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B2B Ecommerce Suite for Magento 2

Bring your business to a new level by turning your webstore into a powerful B2B e-commerce solution for Magento 2. Cover all specific business needs with one B2B Suite.
  1. Create a structured dealers base
  2. Set precise access limitations
  3. Provide flexible product options
  4. Customize pricing policy
  5. Reduce losses on returns
  6. Grant unique store credits
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Free Lifetime Updates
90 Days Free Support

The default Magento platform has a basic set of features needed for the B2C webstore start. But when it comes to the B2B segment, a merchant faces the lack of important functionality: they can’t properly customize pricing options, involve partners into negotiations or even retain clients. Despite Magento tries to cover needs of business-to-business segment out of the box, it is still issues lack of crucial features you can easily cover with our suite. With Magento 2 B2B module features, store owners won’t miss any good deal: an individual pricing approach and end-to-end control will definitely level-up business.

What do you need to empower your business?
1. Multi-level accounts 2. Individualized pricing 3. Trust & Retention tools

The effective division of labor is possible via a structured parent/child accounts hierarchy. Each role has specific access limitations and responsibilities.

Successful B2B experience fully depends on mutually beneficial relations between companies, which is achieved by negotiations and personalized offerings.

Once you complete a good bargain, your next task is to keep a profitable client. Use store credits to retain partners and build loyalty for stimulating recurring deals.

Amasty gathered all must-have B2B features
in one suite!

  • Improved business security level
  • Stable base for interacting with dealers
  • Multiple access limitations and restrictions
  • Flexible price and product options display
  • Individualized pricing system
  • Smart platform for productive negotiations
  • Effective refund policy
  • Store credits for retaining customers

How to implement Magento 2 B2B Suite?

Include dealers into your business model

The most effective way to provide high-quality and customer-oriented service is to create a base of sales reps and dealers, who will work with a particular group of clients on specific terms. With the Magento 2 B2B Sales toolkit, you can easily construct your dealers base and create a smart working space for your staff. Assign particular customer groups to personal managers, delegate order management and control each step of order processing using Amasty Sales Reps & Dealers options.

Enhance store security level

For companies with a great number of employees, security is crucial. With our Magento 2 B2B extension, you can flexibly customize access limitations for dealer groups. Each manager will see only those orders which are assigned to them. Moreover, with the Google account login, store admin can avoid manual access administration and apply Google cross-account protection. Business owners will be sure about data security while employees will be able to log in via just one click.

Provide suitable pricing options

Before starting negotiations, your clients will definitely want to see the available quantity and pricing options. With the Color Swatches Pro, you may facilitate purchasing variations of configurable products in bulk for your customers. The client and partners can see all the product variations with the corresponding price and quantity on the product page. Display a handy product matrix, swatches for configurable products and price dropdowns to meet your business goals.

Offer personalized pricing and quotes

To complete mutually beneficial deals, a business strategy should include highly personalized purchasing offers. Using the must-have Request a Quote extension of B2B toolkit, you may easily involve clients in pricing negotiations and interact with buyers regarding new best prices for products. Hide prices and let customers create quotes to make a profitable pricing policy together with a better understanding of your customer demands. Automate request processing to save time.

Turn refunds into revenue

Unfortunately, occasional refund requests are unavoidable for large-scale businesses. But the main task for a store owner is to save customers and not let them float to a competitor. Using the Magento 2 B2B module options, you can cover refund requests with store credits either fully or partially. Thus, you will not lose money and even boost sales by granting credits in your "store currency".

Build loyalty by thanking clients

And the final step for creating a basic B2B model is an effective strategy for retaining customers and turning occasional clients into regular ones. Thank your buyers for shopping in your store by awarding store credits and motivate them to come back to your website. Display credit balance in a customer account and allow clients to spend bonuses on new purchases to build loyalty and trust in your brand.

advanced reports

Analyze your sales progress with a single reporting tool

Check your sales strategy performance using Magento 2 Advanced Reports tool and make data-driven decisions. View and analyze all significant metrics to make beneficial improvements.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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B2B Ecommerce Suite for Magento 2

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