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Amazon Integration for Magento 2

Connect your Magento 2 store with the Amazon marketplace. Reach more potential clients by enabling additional sale source and increase your revenue. Sync the data and manage inventory and orders from the Magento 2 admin panel.
  • Upload products to the Amazon account in bulk and vice versa
  • Synchronize orders and manage them from one grid
  • Set rules to update prices automatically via cron
  • Notify your admins about a low stock
  • Benefit from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
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How to drive new customers with Amazon feed?

No time to wait for Amazon Integration mod? Use our Product Feed to sell on Amazon right away. To distribute your products on Amazon, you'll need to set up 4 feeds. The Prod feed that contains the description and maps the store unique identifier (the SKU) with the Amazon's one (the ASIN). The Inventory, Pricing, and Image feeds. Although there are 4 separate feeds, they are easy-to-set-up and covered in the user guide case by case.

How to convert visitors into registered users?

Let your shoppers log in with their Amazon account in one click using our Social Login extension. The module supports the most popular socials: Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch, Amazon, PayPal, Facebook. You can customize the social buttons' view and choose the most relevant position and order for them.

How to let users subscribe to products with Amazon Pay?

Integrate Amazon Pay into your store with our Amazon Payment for Subscriptions & Recurring Payments (Add-On). The add-on allows you to accept subscription payments via Amazon Pay. Your customers can check out with their Amazon account, and you don’t need to store sensitive information about their credit cards.

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According to Statista report, Amazon is the most visited e-commerce platform in the US. Moreover, Amazon.com had almost 2.15 billion visits from all over the world in October 2019. In 2018 the company had 232.88 billion US dollars of net revenue. So this platform is one of the most important sale sources for e-commerce businesses. And if you want to reach more potential customers, you need to have an account there. But it’s hard to manage two platforms at the same time and keep all the information up-to-date.


Amasty plans to develop an extension that allows you to integrate Amazon and Magento into one system and simplify the managing process. This plugin lets you synchronize products, orders, customer data and gather it in your Magento admin panel. So you will be able to manage both the sell channels from one place. As a result, you save on covering the cost of extra management required for products updating.

7 reasons why you need to start selling on Amazon

Amazon is one of the Big Four tech companies that stays near Google, Apple, and Facebook. It is one of the biggest multi-vendor marketplaces worldwide. (Note: learn the difference between dropshipping and marketplace) According to Statista, Amazon had around $232 billion. It’s 55 billion more than in 2017. But if it doesn't sound impressive, here are 7 reasons why you need to start selling your products on the Amazon marketplace.

Reason #1. Amazon is one of the biggest traffic sources for your business. BigCommerce sales guide says that in February 2017, 43% of all U.S. online retail sales were done on amazon.com. They forecast that this number will grow to half of all U.S. e-commerce sales by 2021.

Reason #2. According to Statista research, Amazon is the most popular online retailer in the USA. In December 2018, more than 205 million people visited this website every month. The second-place Walmart had only 130 million visitors for the same period.

Reason #3. Reach 105 million (it's around 51% of all Amazon users) Prime Customers. They are the most active part of Amazon users. According to the Morgan Stanley survey, Prime members spend 4 times more money than a usual user. An average prime member spends $2,486 in a year, comparing $544 for ordinary shoppers. 70% of respondents admit that free two-days delivery makes them more likely to buy.

Reason #4. 52% of users interviewed during the Raymond James study said that Amazon is the first place where they are looking for needed goods. So if you want to reach more potential customers, you definitely need to start your amazon shop.

Reason #5. Around 70% of Amazon users are making purchases on mobile devices, so it’s not wondering that Amazon mobile app is the most popular shopping app in the USA with 150.6 million active users. So, if you don’t want to lose mobile traffic and at the same time have no opportunity to develop your own application or PWA, Amazon is your choice.

Reason #6. Also, Amazon has good behavioral indicators. According to The Values Institute research, Amazon is the most trustworthy brand in the USA.

Note: Read more about how customers' behavior can influence your e-commerce business.

Reason #7. Benefit from fulfillment by Amazon. Merchants can store their goods right in Amazon warehouses. So they will take care of picking, packing, and shipping orders to customers as soon as possible. In 2017, the company had shipped over 5 billion items worldwide.

How to create a seller account on Amazon?

To connect your Magento 2 with the Amazon marketplace, you need to have at least one seller account on Amazon. Let’s see how to do it step-by-step.

Step 1. Create a professional seller account

For professional seller account, you will be required the following data:

  • Contact info: email, address and phone number.
  • The security type: corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietor.
  • Registration state.
  • Federal tax identification (FTI) number, name, and address on the income tax return.

Also, you should verify your identity. This is necessary to protect Amazon users and other sellers from unfair competition. For this, you will need to provide:

  • Any government-issued ID, for example, driving license number.
  • Country of issue.
  • First and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • High-quality images of your ID front and back, even if the backside is blank.
  • Bank account statement.

Also, you have to pay a monthly fee with your credit card. It is $39.99/month.

And last but not least, you need to enter your U.S. bank account number.

Step 2. Register your brand

When your seller account is approved, go to Amazon Brand Registry. This program provides you many tools to grow your brand on Amazon. For example:

  • Additional brand protection;
  • Extended marketing possibilities;
  • 24/7 support, etc.

To apply to this program, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Your brand name that has a registered trademark.
  • Your trademark number. It has to be registered in one of these countries: the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates. For more information, check country-specific requirements.
  • A full list of categories where you want to place your brand.
  • A list of countries where your products are produced and distributed.

Once Amazone has approved your application, you will get access to extended content tools and brand possibilities, such as analytics, branded storefront, etc. Also, Amazon will protect your brand trademark and block fake sellers.

When you are ready with this part, you can finally go to the store creation.

Step 3. Design branded storefront

For this, login to your Seller Central account and navigate to Stores > Manage Stores. Then choose your brand from the list and start by following Amazon prompts. You can choose one of the pre-made templates or create your own structure and design from scratch. You don’t need to have any coding skills for this.

Step 4. Configure product pages

Upload your product data, fill in content, and create any pages you need to make your store user-friendly. Or you can export your products from your Magento 2 store in-bulk.

Step 5. Submit and review your pages

Use a preview tool to check if you have any mistakes on your pages, and when you are ready, submit them to Amazon review.

Integrate your Magento 2 store with Amazon and boost your sales

Synchronize your catalog to Amazon

Amasty Amazon Integration for Magento 2 extension will allow you to set automatic synchronization with an unlimited number of Amazon accounts. Manage product catalog from all accounts in your Magento admin panel. Just add all the needed accounts in general settings. The connection between both platforms is two-way. You can add products to your Magento and export them to your Amazon account, or vice versa, create a new product on the Amazon marketplace and import it to your website.

Automatically update prices

Do you need to offer a discount only for Amazon users? Or maybe you need to increase the price by $10 to cover some extra costs? Magento 2 Amazon plugin will allow you to create separate price rules for the Amazon marketplace. Create various price rules by using a fixed or percentage amount, so even if you change product price in your Magento store, it will update in the Amazon account automatically. Also, you can offer additional discounts according to the number of goods that the user orders and support B2B clients.

Manage inventory in the real-time

When you have multiple sales sources, it’s important to keep your stock updated timely. With our extension, you will see the inventory status in real time. So you can manage the purchase strategy and avoid running out of stock the most popular goods by placing orders with suppliers right in time.

Note: This extension will be fully compatible with Advanced MSI.

Notify managers about low stock status

Set up the notifications and keep your admins informed about low stock status. Set the lower limit of the number of goods in stock and send an email to your admins whenever they need to place a new order with a supplier. This system will help you to avoid out of stock problems.

See also: Notify your customers about back-in-stock goods with Out of Stock Notification plugin.

Multiple currencies support

Say, you have an international website, and you sell your products to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. So 2 store views with different languages and currencies are available on Magento 2 website.

Note: Check out the difference between Magento 2 website, store, and store view.

Our Magento Amazon Integration extension will have a currency conversion tool, so you will be able to keep your business as usual.

See also: Automatically redirect customers to appropriate store view, currency, and language with GeoIP Redirect extension.

Report dashboard

Make data-driven decisions based on your statistical data. See what products are better for your Amazon accounts and how you can grow your sales more. Analyze your sales according to the period, country, category. Compare your Amazon and Magento store results.

See also: Gather more statistics about your business. Try Advanced Reports extension and improve your profit by making data-driven decisions.

Import and export products in bulk

Your managers can export both simple and configurable products from Magento. Just choose the needed products on the product grid and use mass action. Or you can use a cron job to schedule automatic exporting. Create rules to define which products or categories you need to export and which not. Also, with cron, exported products can be updated in your Amazon account automatically every time you make the changes.

With our plugin, you will be able to import products from Amazon marketplace with all the attributes, photos, SKU, and other product information right in your Magento catalog. Select a status for imported products and assign them automatically to them on the completion of copying data.

Manage all the orders from one grid

Automatically gather all the orders on one grid in your Magento 2 via Cron. So you can manage them right in your Magento panel: create and send invoices and credit memos, control shipments, edit customers’ data. Al the information will be synchronized in real-time.

Note: This extension will be fully compatible with Extended Order Grid.

Automate shipping with FBA

FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. This is a paid program for sellers that allows merchants to not worry about delivery to the customer. They need only send goods to the nearest Amazon location, and Amazon will pick, package, ship, and deliver products to your customers.

Amasty Magento 2 Amazon extension will support the FBA system so you can set auto-shipment these orders and focus on the other tasks. With this mod, admins can export and update products from Magento to Amazon as FBA products.

Do you have any ideas? Or maybe you need any special options? We are always open to your ideas and suggestions. Feel free to leave a feature request, and we will see if we can add it to our future extension.

Check our infographics to learn what other features must have any online store and discover some valuable statistical insights.

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