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  • dedicated development team
  • 2-month of free support
  • flexible payment models
  • 100% compliance with coding standards

Online Magento 2 module creator vs. custom development

Say you want to develop a custom extension for your store. Thanks to the open-source code, anyone who has enough technical knowledge can create a Magento 2 module. But what if you are new to Magento development and not sure about your coding skills? Usually, you can choose between 2 options:

  • use Magento 2 module generator
  • hire a professional custom development team

Both these options have their pros and cons. Let’s compare them briefly. 

Magento 2 module builder is usually an online tool that generates a module prototype based on the information you input, like company and module names, controllers, blocks, observer, etc. As a result, you get an archive with the module that you can install on your site. The biggest downsides of Magento 2 extension generator are that the module you get is not customized for you, and the code often lacks quality and optimization. Thus, the new extension created with Magento 2 extension creator can lead to conflicts and compatibility issues.

Custom development service allows you to get a solution of any level of complexity that will be personalized and optimized for your website. Experienced developers will not only create a Magento 2 module but also test its compatibility with other 3rd-party solutions that you already use. But it’s fair to mention that custom development services can be pricey. 

What we offer

Our custom development team is ready to help you add the necessary functionality to your store based on your unique business needs. We can develop a custom module for your store, test it and make it compatible with your theme and other 3rd-party plugins. Also, our team can cover this extension with MFTF tests, install the ready solution on your website, and help you with basic configurations.

Why choose us

100% compliance with coding standards

Amasty was named the top developer in Slovakia in 2021, working in Magento development since 2009. We follow the best practices of Magento PHP development. Thus, we can guarantee that our customizations won't cause conflicts with the platform and other solutions.

Dedicated development team

For your project, we’ll form a dedicated development team led by your project manager. Depending on your needs, it may include:

  • professional frontend and backend developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • QA specialists
  • designers
  • and marketing specialists.

Guarantee to meet your budget

To meet your budget and make custom module development affordable to everyone, we offer 3 flexible payment models:

  • fixed price
  • time and material
  • dedicated team.

Free 2-month support

After the project release, our team stays in touch with you, and you get a free 2-month warranty on all the customizations we made. So if you have any questions, just contact your project manager. 

Technology Stack

Web development

PHP: Zend (2), YII (2), Laravel (2), Symfony (2) and other well-known frameworks;

Node.JS: Express.js, Hapi.js,, Mojito, Sail.js Meteor, Crafty, D3 etc.;

Perl: The team was set up for the long-term client.

Servers administration

(V)DS server, as well as cloud-based services setup and optimization, Rackspace cloud, AWS, Azure.

Setup of VPN, DNS, DHCP, Mail (we developed several spamming and traffic generation systems and tools for the needs).


Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, 960 grid, Blueprint, Material, Semanti, Sencha(touch), etc.

Mobile Development

Android/iOS native development. Cross-platform development using Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic, as well as React Native.


Angular (2), React, Backbone, JQuery, D3, and many other in-demand frameworks.


MySQL, Postgree, Mongo, SQLite, MS SQL, NoSQL.

Quality Assurance

Black/White box automatic and manual testing.


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

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