts

Offer great deals and boost sales using Promotion Suite. This extension allows adding gifts to buyers' carts automatically if all the conditions are met. There's no need to check orders and update them manually from the admin panel.

[PREMIUM ONLY] Create a great variety of promotional campaigns

⭕Default Magento settings

  • Add discount coupons
  • Set cart price rules

⭐With the Promotion Suite Premium

  • Offer to buy the cheapest or the most expensive product in the order by discount
  • Set Multiple Tiered Discounts
  • Set a rule of selling every X’th product at discount
  • Offer discount for customers buying a special set of products
  • Set a discount on buying X items of the same product
  • Sell products in bundles - buy X and get Yget a discount
  • Offer conditional discount - get $X off of each $Y spent

Save time and money
by optimizing your promotional campaigns

with Promotion Suite by Amasty

Promotion Suite Pro

  1. $849
  • Use a data-driven algorithm to offer related items, upsells, and cross-sells
  • Add a free shipping bar to show the amount left for receiving free shipping
  • Display related items blocks on various store pages
  • Offer bundle packs with fixed or percentage discount
  • Quickly run promotional campaigns with Cart Price Rule Wizard
  • Add free promo gifts for orders
  • Create automatic promo banners for hot deals
  • Add catchy labels for specific products

Promotion Suite Premium

  1. $1,119

Promotion Suite Pro included

  • Use detailed discount breakdown
  • Create promotions based on the amount spent or
    orders history
  • Apply customer attributes as rule conditions
  • Use product custom options as rule condition
  • Enjoy 20 extra promotion types
    • Use flexible ‘Buy X Get Y’ rules
    • Create fixed and percent discounts
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