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All shop owners know that fast and stable customer experience is the key factor for the whole business success. Often clients get irritated by low site speed and abandon their carts because of that. Magento Server Optimization Service is designed to help you boost your site speed and improve other vital measures of your shop.

Magento server optimization is a tricky process that requires special knowledge, skills and abilities. Understanding this all from scratch takes a lot of time and efforts. Considering this, many merchants prefer to entrust Magento 2 Nginx installing and configuring to professionals.
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The service pack includes installation and configuration of:
If a control panel is pre-installed at your server, our specialists will come up with an individual assistance program personally for you.

We will do our utmost to make sure that all functions that were available on your site before the optimization are still accessible. However, if you had functions, which did not work before Magento 2 Nginx setup, MySQL config or Magento 2 PHP settings we introduced, they might remain in the original state.


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