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Magento 2 SEO Audit

Do you want to reach first positions in search results and bring more traffic to your website? Our SEO experts are ready to audit your Magento 2 and give personalized advice.
  1. Personal consultation
  2. Quick fixes of on-site SEO problems
  3. Custom SEO guide for your e-store
  4. Setting up of Amasty SEO Toolkit

Why you need to focus on SEO

The debates about if SEO is dead or alive are almost endless. (Check out our point of view on this question →) But no matter on which side you are, a data-driven approach is the proven way to find out the truth. And statistics show that you still need to put time and effort into Magento 2 optimization. Here are 5 convincing SEO numbers you need to know:

  1. BrightEdge reports that 68% of online activities start with a search engine. 
  2. And the Sparktoro survey shows that 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google (search, images, and maps).
  3. According to the Backlinko research, the first result on SERP has an average CTR of 31.7%.
  4. And at the same time, only 0.78% of users open the results on the 2nd page.
  5. Finally, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate.

What we offer

Technical SEO audit

First off, our SEO specialist will check the technical aspects of your Magento. They will uncover all the critical technical issues and incorrect redirects. They will fix the problems that can be solved immediately during the audit. And for more complex Magento issues, our SEO consultant will create a unique guide with step-by-step instructions suitable for your website so you can manage them by yourself.

If you need to fix all the SEO issues turn-key, we can discuss this option and estimate the time required for our team to do this. Also, we can help you choose an SEO specialist for your Magento 2 store.

SEO Toolkit setup

As the second step of the SEO service, we’ll install and set up the SEO Toolkit. This is the all-in-one solution that was designed to replace a full-time SEO specialist. It reduces manual work by implementing automation tools. And like any other complex solutions, it has tricky settings. So our SEO specialists will help you get the most out of it.

Moreover, we’ll provide you with the checklist for setting up this module, and you will be able to make changes in the configurations if needed.

How it works

Step 1. Consulting

After you make a request, our specialist will contact you within 24 working hours to discuss all the details of your current situation and answer your questions.

Step 2. Technical SEO audit

Next, our specialist will analyze your store, find critical technical issues, incorrect redirects, and fix minor issues.

Step 3. SEO Toolkit installation and setup

After this, we install our SEO Toolkit and set it up according to your wishes. So it will work at 100% of its efficiency.

Step 4. Final adjustments and Q&A

At the final step, we give you a personalized Magento 2 search engine optimization guide with instructions on how you can improve your position on SERP and a checklist with SEO Toolkit settings. We’ll explain what changes we made and how they will affect your website. If needed, we’ll make some final adjustments and answer your questions.

Why choose us

We know how to reach high results

Our website is one of the most recognizable on the market and has high SEO parameters:

  • 61.2% of users on come from the organic search that brings high-motivated users and generates the most conversions.
  • The number of times that has been listed on a SERP grew over the last year from 2.44M to 3.44M.
  • 95% of our promotion keywords are in the top-10 of Google search results.

100% compatibility with the latest Google updates

We know that every Google’s core update affects your traffic. Therefore, we always keep our finger on the pulse to ensure that our work meets the latest standards and requirements of the search engine.

No strict input data

We have no strict rules on collecting requirements for a project. So if you don’t know what you need exactly, where you have a problem, and even if you are not sure that this service is the one you need, you still can leave your request. Our manager will help you and offer the best option.

amasty is google partner

These SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.

Amasty is a Google Partner agency

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