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B2B E-commerce Suite for Magento 2

Bring your business to a new level by turning your webstore into a powerful B2B e-commerce solution for Magento 2. Outperform competitors and build a constantly growing base of regular clients with one B2B Suite.
  1. Create a structured dealers base
  2. Set precise access limitations
  3. Provide flexible product options
  4. Customize pricing policy
  5. Reduce losses on returns
  6. Grant unique store credits
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90 Days Money Back
Free Lifetime Updates
180 Days Free Support
Extend your Magento Community
with Magento B2B Enterprise features


By default, Magento has a basic set of features for B2C store launch. But the B2B segment is extremely dynamic and requires much more flexibility. Most stores can’t cover all their business needs using several extensions that aren’t interconnected logically, and even not fully compatible. This causes obstacles to growth and inability to beat competitors.


We’ve prepared three comprehensive solutions to help you with the most challenging issues in B2B. Choose one of the suites depending on the business needs you have to develop long-term B2B relationships. Build business from scratch: start from attracting the first clients and grow up to the end-to-end market control with magento b2b marketplace.

See what B2B solution suits you the most
B2B Essentials → B2B Pro Suite → B2B Premium Suite →

Empower your store with the most essential features to extend your default Magento and make it ready for working in the B2B segment.

Create dealers base from scratch, help new dealers join it in a few clicks, upgrade product presentation, create custom pricing policy and retain users with store credits.

Scale up your store by converting B2B buyers into long-term business partners.

Stimulate a stable flow of the wholesale orders by allowing users to create wishlists and requisition lists. Adjust and place orders with a high product volume in a few clicks from a single page.

Create a detailed segmentation of your audience. Upgrade shipping and payment management with advanced restriction options.

Optimize your store for working with recurring wholesale ordering processes. Conquer greater market share by reaching more target audiences and personalizing customer experience.

Compare pricing options.

Benefits you’ll get with any B2B Suite

+1 month to money-back
(90 days in total)

+3 months of priority support
(6 months in total)

Free install + delayed support start (only after installation)

B2B E-commerce Suite: Essentials

Community-approved choice for a business start: our clients consider the combination of these features the most crucial to build a base for a B2B store.

B2B E-commerce Suite: Pro

This suite includes all the features from the Essentials plus the extended functionality for bulk orders and product management to meet advanced B2B needs.

More functionality for B2B Suite: Pro

Enable mass order from category pages

Make store pages look similar to tables so that B2B clients can buy numerous products at once. The ‘Table’ category view comes with the ability to select all category products in one button click, which helps trigger more sales. Adjust how many products are displayed per page, and what customer groups will be able to use this functionality.

Export CSV lists to save time placing similar orders

Streamline the process of placing similar orders. The ‘Quick Order’ functionality allows exporting a detailed product list ready for ordering. So you need to create a list with products only once — and for next orders, only make small adjustments in no time.

Track most purchased items in requisition lists

The B2B E-commerce Suite Pro extension collects stats on products' performance in wishlists. You can see a full list of products that users buy directly from their pre-arranged requisition lists. By observing trends, you can plan your stock in advance and design more powerful promotions that users will love.

Restrict payment methods availability

Choose what payment options will be available for each company on the checkout. For example, you don’t want to offer Cash on Delivery payments to Company A but agreed to allow this option for Company B. The module allows restricting any payment method that is available in Magento 2 so that Company A won’t see an undesirable method on the frontend.

B2B E-commerce Suite: Premium

This suite includes all the features from the Essentials and Pro versions plus the extended shipping and payment functionality. It’s a perfect choice for professional merchants looking to develop their business.

Still have some doubts?

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Empower your business
with comprehensive B2B solution

That is more suitable for your business needs

B2B Essentials Upgrade from B2C to B2B $699
Build a base of sales reps & dealers from scratch
Upgrade product presentation
Sell by the best or custom price
Convert quotes to orders in a few clicks
Make refunds work for you
Show more product option details with user-friendly matrix
Retain users with store credits
Quickly onboard new employees
B2B Pro Suite Scale to reach more buyers $999
Strengthen relationships with dealers using B2B accounts
Auto-assign B2B accounts to specific customer groups
Stimulate flow of recurring wholesale purchases
Simplify bulk ordering with one page for all operations
Provide option of requesting quotes for the wholesalers
Automate order cancellation and allow users to cancel orders by themselves
B2B Premium Suite Boost profits to maximum $1399
Personalize B2B approach based on shared catalog
Customize shipping conditions based on customer info
Allow shipping with coupons
Create flexible payment restriction rules
Impose shipping restrictions on certain products only instead of the whole catalog
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
2 Reviews
Nov 17, 2020
Bobby Charlston
Chosen pro version. Good functionality but kinda high price
Oct 02, 2020
It's worth it
Nice extension that includes everything you need to start your store. Well done Amasty!

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