5 Effective Types of Marketing Videos to Overhaul Your Landing Pages

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While videos can certainly be a reliable tool to engage audiences and encourage them into taking action, it's also true that some styles work better than others at different tasks. More so when we are talking landing page optimization and boosting conversion rates!

After all, you wouldn't want to use the same video on two different landing pages if one is trying to sell your product and the other one is trying to nurture customer trust.

That is to say, you can do it, but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

So, let’s take a look at how the pros are doing it and go over five popular styles of video marketing content to overhaul your landing pages.

Including the goals that each is best suited to pursue, how to implement them, and even watch a few examples along the way. Let's get started!

Reducing Bounce Rates and Bumping Conversions

Bounce rates refer to the percentage of web page visitors who load your site but leave without clicking on anything while there. Which is the same to say that when the landing page has failed to entice the visitor into “clicking the button”, “following the link”, purchasing, or whatever other action you’d have them take in that specific page.

Luckily, explainer videos and product videos excel in catching your visitors’ attention while delivering the necessary information to convert them into customers.

Explainer Videos

For services and products that are new, unfamiliar, or difficult to describe, explainer videos are often the best choice. The style lets you help your visitors become more familiar with your brand and your product by following a simple format that's easy to digest.

Explainers usually focus on a particular pain point or problem your potential customers might be facing and provide them with a quick overview of how your product is uniquely poised to help them solve that issue.

While it’s true that there are many other companies out there that might be offering the same solution, an optimized landing page powered by an awesome explainer video can help you stand out from the pack. And the more creative your video is, the better the chances it sticks to your audience’s brains, allowing you to effectively grab people's attention for longer and ultimately prompt them into action.

In an emotionally powerful couple of minutes, a good explainer should combine relatable characters, animations, and infographics to create a compelling story that breaks down your message motivates viewers to take action. What’s not to love?



Product videos

Including a product video on a product-dedicated landing page can help you list key features and attributes in a direct, simple, and compelling way. e-commerce and online businesses, in particular, can leverage this style to give visitors the opportunity to “get as close as possible” to the product online.

Product videos allow you to showcase your product in use and address its features to help your viewers better understand its characteristics and truly get what they stand to gain if they buy it.

Say you have a landing page geared to generate sales, these videos can also play a significant role in nudging your buyers to overcome last-minute resistances and make the purchase.

Just keep in mind that the protagonist in this piece is your product or service in terms of how it can enrich a potential customer’s life. Your viewers should be able to visualize themselves enjoying its benefits.



Promoting Brand Values and Building Customer Trust

Most of the time, people are looking for an emotional connection with the content they consume and the brands they do business with. We all want content that resonates with us and our values and beliefs, and by showing your visitors the human side of your company, you get to build trust and create strong and lasting relationships with them.

Testimonials and company story videos have you moving the spotlight onto the people who make and benefit from your product or service in ways the audience will find relatable.

Testimonial videos

Reputation (or lack thereof) can be a deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase decision IRL, but even more so in the online world.

Testimonial videos, then, are positive reviews from satisfied customers that you can include on your landing page to highlight your product’s value, boost your brand’s credibility, and nurture visitors’ trust in your company.

With these videos, you get to showcase your product’s benefits in ways that are far more likely to be listened to by your audience since they are hearing them from someone like them who already benefited from your product.

Moreover, having your happy customers talk about their positive experiences with your brand adds a human element that makes your audience feel like they're part of a conversation.

While you can certainly give a few cues on what you’d like the interview to focus on (through your questionnaire), testimonials should always be and feel authentic.

Let the person tell the story of how your product or service came into their lives and helped them solve their need.



Company story videos

Company story videos (sometimes called culture videos) focus on your company's philosophy and core values. These videos highlight how your vision and mission reflect how you do things; and are meant to nurture customer investment in your brand.

There are many ways to approach company story videos. For example, you can show a typical day in the office or have a team member explaining what drove them to work for your company. Maybe you tell the story of how you got started or got to where you are. Company story videos can be about anything related to your brand's culture and what it stands for, as long as it's told by the people who make it possible.

Adding this video style to a landing page gives you the chance of humanizing your brand, encouraging visitors to relate to and empathize with it. When potential customers agree with your values and see themselves reflected in your mission, they will develop a bond that can trigger genuine customer loyalty.

The ultimate goal of company story videos is to demonstrate that your company is, before anything else, a group of real people working together to provide the best service possible to help and benefit others.



The Wildcard - Whiteboard Animation Videos

From educating the audience on a specific topic to describing the inner workings of an idea while persuading your audience, whiteboard animation videos, created with the help of an animation maker, are an incredibly versatile style that can serve a wide variety of purposes on your landing page.

Like your typical explainer (and whiteboards are a form of explainer video), a whiteboard animation combines information with storytelling, onscreen text, and a number of quirks that make the style distinctive, engaging, and effective in marketing.

By and large, whiteboard pieces are meant to walk viewers through the narrative while keeping them hooked by making it look like the content is being hand-drawn on a whiteboard or white background. Streamlined graphics unfold as the narrator explains the topic, allowing you to present different ideas at once by connecting and layering the information.

Whether it's conveying the essence of your brand or introducing a new and exciting product, whiteboard animation gives you a great medium to deliver highly accurate and detailed information in a fun and engaging way.




Landing pages are the doors to new customers, and videos can be the key they need to open them. However, for video content to consistently give you conversions and nurture consumer trust in your company, you must ensure they appeal to their intended audience by selecting the right video style.

Hopefully, this piece has helped you learn a little about how and when to use different types of video to improve your landing page.

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