Amasty Continues Amazing 5-Star Review Streak on Clutch for Stellar Website Audit & Optimization

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For a lot of businesses, having a website is one of the most important platforms that they can use to leverage their company. Whether you offer goods or services, a website can surely help your company reach new heights, not to mention customers. Although having a website isn’t as foreign of an idea as it was, standing out against your industry is probably the biggest hurdle to accomplishing your next business breakthrough.

We always hear people say, Google this or Google that, but the actual statistics of people who are using this search engine may shock you. It is estimated that there are over 63 000 Google searches each second. You heard that correctly, each s e c o n d. Can you imagine how many searches there are in an hour or maybe even a day? It is staggering and at the same time, it is a great chance for businesses to capitalize on these opportunities.

If you really want to be ahead of the competition, then building a better website is the way to go. You should create a website that is, first and foremost, fast and intuitive. The user interface and design should help visitors in having a splendid time while browsing your site. Can you imagine visiting a website that takes forever to load? If you happen to have a website already, then you might want to consider updating its features and functionality.

A website that is a decade-year-old might not meet the current trend and may not have the same snappy performance compared to its predecessor. If this is the case, upgrading and optimizing your site is the best option you have. In some cases, newer websites might also need such optimization because it doesn’t simply meet the standards that Google imposes in order to rank effectively on search engines.

Furthermore, some experience problematic websites because it may have the wrong codes. This is the case for a particular partnership that we recently had. An e-commerce business approached us to help them with their site.

clutch review

Our team started by auditing the website. According to the client, it has numerous problems when it comes to its theme and codes. The other problem they faced is the slow site speed score.

Once these problems were identified, our team decided to optimize the site. We used JavaScript and CSS, and all of the designs were created by their internal team.

The client was really happy with the work that we did. They noted that both their performance and speed have increased which resulted in better visibility throughout Google.

Here is what their VP of Sales and Marketing has to say about the service we provided:

I’ve never worked with a company that’s so responsive, even when dealing with other third-party software applications.

You can catch this full review on Clutch’s website. Just go to, and you'll see this and other amazing reviews from our previous collaborators. One more thing, our company is also listed in The Manifest. They are a listings website that highlights industry leaders along with their awards and recognitions. Browse their site for more information about the top service providers out there.

Looking for a reliable partner for your next development project? Amasty is here to help!  Drop us a line today and our manager will get back to you within 48 working hours.

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