Magento 2 core store for future vConnect's projects


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Technology stack

PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.7, prototype 1.7, Nginx 1.10.3, jQuery 1.10.2


Project focus

Our customer wanted us to create a Magento 2 Core that they could base on all their future clients' M2 projects. It should have been developed with Amasty's modules providing all the necessary functionality for a fully-functioning webshop. The core should have been thoroughly tested and optimized for fast loading speed to ensure their clients have a website designed to making a profit and gaining high Google Page Speed scores.


vConnect, an e-commerce agency, experts in Magento delivering high-quality solutions at a reasonable price. The company builds new e-shops on Magento and supports the existing ones.

vConnect's message

We needed to move our clients to a Magento 2 shop as pain-free as possible, with all the functions they want.
We were looking for a way to reduce development time for migrating our clients to Magento 2, from the start of development to the go-live date.

Project concept

Amasty has extensions covering different business needs that can fulfill almost any function a client would want. Therefore, vConnect addressed us with the project to create a Magento 2 Core that is a vanilla Magento 2 platform with preinstalled extensions from Amasty.

The one-vendor approach lets vConnect create online shops with no conflicts between extensions. At the same time, we have guaranteed ongoing support for the updates of the extensions used for the project and their configuration, based on future requirements from their clients.

Amasty has installed the extensions and updated the core Magento 2 version to fit customer's requirements. All this ensures vConnect a fully-updated shop core on Magento 2. We also helped with server setup for Magento 2 and advised on modules.

What's next?

Amasty will provide advice on the choice of extensions for future projects, updates of the extensions we used for this project, and any other technical support concerning the Magento 2 core.

These online shops were built on this Magento 2 core project:,,

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