Replace Third-Party Mods Offer

Managing extensions from different vendors turns especially cumbersome when it comes to obtaining timely support and solving software incompatibility issues. Replace third-party modules to Amasty ones with up to 50% OFF and simplify extensions maintenance, minimize financial risks, along with communication, installation, configuration, and product support costs.  

What do you need to switch?

1. Send us the names of the third-party Magento 2 extensions that you are using and would like to replace with Amasty;

2. Tell us why you want to replace them with Amasty;

3. Send us screenshots with the third-party extensions installed in your Magento 2.

Replace third-party mods with up to 50% OFF

Benefits of the single-vendor approach


Minimized financial risks

Our developers follow the latest Magento coding standards and guarantee the compatibility of our extensions both with the platform and between modules. This approach eliminates compatibility conflicts while ensuring the smooth operation of your store.


Reduced communication and support costs

Having only Amasty extensions leads to a single point of entry for communication, which accelerates the time for providing consultations on selecting and supporting extensions. It will reduce the time, resources, and money spent on troubleshooting, save you from having to go from one vendor to another to identify the cause and get the problem solved.


Individual terms

We highly appreciate every client's business needs, that's why we have developed an individual program for switching third-party mods. The offer depends on the quantity of Amasty modules you use or want to use, extensions you want to replace, and customizations you want to make. Fill out the form to get an individual offer and our experts will contact you for further project evaluation.


Case-by-case development approach

In addition to ready-made solutions, you can order personalized module enhancements, integrations with the systems you need, and optimization for your business purposes. You'll get new features or customizations much faster, without all the pre-checking required when working with multiple vendors as your personal manager will be aware of your needs.

Why is it worth replacing third-party mods?

Why change things when they're already working? Our idea is not to destroy everything and start over but to analyze the effectiveness of your store's current functionality, replace what's not working properly, and tune your business for maximum efficiency.

Innovative solutions

We are constantly replenishing our 280+ Magento extensions assortment with new innovative products any feature you need will be picked or developed individually for you.

Comprehensive services

Amasty has 12+ years of experience and can offer not only ready-made solutions but also perform custom development of any complexity you won't need to look for an agency, we can do everything ourselves.

Focus on customer success

100K+ stores around the world are powered by our extensions, including such giants as Nestle, Blizzard, eBay, and Canon.


  • Discount up to 50%
  • Free installation and configuration service for the extensions Product List:
    Google Page Speed Optimizer
    Free Gift
    Special Promotions (Pro)
    Shipping Suite
    SEO Toolkit
    Import and Export

    * Available to clients who are using Magento versions that are currently supported by Amasty

What our clients say?

Get your individual offer

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