Hello, everyone!

Today we want to share our latest news with you.

I’m pleased to officially announce that we change Amasty logo.



Amasty old logo


Amasty new logo


Let me share some more backstory to fill you in.

As a company, we are constantly adapting to the rapidly changing business niche. I mean, confronting the fast-evolving market, we try to have our system in place. We change our inner processes, launch new projects, and gather new teams optimizing our approach to business.

And day after day, we try to build our system just around that growth and development. Thus, we move to the use of more significant tools, to proving the right hypotheses, to analyzing our work with true indicators of the results we get. In trying to enhance the way Amasty interacts with the market and clients, we conduct training, participate in Magento events as speakers and sponsors, share and strengthen our own expertise. And now it is almost certainly true that we’ve brought together one of the best IT teams on the worldwide Magento market.

Thinking of how much has changed over this almost 10-year period, we decided to support the growth of our company by renewing our brand visual presentation.

Being flexible to changes, we came to the conclusion that our old logo, which has been with us for more than 5 years, doesn’t correspond to our new business ideas and strategies. Not completely harmonious, not endowed with the logic of innovations, it looks a bit bizarre.

That’s why, I show you a new Amasty logo, which, in our view, fully reflects current company concepts that are balance, purposefulness, time-alignment, and reliability.

Please note that the old logo will be gradually updated, so, for the first couple of weeks, you may see both the variants.

Did you like the new design of our logo?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned!