Program's benefits

Profit with no rushing around - just redirect your customers/visitors to us and we do the rest without bothering you.
Constant income - you place links to our products and money keeps on coming with no additional efforts.
Great discounts - why not use the affiliate links to buy extensions for your own website?


Affiliate payments are made once per month if your revenue balance is USD100 or higher. Check the table below for affiliate commission tiers:
No revenue commitment
Upon reaching 7000$
Upon reaching 15000$

How to earn money with us

You can showcase our extensions by writing reviews and Magento answers (where appropriate, no spamming). You can also advertise and recommend our products by placing special banners at your website or by starting topics at Magento-related forums. Feel free to use forums and blogs in your native languages. We welcome any sort of legal promotion and we are ready to provide you with everything you need to start earning money: banners, referral buttons or simply advice.