10 Creative Ways to Boost Sales by Video Content

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10 Creative Ways to Boost Sales by Video Content

Did you know that 73% of content marketers in 2021 decided to focus on developing high-quality content? Having a fancy video isn’t enough anymore. At least 60% of businesses use it as a marketing tool, meaning that it is hard to stand out of the crowd.

If you want to boost sales, focusing on creating video content is the right thing to do. People no longer focus their attention on generic advertisements, so you must unleash all of your creativity. Find out about the 10 creative ways to boost sales below!

10 creative ways to boost sales with quality videos

Now let us proceed with the tips and tricks that will help your content stand out.

1. Show how your product is made

Curiosity killed the cat, but it also got more people interested in your goods. Human nature makes people want to know how things work, and the process of their creation is one of the options.

Everything depends on what kind of product you sell. Supposing your company distributes smartphones, it would be reasonable to show the assembly process and explain each step. The same goes for different kinds of goods and services.

If you think that there’s nothing to show and people already know everything, you’re wrong. Most experts have such opinions. What’s obvious for you is something new for people who are not related to the industry. Don’t forget about the “simplest” details!

2. Create videos with quiz elements

While quizzes are a pretty recent feature, not all marketers are aware that they’re a great option to boost engagement. A quiz tool is great for learning more about customers, helping buyers choose the right product, and growing your brand’s audience.

Apart from promoting products, you can also focus on growing additional engagement. Its absence is often the reason there are no sales. Therefore, make sure your content has also got some entertainment in it. Nobody wants to watch ads all the time!

3. Engage storytelling in your strategy

Successful storytelling generates more leads. A great story influences the viewers’ thoughts and psychologically attaches them to the product. Animating the whole scenario might be a pain in the neck, but it isn’t necessary.

A simpler way would be creating a slideshow using a free video editor. While it will be less astonishing than making a full-fledged animation, slides and great voice acting are enough to do the job.

Remember that storytelling must involve several elements:

  • Setting (where the story takes place);
  • Characters (protagonist, antagonist, etc.);
  • Plot (a series of events);
  • Conflict (where the tension is created);
  • Theme (what the story is really about);
  • Narration (a combination of setup, tension, climax, and resolution).

Brands like Nike, Dannijo, and Airbnb are already using most of this type of content. Don’t fall behind!

4. Set your product in a music video

A music video is a great way to build up hype around a product or service. It shouldn’t necessarily be directly about what you plan to sell. For example, companies often place their brand in different videos. In Drake’s clip, the camera focuses on Nike’s logo from the very beginning.

You have two choices. Either you create your own music and turn it into a hyped clip, or you collaborate with artists to place products in their clips. While the former is harder to make, it may become an additional boost for your brand. Therefore, you must discuss all the pros and cons with an analyst and a marketer.

5. Make a lookbook video

Lookbook videos are usually applied in fashion and design. This type of content aims to show off a designer’s or photographer’s sense of style, idea, and everything of the kind. Brands like Eddie Bauer, Athleta, and Mignon Faget already use lookbooks to boost sales!

It’s the perfect addition to a brand that focuses on clothing, style, photography, and everything related to the topic. With hundreds of free services for creating lookbooks, you don’t even have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars. Show your best shots and promote them on social media. The results will appear in no time!

6. Shoot a parody

People love funny content. In fact, parodies and similar videos are the easiest to go viral. You can use them to increase brand awareness significantly. However, be very careful with the legal part when involving competitors, as some countries have strict requirements toward parodies. This includes wording, comparisons, satire, and other details.

When working with movies or soaps, you are less likely to get into trouble. Imagine a superhero from the Marvel universe discussing your fast-food brand. Such content would help your business stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. The videos draw attention, so this means that they are good.

7. Involve your customers

Is there anything better than customer-generated content? Each user from your audience is a micro-influencer, meaning that their videos are most likely to draw attention to your company. People trust friends and relatives.

The most popular types of videos are unboxing and reviews. You can feature those on your social media to inspire more people to share their testimonials. Some companies also provide discounts for sharing reviews on the web. You might consider that as an option.

Monitoring brand mentions manually is a pretty tough challenge. That is why different online reputation management tools come in handy. We’ve covered similar services previously. If that’s not an option, then search social media for your brand’s hashtag. People also often tag pages they talk about.

8. Behind-the-scenes content

What’s going on backstage? Probably, you’ve wondered about how the work processes are made in most companies. There’s unlimited potential in this type of content!

For example, you could show how a commercial was created with all the planning, decor, and fails. If you are familiar with The Witcher 3 game, imagine that 1,500 specialists worked over its creation. Its behind-the-scenes videos get more than 8 million views, and that’s a very prominent example of how popular this content is.

9. One day in the life of the company

Office work is a routine only when you are the one doing it every day. All other people who aren’t involved in the process might see it as something totally new. There are so many things to show:

  • Getting to work;
  • Interaction with other specialists;
  • Brief interviews and meetings;
  • Doing your job;
  • Lunchbreaks, and more!

To make sure you don’t forget anything, try planning the material ahead. A checklist should help. Having a detailed plan will help you prepare everything required for the video.
Don’t forget to share local jokes and fun stories! Humour is always appreciated in the content of the kind. It’s what makes your videos memorable and engages the audience. Finally, this leads people to buy your product.

10. Interviews with employees

Find some volunteers in your team and ask them to share the reasons they love their job. Maybe, talk to them about the peculiarity of the specialization they do. This is a good choice when you have to grow brand awareness that will result in sales growth.

89% of consumers mentioned that they would make a purchase after following a brand’s social media account. This action is a result of increased awareness. The customer gets engaged with the product and becomes more interested. Interviews with employees are a good addition for an additional boost.

Make your audience proud!

Now that you are energized with new creative video ideas, it is time to choose several options to test. Not all the methods might suit your audience, so you have to consult with your team’s marketer to hit the spot.

Try filming several types of videos and see how they influence your revenue. The results might not come immediately, but they are definitely worth the investment!

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