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Invest in your store and earn back at the same time

  • Real money instead of unclear points.
    No need to think of exchange rate.
  • Spend money right away.
    No minimum points amount required.
  • The more you purchase, the more
    you earn back.

The simplest Way to receive rewards

GET $15 for every $100 spent

How it works?

A few clicks stand between you and cost-saving

More details

  • Store credit is charged based on the sum of money spent. For every $100 spent you are charged $15 on your store credit.
  • Your spent amount is calculated based on each completed order in Amasty shop.
  • Store credit is valid for 60 days since charging on balance.
  • All custom payments are excluded from the Reward Program.
  • All refunds are excluded from the reward points.
  • The Reward Program points are not summed up with other discounts or coupons. Thus, for any order with a 15%+ discount, reward points won’t be charged.
  • We use dollars as the base currency for reward points charging. Thus, when buying for euros, the purchase sum is automatically converted into dollars, and reward points are charged based on the result.

How is this reward program implemented in our store?

Reward Points for Magento 2

  • Reward users for purchases, registration, etc.
  • Add manually or deduct points automatically
  • Pay with points fully or partially
  • Set points exchange rate
  • Gain time with actions available off-the-shelf

At some point of our business development, we wanted a better and more flexible interaction with our customers. I always want to make commerce things more just for customers. The extension has many necessary built-in reward campaigns, that are easy to employ, to stimulate clients.

Raymond Bregel

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