Calcurates All-In-One Shipping Solution for Magento 2

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Meet Calcurates, a powerful cloud-based shipping rates manager tool that brings accurate shipping calculations to product pages, cart and checkout.
  • Stop losing money on shipping by eliminating the gap between rates you display at the checkout and real shipping costs your business bears
  • Reduce cart abandonment being accurate, transparent and predictable with your shipping storefront
  • Connect your own shipping carriers accounts (integrates with DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx and more)
  • All your shipping needs are solved with a single and solid service instead of 10+ extensions
  • Get not just a software but service that includes qualified on-time support and configuration assistance

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Take 100% control of your shipping methods, rates and delivery dates displayed at checkout with zero-coding.

 🚩 Challenge

Being an essential part of customer experience you provide, shipping directly influences the sales funnel of your site. Overpriced and confusing delivery options result in prospects refusing to proceed to checkout. It is common knowledge that shipping profitability is one of the key factors of financial health for e-commerce. Dozens of shipping extensions partially solve these challenges, however, compatibility and support process turns into a headache.

💡 Solution

Being an all-inclusive, cloud-based and solid shipping solution with intuitive web and mobile interface, Calcurates provides you with perfect shipping management experience. Not only does it give flexible settings for custom shipping options, it also gives you the ability to employ world-famous carriers. As a result, Calcurates helps you reduce the gap between true shipping costs you bear and shipping rates your customers pay on checkout.

Shipping is an underestimated source of sales growth

According to Baymard Institute, 86% of shoppers abandoned their cart and checkout due to high extra costs (shipping and taxes).

Increase sales by setting up accurate and predictable shipping storefront


Display correct shipping rates on product page, cart and checkout


Set up competitive shipping methods and estimated delivery dates


Calculate shipping rates and display total order cost up-front

Set up right shipping methods and accurate rates with no time

Custom Shipping Options

Calculation algorithms are configured by the user

Carrier Shipping Options

Rates are calculated by carriers

  • Achieve maximum flexibility setting up your own conditional Table Rates with multiple shipping methods inside
  • Solve the most complicated shipping scenarios, including distance-based and per pallet shipping rates
  • Get access to advanced Free Shipping, Flat Rate and In-Store Pickup powered by Shipping Rules builder.
  • Connect your carrier account and get real-time shipping rates from major shipping carriers at checkout
  • Generate shipping labels and manifests, get tracking order numbers
  • Do rate shopping across multiple carriers in real-time to display best rates at the checkout.

Connect your own carrier accounts

Let us know if you didn't find your carrier in the list.

Let's check how Calcurates can solve your shipping requirements

Go further with Pro features

Add boxes, pallets that you ship orders with and our algorithms and your own packaging rules will “prepack” the order into them, before requesting real-time rates or calculating custom rates. This approach dramatically increases shipping rates accuracy.


Enable international tax and duties to be included into the shipping rates at checkout. This allows you to show the landed cost and not surprise foreign customers with additional payment on delivery.

Increase sales and conversions by showing shipping rates and estimated delivery date directly on the product page. Add a delivery date countdown timer to elevate your customers' FOMO (fear of missing out).


Benefit from powerful Shipping Zones, Shipping Rules and Restrictions builder to solve your unique shipping scenarios. Achieve maximum shipping flexibility and personalization by displaying the right shipping methods and rates to the right customers at the right time.

Multi-Origin Shipping and Split Checkout by Shipments

Use smart algorithms to choose how the origins warehouses are selected for each order. Split checkout or merge shipping methods by shipments if order is shipped from multiple warehouses. Make sure that there are no extra or unnecessary deliveries and get more customer satisfaction with it.


Estimated Delivery Dates + Date & Time Picker for Checkout

Customize Delivery Dates for each shipping option specifically. Determine the non-delivery days of the week and national holidays. Cut-off time setting will help you determine what time the same day delivery stops working. Let your customers choose the preferable delivery date and time slot at checkout.

Pricing plans and additional services


Our subscription plans flex with your sales and therefore is affordable for any store size: the more you sell, the more you pay for our service. Subscription plans are based on usage, statistics will be available in your Calcurates account. The extension is free to install.


Configuration and migration services

Setting up cost-effective shipping can be challenging. Calcurates shipping experts are here to help you. Let us know about your shipping requirements and get personal assistance from Calcurates shipping experts.

Our case studies

Shipping profitability is one of the key factors of financial health for e-commerce.
Check how we helped our clients to set up cost-effective shipping at checkout


Skyeskyns made their domestic and international shipping cost-effective by combining multiple Table Rates methods with Shipping Rules.



Calcurates helped Wellred Books to set up domestic and international shipping methods using Royal Mail and UPS live shipping rates.



Pagazzi reduced shipping costs by setting up a variety of custom shipping methods and rates depending on shipping zones and product types.


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Which carriers do you currently support?

At the moment Calcurates integrates with DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS (, Royal Mail, DPD, Canada Post, Australia Post, Aramex (ex. Fastway), Parcelforce, Purolator Canada, Sendle, APC Postal Logistics

We keep adding more carriers upon our users' requests. Let us know about the carrier you would like to see in Calcurates.

Is it hard to configure all these shipping settings with Calcurates?

Initial configuration takes time but our paid subscription plans include hours of onboarding and configuration assistance from our team. The duration of the configuration strongly depends on your shipping requirements. But in most cases 2-4 hours are enough for our team. You may request configuration service here.

What are the advantages of the cloud-based solution compared to extensions?

There are numerous benefits of a cloud-based solution. First of all, you can adjust Calcurates functionality to your needs and budget. We’re extremely flexible. Just select a suitable plan and you’re good to go. Hence, there's no need to install dozens of extensions and then solve compatibility issues. Also, there are no UX limitations from the e-commerce platform interface. We offer a separate UI instead that is intuitive and user-friendly. We also provide easier support and as we are an API-based service we won't need to access your Magento while supporting you.

Will Calcurates really meet my shipping needs?

There are two ways to find out — start a free trial or book a demo with us so we can talk about your shipping needs and see if Calcurates can meet them.

Why should I pay for a monthly subscription instead of buying an extension and pay for it once?

The bunch of shipping extensions with similar functionality will cost up to $1500. With Calcurates subscription you get not only software but also a configuration service and qualified on-time support. Check our pricing plans here.

Can I change my pricing plan?

Sure! You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan any time.

When will I be charged?

You’ll be charged at the day your subscription started and then monthly or yearly depending on your subscription term.

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