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Automatic Related Products for Magento 2


Display blocks with related items viewed or bought together with a particular product. Help customers easily find relevant products which enjoy great popularity to boost spontaneous purchases and increase the average order value.

  1. Intelligent algorithms for automatic product relation
  2. Use flexible conditions to regulate items display
  3. Display related items based on views or purchases
  4. Hide out of stock products
  5. Replace manually related products with automatic results
  6. Mobile optimized
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Show relevant products to make sure users won't leave without a purchase:
Automatic Related Products for Magento 2

Want to sell more to your customers? Just show them relevant items that are usually viewed or purchased together with the product they've already chosen. With the Automatic Related Products Extension for Magento 2 you can display additional blocks with related, cross-selling and up-selling items based on real customer behavior. Due to a smart algorithm and accurately collected stats the module will automatically show necessary products in each of the blocks.

Key features

Use flexible extension settings to easily manage automatic products display in 'customers also viewed/bought' blocks and save time on manual assigning related items.

  • Automatically show blocks with related, up-selling and cross-selling products;
  • Show products based on the number of views or purchases;
  • Exclude out of stock products from display;
  • Use smart algorithm to show only relevant items;
  • Set flexible conditions for products display;
  • Show blocks with related and up-selling items on product pages;
  • Determine the time period for statistical data collecting;
  • Replace manually added items with the ones generated automatically;
  • Specify the number of displayed products for each block;

Easily manage products display

Automatically define related items and show them on a product page

Fine tune related products display according to your needs

Show up-selling products based on specified parameters

Easily configure settings for up-sells display

Display cross-selling products on a cart page

Specify settings for automatic cross-sells display just in a few clicks


Provide customers with irresistible offer

Cross-sells, up-sells and related products

The Related products Magento 2 extension lets you display cross-sells, up-sells and related products in separate tabs to show a wider variety of items to your customers. Display cross-selling products right on a shopping cart page to increase the number of spontaneous purchases.

Create rules for products relation

Set flexible conditions for automatic products relation. Define the websites and create a single or multiple 'Product Conditions' to display related items in the corresponding block. Use several rules to differentiate your related products offerings and motivate customers to purchase more from your Magento 2 store.

Display products without the interactions history

Now, you can go beyond the default data sources like 'Bought together' or 'Viewed together'. With the extension, you can display products without the history of purchases and views based on multiple conditions. These conditions can be used separately or combined according to your needs.

Show products based on customer behavior

Due to a smart algorithm the extension automatically defines which products are frequently bought together (or viewed together) with the chosen one and shows relevant results in each product block.

Effectively manage products display

Specify time period for stats data gathering

For accurate stats collecting you can indicate the number of store visitors and customers for a specific time period. The system will select relevant products basing on your settings to provide shoppers with the items they really need and help you sell more.

Hide out to stock products

With the Magento 2 Related products extension you can easily exclude out of stock items from display to show only those products that can be immediately added to cart and purchased, thus significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Display products based on views or purchases

Due to flexible module settings its possible to choose whether you want to display related products either viewed together with chosen items or bought together. For 'bought together' products you can also specify the order status to make stats data maximally precise.

Replace manually added products

As soon as the Magento 2 Auto related products module automatically matches up-selling, cross-selling and related items, there is no more need to relate them manually. Moreover, you can replace manually related items with the ones matched automatically.

Flexible conditions for up-selling and related products

Display matching products based on a category

Choose whether to show products from any category or only from the same categories with selected items.

Specify brand conditions

Automatically select up-selling and related items depending on their brand for highly targeted results.

Fine tune price conditions

Specify price filter for up-sells and related products block to show as many different products in each block as possible. For example, you can use 'higher price' option for up-sells and 'same' or 'lower' price for related products.

Product questions

How do related rules work?

Our extension works with a smart algorithm according to views/sales history.  Read the full answer to get a complete instruction.

Read the FULL answer
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Does work for me
The extension is off the chart. The settings are a giveaway and work like in demo. I'm happy it's now much easier for my buyers to get how to add related products to a cart.
useful extension and helphul support
The config options are simple and useful, so the installation went smoothly. Now I don't need to add related products manually, which significnatly saves my working time.
Good tool, reliable support
There were some glitches in the installation but the support team fixed everything in quite a short time. I've already launched several test promos and must say it runs well.
Renee D.
simple and efficient tool
We needed a simple add-on to make our work with products more flexible. It was easy as pie to install it and to start promos with related products. Thanks guys!

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Version 1.4.5 - August 29, 2018
– Improvement: the admin panel user interface was enhanced
Version 1.4.4 - July 17, 2018
– Fix: the problem with the memory limit after reindex was resolved
Version 1.4.3 - April 18, 2018
– Fixed an issue with the indexer
Version 1.4.2 - April 04, 2018
– Fixed an issue with indexing the rule that is not found
Version 1.4.1 - March 15, 2018
– Fixed an issue with applying limitations for all product relations
Version 1.4.0 - March 12, 2018
– New: Added the 'Product Currently Viewed' data source. Now, you can display products without the sales/views history, from the same category, from the same brand, based on their price, or using all the mentioned conditions simultaneously.
Version 1.3.0 - December 11, 2017
– New data source: Product Attributes. Now, you can show related products based on rules of product attributes.
– Fixed an issue with duplicate products
– Fixed an issue with showing products in the UpSell block
Version 1.2.2 - November 17, 2017
– Fixed an issue with the product display in the upsell block
Version 1.2.1 - August 08, 2017
– Fixed cart cross-sells issue.
Version 1.2.0 - June 29, 2017
– Enterprise Edition compatibility improved
– Multiple various fixes
Version 1.1.2 - March 22, 2017
– Few minor fixes
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