Amasty Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is targeted at Magento bloggers, webmasters and, basically, everyone who’s willing to monetize their traffic.

How it works? Effortlessly!


Generate a special link to Amasty store or a specific product, and publish it on your blog, website, etc.


Track all purchases made with your link with a special built-in affiliate ID.


Receive a 10% to 20% commission depending on the revenue your traffic generates annually.


You can request a payout once a month in case your commission over the period reaches 100 USD or more.
Your Affiliate Commission depends on the revenue generated annually:

10% payouts

No yearly revenue commitment

15% payouts

Upon reaching 7 000 USD in revenue per year

20% payouts

Upon reaching 15 000 USD in revenue per year

Why you should join


Make effortless profit

just direct your customers, visitors, followers to us and we'll do the rest to make the sale and generate your affiliate commission.


Receive constant income

a link needs to be placed just once. When it's done, you will keep receiving a commission for the successful sales it generates.


Decide how much to earn

the more links you place, the more your traffic you will monetize. Keep the sales high and your commission will grow respectively!

How to earn with Amasty?

Showcase our extensions by writing reviews and Magento answers, advertise and recommend our products at your website, start topics at Magento‑related forums, or promote us in your social media. We welcome any sort of legal promotion and will be happy to provide anything you need to start earning money: banners, referral buttons or simply advice


Are you looking to advise Amasty directly to your clients?

Contact us to learn more about our Partner Program tailored for active cooperation and B2B sales.

We are open and loyal to our affiliates and appreciate fair use of Amasty Affiliate Program from you:

Amasty Affiliate Program is designed for monetization of web traffic only. If you are interested in discounts for you or your business or would like to actively advise Amasty extensions to your clients, please contact our team to learn more about the options we can offer you.

An individual and/or organization may not be signed up to Affiliate and Partner programs at the same time.

It is prohibited to use the Affiliate Program to purchase Amasty extensions for your own benefit, for or within your organization, or in other ways that are not inline with referral sales or traffic monetization.

In case a purchase is made with an Affiliate link, no Partner discount coupon may be applied to such purchase.

In case we suspect you of improper use of the Amasty Affiliate Program or see no activity in your account for a period of 6 months or more, we reserve the right to contact you for inquiries, prohibit you to use Amasty Reward Program and/or other benefits, or remove you from the Affiliate Program permanently.

In case you are removed from the Affiliate Program due to suspicious, fraudulent ormalicious activities, or due to continuous inactivity, your Affiliate account will be blocked, and your pending Affiliate commission will expire.

In case you wish to be removed from the Affiliate Program on your own request, or if you join Partner Program instead, please make sure to withdraw any pending commission available for payout in your account. In case you do not withdraw the commission, it will expire permanently as soon as you’ve been removed from the Affiliate Program.

Amasty reserves the right to restrict the use of certain discount offers for Affiliates. If you’re unsure whether you are subject to any restrictions for specific site sales and discount programs, please contact us for more details.

You will receive Affiliate commission for purchases of Amasty extensions made with your Affiliate link at Amasty website. Please note that any purchases of support subscriptions or services made after following your Affiliate link will not be included in your Affiliate commission.

We track purchases made with your Affiliate link using a cookie with a 30 days expiration period. Please be noted that only the first purchase made with your Affiliate link in the net amount paid by a customer shall be counted in for your Affiliate commission.

The commission for a purchase made with your Affiliate link will become available for withdrawal 60 days after the purchase date when the refund period is over. Please note that you will not receive the commission for purchases that have been refunded within the 60 days refund period.

Ready to join?