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Magento Performance Audit

Get your website performance analyzed by professionals and benefit from step-by-step instructions on how to improve your download speed.

☔ 2 months of warranty

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What our Performance Audit includes

There are many premises for slow website loading, to name just a few most popular these could be too heavy images, the wrong or badly configured server, redundant code, heavy third-party plugins, customizations, and many more.

But to address stoppers and speed up your website, you need to find the root of the problem. Making a complex audit will guarantee that you get a list of exact reasons causing performance issues while allowing you to act more cost-efficiently when choosing what problems should be eliminated first. And our technical specialists are ready to help you with this task.

Our audit service includes:

  • an in-depth review of your website backend and frontend parts
  • a detailed report, where we'll mention exact code strings that should be rewritten and give other recommendations on how to improve your website performance.

Once you have the audit opinion, you can either implement the recommendations using your in-house resources or hire our development team to finish the project. In the latter case, we’ll estimate the project to agree on the final cost with you.

Magento Performance Audit workflow

This Magento Performance Audit includes analysis on 5 different levels:

  • quick site analysis using special software
  • theme code and visuals
  • server configurations
  • 3rd-party extensions and customizations
  • cache settings.

Step 1. Magento 2 performance testing

First of all, we’ll test your website performance using tools like GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed. They help us identify the causes that slow down the time of your website loading. However, such tools can give you only a general idea of where the problem is. So after the quick test, we do a detailed manual review of your website involving a developer who has relevant experience.

Step 2. Magento theme analysis

Then we’ll analyze the theme you are using, as it slows down the site loading in 4 cases out of 5. The most common reasons are:

  • incorrect theme architecture and non-optimized theme structure
  • CSS configurations, for example, there are too many inheritances of CSS classes, or many attributes are redefined in various classes
  • unoptimized JS, which slows down the loading of specific widgets and blocks
  • heavy pictures for sliders, product pages
  • 3rd-party extensions

Step 3. Server configuration check

After that, we inspect whether the server configurations are suitable for the installed version of Magento and the size of its database (number of products). If the server’s capacity is not enough to handle your Magento instance, we give recommendations for server configuration.

Also, within the step, we check the necessary server software and its configurations:

  • MySQL (buffers, number of threads, cache size, etc.)
  • PHP (allocated memory, buffers size, number of allowed variables, number of allowed threads)
  • storage performance and shared folders
  • web server (Nginx, Apache, PHP_FPM).

Finally, we test your server for validity of the security protection and check if any 3rd-party resources are demanding the process revolving on the server.

Step 4. 3rd-party extensions analysis

3rd-party code pieces that are used on a website can slow down the site loading significantly. Therefore, we will review all of them to further advise you about which of them should be tuned and which can be simply disabled.

Step 5. Magento cache setting check

Sometimes Magento websites lack proper cache settings. We’ll examine your configurations and offer better options, if need be.

Why choose us

Dedicated development team

For this project, we’ll provide you with a dedicated team of professionals led by an experienced manager. Depending on your needs, it may include:

  • professional frontend and backend developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • QA specialists
  • and marketing specialists.

3 payment models

We offer 3 flexible payment models:

  • fixed price
  • time and material
  • dedicated team.

So you can choose the most suitable one.

Free 2-month support

All our services come with 2 months of free support for all the customizations we make.

12+ years of experience

Amasty was named the top developer in Slovakia in 2021. We have been in Magento development since 2009 and know not only the platform itself but also its bottlenecks and pitfalls. As a result, we guarantee that our audit won’t miss any little detail that can influence your website work.


As Adobe Solution Partner, we ensure that our recommendations will meet the high standards of Adobe, and the workflow is fully in line with the Business Code of Conduct requirements.

Technology Stack

  • Zend Framework 2, Yii PHP Framework 2.0, Laravel 2, Symfony PHP Framework 2, etc.
  • Node.js, Express.js, Hapi JS Framework, Socket.IO, Mojito, Sails.js Meteor, Crafty.js, D3.js etc.
  • Perl
  • VDS server, as well as cloud-based services setup and optimization, Rackspace Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Setup of VPN, DNS, DHCP, Mail (we developed a number of spamming and traffic generation systems and tools for the needs)
  • Bootstrap, Sass, Less.js, 960 Grid System, Blueprint, Material, Semantic, Sencha Touch, etc.
  • Angular, React, Backbone.js, jQuery, D3.js, and many other in-demand frameworks
  • Android/native iOS web development
  • Cross-platform development using Apache Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic, as well as React Native
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, MS SQL, NoSQL
  • Black/White Box testing, automatic and manual testing
  • Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Get your Magento performance audited by professionals

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Magento performance audit is a service that will help you to find the main stoppers decreasing your store speed. It includes in-depth analysis of your CSS configurations, JS files, theme architecture, 3rd-party extensions, server settings, cache configurations, and images.

magento performance audit

Magento 2 performance testing can be performed with different tools and depends on your goal. The most popular tools are PageSpeed Insight, Pingdom, GTmetrix, DareBoost, WebPage Test, YSlow, Dotcom-Tools, Uptrends, Yellow Lab Tools, Geek Flare.

magento 2 performance testing
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