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Magento 1 to 2 Migration Service

Every store owner sooner or later faces the need to migrate Magento to another server. When your business grows, it demands more and more powerful hosting solutions.

Magento migration is a sign that your store is on the right track to success; often this process is drawn off because you just don’t know where to start and what happens after you pay for a new hosting.

Amasty experts have all the necessary tools and experience to move your Magento 2 to a new server. Ordering Magento Migration Service you can be sure that transfer will be quick and loss-free.

Let the professionals migrate Magento to a new server and your website will work a lot faster thanks to the new hosting. We give our customers an opportunity to test store’s functionality after Magento migration. It means that you can check on our job and make sure that everything works correctly, before the final transfer of your Magento to a new server.
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Configuring your new hosting

Transferring database and store files

Stopping your store work on the previous hosting and enabling it on the new one


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