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Special Promotions for Magento 2


Enrich your cart price rules list with 20 more promo actions. Run a great variety of exclusive promotions to easily attract customers' attention and increase sales.

  1. Create promotions for cheapest and most expensive products
  2. Offer deals with free items
  3. Set fixed and percent discounts
  4. Create specials with quantity steps
  5. Run promotions based on spent amount

Special Promotions Pro extension

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Special Promotions for Magento 2

Take promotions to a new level

Every day online merchants offer tons of hot deals and tempting discounts to their customers. Therefore, it's very important to create really exclusive promotions to stand out in the crowd. Unfortunately, it will be hardly enough to use native Magento functionality to amaze store visitors.

Special Promotions for Magento 2 extension offers 20 more discount actions that will help to run promo campaigns based on the cheapest/most expensive products, quantity steps, cart subtotal and spent amounts. Easily create numerous percent and fixed discounts to win customers' appreciation and sell more.

Which types of promotions you can run?

Add new promo actions to default Magento 2 promotions and create various promotion types. Here is the list of the most popular deals you can offer with the help of the extension:

  • Buy 3 items, get the cheapest (most expensive) free;
  • Buy 5 products, get the cheapest (most expensive) with a discount;
  • Get $10 discount from each $100 spent;
  • Get each 3-d, 6-th book with a 20% discount;
  • Buy each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th T-shirt with a $15 discount;
  • Buy 2 blouses for full price and get 2 more with a 15% discount;
  • Purchase 3 bags and get each additional one for $100;
  • Buy 4 shirts and get each additional one with $10 off;

How to highlight such promotions?

Know how to make your promotions effective that will increase your store average order value and drive more sales. Here are 3 simple tools to highlight your promotions with:


Place banners on top of the product page

You can display a banner for all products at a time, for certain product categories, or separate items.

Place banners under the products description

Show different types of banners for a product at the same time. Or display special banners for definite items.

Add catchy labels

Provide the necessary products with vivid labels. Use them separately or strengthen the impact together with banners.

How to configure them?

Create various discount combinations with cheapest and most expensive items

With the Magento 2 promotions extension one can configure promotions like 'Purchase One and Get One Cheapest (or Most Expensive) Free', 'Buy 5 items, get the most expensive (cheapest) for 25% off' and so on. As soon as BOGOF selling model is an effective tool that encourages customers to make more purchases, cheapest/most expensive based deals will definitely help to quickly empty your stock.

Run promotions based on spent amount

Due to the 'Get $Y for each $X spent' promo type you will be able to easily increase your average order value. Offer deals like 'Buy products for $500 and get $100 discount' to motivate customers spend more.


Create quantity step based promotions with fixed discounts

With the 'Each N-th: Fixed Discount' action of the Magento 2 promotion extension its possible to set any sum as a fixed discount and create as many various deals as you need. E.g. 'Get each 3rd book with $10 discount’.

Define product order for discount application - either the cheapest or the most expensive at first

Choose products, to which the discount will be applied first: to the cheapest or the most expensive items. The option is available in Each N-th, Each group of N and Each product after N actions.

Offer quantity step based deals with a percent discount

Magento 2 discount module also allows you to run quantity step based promotions with a percent discount, so you can easily offer 'Each second camera for 30% off' or 'Get each 3rd bag with a 15% discount'.

Apply quantity step based discounts only for the same products

Configure "Each N-th" actions to create promotions like "Buy N identical items and get the N-th one for 5$ (or with fixed/percent discount)". As a result, the discounts will be applied only to the same products in the cart, not to all the products.


Configure promos like 'Buy 4 or 5 items for full price and get each extra item for $50 or with 20% ($20) discount'

Such promotions are possible with the 'Each product after N' action. The magento 2 special promotions tool offers 3 discount types for this action:

  • Percent discount
  • Fixed discount
  • Fixed price

Offer product sets

Flexible extension settings allow offering sets of definite products (you should specify SKUs). Also, you can let customers compose their own sets from products of specific categories (in this case, you should determine these categories).

PWA compatible

Perform a large variety of tasks by using special web services, provided by Magento API.

Compare with Special Promotions Pro

FeatureSpecial promotionsSpecial promotions Pro
Get 20 extra promotion types + +
Set up rules like Buy X Get Y + +
Create deals with a fixed price or percent + +
Let users see detailed discount breakdown in cart + +
Target promotions based on customers' order history +
Apply customer attributes as conditions, e.g. birthday, gender, membership days +
Product custom options as rule conditions for highly accurate targeting +

magento 2 automatic related products extension

Easily run flash sales

Apply our Magento 2 Automatic Related Products extension to maximize profit by offering product bundle packs. Show customized bundles and increase spontaneous purchases.

magento 2 promo banners extension

Highlight your promotional campaigns with Promo Banners extension

Display banners according to your marketing ideas. With the extension, you can start the checkout page promo or use any other place on the web store (on the cart, category and product pages) to advertise. You can also expand your catalog to shopping engines with this quick tool for generating Facebook product feeds.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
Quality extension
What I like about amasty extensions is great support and regular updates. Discount breakdown added recently is very convenient. My special thanks for this feature. In general such modules are must-haves if you want to have many promotions. This one works fine and I think has more features than others on marketplace. Recommend.
Great rules
Module is great it’s very easy now to manage my store, measure which discounts work. It’s very configurable and sometimes too much. Like I had troubles with buy x get n of y. Tried to set it up but something always got wrong. It got that sometimes I put one product to another promo and this one didn’t work. And you can't see it works or not until you try. I wrote support and they agreed it was too complex and fixed it now there’s no more conflicts. Thanks to support.
Recommended module
A comprehensive module to run any kind of promo campaigns you can imagine. Actually I don’t use all the rules, but 10or 11 of them I apply quite often. I was very pleased with the work of their support agent – so friendly and helpful.
Amazing support, high quality
I used this amasty tool for magento 1, so when I decided to migrate to magento2 I purchased this app hoping it would be as great as its mother version. Fortunately, it lives up to my expectations! Yes, the module wasn't perfect at once, and yes - I had to apply to support. But these guys know what they do. Due to timely updates and a really qualified support team I finally got what I expected.

The module creates the same rules as its magento 1 version. Highly recommend.

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My Downloads
Version 2.7.7
Last Update: Jun 06, 2019
  • the ability to select promo products based on categories for the actions of a "Product Set" type was added. Now you can specify a category instead of manual listing all applicable products
  • now extension covered by Magento Functional Testing Framework tests
  • the extension was covered by unit tests
  • the code was refactored according to Magento standards
  • the code for actions "The Cheapest" and "The Most Expensive" was refactored and enhanced
  • the css code was enhanced
  • minor adjustments affecting the behaviour of Amasty One Step Checkout discount breakdown were made
  • the issue with cart price rule schedule update was fixed
  • the issue with js error on checkout page was resolved
  • the issue with banners displaying was resolved
  • the issue with Promotions Manager dependency through composer installation was resolved
  • the issue with maximum amount of discount after order placing was fixed
  • the issue with saving cart price rule after uploading banner image was resolved
  • the issue with SKU validation for "Each Group of N" action was fixed
  • the issue with validation by SKU for configurable products was fixed
  • the issue with calculating product set discount was resolved
  • the issue with undefined index was resolved
  • the issues with "Buy X get Y" action were resolved
Version 2.6.2
Last Update: Nov 13, 2018
  • introducing the ability to show promo banners and labels on products to highlight promotions
  • the integration with Amasty Promo Banners and Amasty Product Labels extensions was enhanced
  • the issue with install extension on Magento 2.2.0 was resolved
Version 2.5.3
Last Update: Oct 23, 2018
  • the debug mode for a shopping cart was added. Now you can see the discounts applied to each item in the cart
  • the fields order and the text prompts are changed to simplify the cart price rules settings
  • the issue with the extension update was resolved
  • the issue with the Cart Price Rules was resolved
  • the issues with the scheduler on Magento Commerce 2.2.x were resolved
  • the issue with the cart price rule preview on Magento Commerce was resolved
Version 2.4.4
Last Update: Aug 22, 2018
  • the ability to read/update/create rules via Magento API was added
  • the ability to apply discounts to the same products in the cart via "Each N-th" actions was added
  • the compatibility with the Amasty Shipping Rules extension was improved
  • the work of the discount breakdown feature was improved
  • the integration with Amasty Promo Banners and Amasty Product Labels extensions was added
  • the issue with a group discount when making PayPal payment was resolved
  • the issue with the counting of items for the action 'buy x get y' was resolved
  • the issue with reward points was resolved
  • the issue with cron in scheduler on Magento Enterprise Edition (Magento Commerce) was resolved
Version 2.3.0
Last Update: Jun 08, 2018
  • the information section was added. Now you can see the version of installed extension, available updates, User Guide link and other useful data right on the module Configuration page
  • the ability to apply a discount to the cheapest or the most expensive products first, by configuring 'Each N-th', 'Each Group of N' and 'Each Product After N', was added
  • the 'Calculate Discount Based On' setting was removed from 'Each N-th', 'Buy X Get Y' and 'Each Product After N' actions
Version 2.2.5
Last Update: Jun 06, 2018
  • discount breakdown introduced. Now you can see all promotion rules applied with discount amount for each
  • 'Calculate Discount Based On' setting was removed from 'Each N-th', 'Buy X Get Y' and 'Each Product After N' actions as non-applicable.
  • the compatibility with Magento versions less than 2.2.4 was improved
  • Magento Enterprise Schedule feature support was improved
  • design of Discount Breakdown was adjusted
  • Links to usage examples were added
Version 2.1.0
Last Update: Mar 14, 2018
  • Improved usability by removing the 'Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To' setting from the 'Group of N' action
  • FIxed an issue with 'Max Amount of Discount' setting
  • Improved the 'Product set' action. Now, only SKUs can be used to create a set
  • Fixed the logic of the 'Product set' and 'Group of N' actions
Version 2.0.5
Last Update: Mar 02, 2018
  • Fixed an issue with installation on Magento 2.2.2
  • Compatibility with 3rd party extensions was improved
  • Rare issue with extension installation on Magento Enterprise Edition was fixed
  • 'Each N-th' action behavior was fixed
  • The discount calculation for the "Each Nth" rules was fixed.
  • The installation script was fixed.
  • The configuration of several promo actions was simplified:
  • The issue with promo rule labels display was fixed.
Version 1.3.1
Last Update: Oct 23, 2017
  • Magento Enterprise edition Schedule feature compatibility
  • Fixed discount display in admin area
  • Fixed the rare case of division by zero
Version 1.2.9
Last Update: Oct 05, 2017
  • Magento 2.2 compatibility tested and confirmed
  • "Each M-th after X-th" rule logic fixed
  • Magento 2.1.8 compatibility improved
  • Catalog Rules reindex optimization
  • Fix issue with maximum discount amount
  • Fix for Schedule feature in Enterprise
  • Compatibility with Shipping Rules and Shipping Restrictions extensions
  • Fixed minor issue on cart rule edit page
  • Improved compatibility with Amasty Free Gift extension
  • Fix for JavaScript error which lead to fields being invisible in some cases
  • Compatibility with Magento 2.1
Version 1.1.2
Last Update: Jun 10, 2016
  • Two new settings added for actions conditions: Custom Options' SKU, Custom Options' Values.
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